Adopted date: May 5, 2008                                            Gracie
Adopted by Ted and Joyce Nielsen

Comments: My name is Gracie and I now live in Holland, Michigan with my people and my new basset friend
Daisy is from Fort Wayne, Indiana and is named for "The Fort Wayne Daisy'" a women's professional baseball
team from the 1940s.(I thought that was kind of neat!).  Both of us were rescued by Guardian Angel and we
want to thank them. I came from Illinois  from a great Foster Family....and was transported by a guy with a
Toyota Prius to the Michigan/Indiana Welcome rest stop where my new people picked me up. I had been
moved around a lot in the past and really was needing to settle down in a forever home. And this is it!

Daisy and I have two decks to play on....and sleep on when the weather is right. Deer come around to eat my
people's flowers, but I don't play much attention to them. I have  lots of chew toys and rawhide bones to deal
with. Daisy is a very quiet dog and she looks at me as I attack toys as if I am one crazy dog. Daisy is older than
I and I try to follow her lead in (1) Asking to go out, (2) Getting food, (3) Comiing for pets from the people. Daisy
has really trained the people well in these activities so they know what we want most of the time. The people
say I am the loudest yawner of any basset they have known. I yawn a lot.

Its really a lot of fun here in Holland, Michigan and I like my new home. Daisy and I owe a lot to Guardian
Angel...they helped us get a good home and some people who love us. Many thanks,  Gracie
The day that Lady, aka Charlotte, came to her forever home, changed the Gerber household!  She
joined Rose, a 6 year old Basset, Callie, a 12 year old calico cat and her owner, a 58 year old widow.
Lady has helped all of us.  Rose has become more active and alert and Callie has gotten back her
spunk – she’s also more alert!  She is always watching to see where Lady might be so she can
avoid a confrontation.  Lady has brightened my days and has made me laugh daily!  It is as if she
performs just for our entertainment.  Lady loves to be outside and watch for any critters that may pass
by.  She loves her walks and will follow me around until I am ready to put her harness on and attach
her leash.  She is better about getting baths, loves her visits to Dr. Shanie Cahill at Noah’s Ark
Chiropractic in Geneseo and likes most visits to the local vet.
I am proud to say that Lady has graduated from PetSmart’s beginner classes and is presently
enrolled in the intermediate classes.  These classes have created a stronger bond between us and
have also helped her meet and greet other dogs.  She is still anxious to meet dogs but is able to sniff
and check most dogs out without growling and snarling.  Lady still is cautious around larger breeds
and isn’t sure that she wants them around.
She is wonderful around children and adults and loves to be “loved”.  Lady responds to praise and is
a quick learner.  She has learned to wade and cool off in a trout stream and loves the open areas
when we go to our camper in Lansing, Iowa.
Thank you for taking care of Lady and for helping me find her.  She is a treasure and I will do my best
to see that she will live a long, healthy and happy life.  God Bless Dr. Stone and his associates who
never gave up on Lady.  God Bless You, Guardian Angel for helping me find her and provide her with
a loving home!
Lady (aka Charlotte)
Adoption Date: February 8, 2008.
Adopted by: Gail Gerber
Adoption date:  November 3, 2007                    Mortimer
Adopted by: Julie Polk and son Michael

Comments:  Mortimer here...reporting to you from my new "forever home."  I live in
Chicago Ridge, Illinois now with my new mom and (2 legged) brother.  I had it pretty
tough before GABR rescued me.  I was a stray found in terrible health, in the woods
out near the Itasca area.  I was so emaciated and in such bad shape when I was
found, that they did not think I would make it.  Well, I'm a fighter!  I am here today to tell
you that I love my new family and that they are quite "smitten" with me too.  After losing
Flash, their Best Basset Friend of 13 and a half years, they were quite sad for the few
months prior to my arrival.  But my mom came to her senses and realized that their
home needed to be filled with Basset "love" again and turned to GABR for a new Best
Basset Friend.  I am so glad that she chose me to love.  We are like the Three
Musketeer - we do everything together.  We are walking buddies, driving buddies (I
am the perfect co-pilot), TV watching buddies, and most importantly, snuggle
buddies.  I am the luckiest hound in the world - I have 5 different beds from which to
choose (1 for each night of the work week).  Some of my new found hobbies include,
going on squirrel watching/chasing walks, chasing the light from the flashlight,
popping bubbles (that my mom blows), howling to bagpipe music (or anything that
sounds like bagpipe music), and frolicking around with my stuffed duck, hedgehog,
squirrel, and skunk.  I'm not sure which animal is my favorite, because they all make a
cool sound when I pounce on them or hurl them through the air.  What can I say, "Life
is Good!" I want to say "thank you" to my foster mom, Stacie, for taking such good care
of me while I was waiting for my forever home. A BIG "Thank You" to GABR, for
rescuing me, nursing me back to health, and helping me to find my true "Forever

Daisy has been with us for 5 weeks but it seems like she has been with us forever. She is such
a wonderful addition to our family, we just love her. She has adapted to her new home and
already is taking charge of running the household.  

with a quiet little woof if she wants to get on our bed or to go out and see her new friends.
Speaking of friends, Daisy has so many new friends. Right behind our house is a big field
where all of her friends come for an afternoon run every day. Daisy loves to see them.

Daisy loves her new fenced yard and has explored it fully. She has plenty of room to run and
play. She loves to play fetch or just run in circles. Though she loves her yard, given the choice
between hanging out in the yard or being with us, she wants to be with us.  The other day she
had one of her friends Abby over for a play date and boy did they have fun!

Daisy is always happy to go for a walk. The hardest part is calming her down enough to get her
harness on. She is just so excited she just runs in little circles. Once on her walk she wants to
investigate everything. Smelling a lot and making sure all the squirrels are safely in the trees.
She loved to meet her dog friends which are also out for walks.

Daisy is such a loving dog. Even though she is almost 46 pound she thinks she is a lap dog.
She will try as hard as she can to sit right on your lap! If she can’t do that maybe just her front
legs and head. Barring that maybe she can just push against you as hard as possible and if
that does not work she can easily stretch out and take any remaining space on the couch or
bed. She always follows that up with a loving lick or two.

Daisy wanted me to tell everyone how happy she is. How much she still loves her foster parents
and misses them every day! Without such wonderful foster parents Daisy does not know what
she would have done. She is so lucky that GABR was there for her and so are we!  

Thank you GABR,

Liz, Jacob, Ben, Josh, Paul and of course Daisy!
Adoption Date: August,2008
Adopted by: Liz, Jacob, Ben,Josh & Paul

Adoption date: 6-4-2008
Adopted by: Clare & Adam Briner
Comments: It didn't take Aldous long to adapt to his new home in the suburbs of Chicago. In fact, it took him less
than two minutes after walking into the house to lay claim to his bed. He made quick friends with his hyperactive
housemate, Stan, a hound mix, and now spends most of his day either engaging in long play sessions or
recovering from engaging in long play sessions. Yes, Al (or Aldous or Dr. Aldous Elwood Briner III, if you want to be
formal) has turned his life around quite nicely. It was only a few months ago that he was living on the streets of
Lafayette, Ind. He chooses not to talk about those dark times, knowing that he won't have to worry about going
back. He has become, if nothing else, a productive and responsible member of the GABR family who brings much
joy and humor to our lives!

See you at the Waddle!

Clare & Adam Briner
We adopted Rosie about 2 years ago. In her foster home she was named Precious. Precious she is but she put a rose in our
hearts. Words can not tell you houw much joy she had brought into our lives. We own a second home in Wisc. and people there
know Rosie more than us. People will say  "oh I know you , you  have Rosie". She make us laugh so much. She has her own Lazy
boy recliner that is "HERS". I have enclosed some pic of Rosie and a deer that comes to visit from time to time. Rosie loves to sit
and watch the birds, skunk, possom, racoon that appear out of the blue and she just loves it. Rosie does have a brother which is
a cat. I think Rosie thinks the cat is for her enjoyment. It's a love hate relationship. Henry(the cat) and Rosie will be running around
like a mad house or a crazzy person and the next second the have discovered a bird and will sit together and watch it. We want to
really thank you for bringing Rosie into our life. What a complete joy. We really think Rosie doesn't believe she is a dog. As soon
as we saw her picture on the web site we knew she was the one, and she has proven it many many times. Thanks for bringing
Rosie into our family
Rosie (aka ~ Precious)
                       Daisy (aka Bonnie)

We Adopted Daisy last summer...she has quite the personality. We already have a basset at home and wanted
another dog to keep her company.   I try to encourage others to adopt vs. buying a dog.  Everyone wants a puppy and
we are also guilty of this.  We bought Lily because I could not talk the kids (teens) in to a young dog.   What I have
found out is with a dog vs. a pup you know what you are getting as far a personality.  Daisy is a very happy dog, loves
everyone and is a very funny dog.   Everyone loves her.  I am very happy to have her as a part of our family.  GABR
was great to work with, transporting her to us and also giving any advise you need to help train your basset.   As you
can see by the pictures that Lily and Daisy stay close together even at nap time (Lily is the smaller of the two).

The Brueggeman Family
of East Alton IL
Lily & Daisy

To all those people who are ever thinking of adopting an animal…it is a really great thing! I wanted a girlfriend for my bagle, yes bagle, and his
name is Einstein. A bagle is a beagle basset mix. Basset Hounds are very loving, laid back animals that make the best pets ever! They train easily
because they are very intelligent. I adopted a girl named Missy, and the two became instant friends. Missy had no problem lying on top of Einstein
on the couch, and because they are not aggressive at all, he just tolerated her, and that was only the 2nd day she came to live with us. They love to
bask in the sun on our deck together, and always look forward to their walks. A little boy who lives across from us named Evan walks them each
day, but has to walk them separately because Einstein weighs in at 65 lbs. They have long ears which sometimes end up in the water bowl, but
they don’t seem to mind. Missy has taken to my husband Pat and follows him around wherever he goes. That is, until my son comes home (who is
Ashley, also has a bagle; and whenever they take the three amigos to the dog park, people can’t help but laugh at how cute the three dogs are
together. Missy loves to jump like an antelope through the tall grass when she is there. Missy is really enjoying our fenced in yard and freedom off
her leash. She has already buried six of Einstein’s bones and that is ok with him. He just takes it all in. They both love to greet me when I come
downstairs in the morning and I have to tell each one they are my favorite. I think Einstein was jealous at first, but now knows mom still loves him.
They love to have their bellies rubbed, and love my kisses. Missy loves to ride in the car and Einstein now seems to only because she does. They
both love sticking their heads out the window which looks funny with their long ears flapping in the breeze. Their favorite thing is rawhide balls that
they toss around before eating. The best idea we ever had was getting a 2nd basset as they keep making us laugh and giving unconditional love
every second. If you are even thinking of adopting, do it because you won’t regret it. We’ve owned many breeds over the years..shih tzus,
Dobermans, cockers, German shepherds but this breed is truly one of a kind. Just look in the ads…bassets are hard to find and there is a reason.
Most people that own them, own them for life. They will become part of your family.

Pat, Laurie, Matt, Einstein + Missy
Happy Endings !!
Homeless bassets
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