1.        Individual guests are responsible for care and uptake of rooms.

2.        Bassets must be crated or taken from room in order for housekeeping to take care of your room

3.        Guests must provide protective covering for room furniture.  Remove bedspreads to protect as well.  Ask motel room service for extra sheets if needed.

4.        Guests are responsible for any “accidents” their basset may have – please bring cleaning supplies you use at home for such cases.

5.        Bassets are NOT allowed in eating areas at any time – this is a State Health mandate.

6.        Owners must provide their own pet dishes – do NOT use motel ice buckets, for example.

7.        Owners may be responsible for additional cleaning fees should they be found necessary.

8.        Bassets must be on leash with owners in public areas at all times.

9.        If bassets are left in crate alone, owners may be required to leave a contact number in order for them to return to handle the situation.  Remember,
our pets are in a place they do not know.  They are fine as long as owners are with them but when left alone, they become worried.  They will bark, howl,  
and do other things. Obviously, if another dog hears this, they too will chime in which would become a problem for guests trying to rest.

10.       Please provide your own disposal bags and clean up after your dog/s.  Bring extra bags, paper towels or Wet wipes.  Bottled water is helpful to carry with
you or water from home

If you have a dog emergency and need to talk to a vet, call the Dwight Clinic at 815-584-2732 and the same number after hours to get the area veterinarian on
call.  If you need assistance other than medical, you can call Larry at 815-228-5835.  Thank you for your cooperation and have an enjoyable weekend.

2017 Bash/Waddle
Motel Guest Responsibilities