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                            2017 Waddle News!!

As a part of The 2017 Illinois Waddle, GABR has partnered with the Dwight
Economic Alliance and Dwight Harvest Days in the First Annual Dwight 50/50

Our prize this year is a guaranteed $10,000 or 50% of total ticket sales.  By
forming  an ongoing partnership, our three charitable organizations are
committing to help  fund the Harvest Days Weekend!  Because the town of
Dwight considers GABR to  be a very important member of the community, the
two groups invited The Bassets  to be a part of the Raffle from this point forward.

Our goal, over the next 3 years, is to make this raffle one of the largest in the
state.  In order to make that happen, we need your help!

This event is easy.  First - buy tickets yourself!  Everything is done online.   
When  you buy tickets, you'll immediately get a confirmation by email.  Your  
numbers will  be on the receipt.  It's really easy!

Second - Forward this page on to all of your friends and share it on Facebook.  
Start doing that now as we have 6 Early Bird prizes of $200 over the next 10
weeks.  The first one is on June 18th.  And the winning tickets will remain eligible
for the  Grand Prize.

Third - Become part of GABR's team for this Raffle!  We have 1000's of  
business cards printed with our QR code (you can download a QR Reader on  
your smart phone).  Just give those to everybody that you meet and ask them to
scan and  win!  

If you have any questions, just respond to this email - I'll get right back to you.
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