My family and I adopted Effie Mae on Saturday, October 3, 2009.  I was so nervous about adopting a rescue dog.  I
did a lot of research and watched The Dog Whisperer (Cesar Milan) on TV and saw a program on adopting and
how to meet a dog you are considering adopting.  Effie process before we found the right pet.  As soon as I saw
and from what Kay told me we decided to make a trip to Indiana the next Saturday.  Kay had 4 other bassets of her
background and checked us out for about 5 minutes and then started bonding with Judy and the rest of us.  I
could tell Effie Mae had a very gentle, submissive personality and was very polite when offered a cookie.  It didn't
take us long to decide Effie Mae was just what we were looking for.  Effie Mae is the most well behaved, balanced
dog we had ever owned and we are truly blessed to have her in our home.

Thanks for what you all do GABR.

John, Judy & Josh Machulis
my male  Bark Lee who is Bob’s liter mate was having difficulty walking up the stairs. Hysterical, I took him
to the Humane Society because my primary vet’s office hadn’t opened yet. After he got treatment, we
walked back to the car. A Humane Society “dog walker” said to me that Bark Lee was absolutely beautiful.
Through a river of tears over the death of Bob, I asked her if she knew a good Basset breeder because
they are hard to find. My previous breeder had gone out of business. The “dog walker” told me she had
Upon arriving home I googled GABR. Sobbing I called Fran and asked how to go about adopting. She
explained the details. Immediately I completed the application for Lacey an 18 month old female and
waited patiently by the computer for a response. The next day Jan called to follow up. After a vet record
check, home inspection and talking to the foster mom I was approved. Jan, Bark Lee and I drove to Dwight
to pick up Lacey.

Lacey Bob has been a family member for four days. She is happy, playful, gaining some weight, sleeping
next to Bark Lee in the dog bed and having a great time. In the picture, Lacey Bob is the one with the red
collar. Lacey Bob has adapted nicely and is absolutely fascinated with city living. She sits on the porch
and watches pedestrian and vehicle traffic for hours. I was told that she needed a crate to feel safe. She
slept in it one night and hasn’t been to it since. Well, I guess the crate is going back to the basement J.

A Very Happy Ending!

Harrriet Hubbard
(now Chloe--as Alice was only her name for a couple of weeks when rescued as a stray from what we

She has been a fabulous dog since day 1.  She has a large older red & white Basset (Puddles) as a
mentor and a younger 2 year old Weimeriener (Sophie) to run and play with.  We have a farm and she
is so happy!!  She has never had an accident in the house and loves her new family--Myself and my
husband as mom & dad and her sister & brother the Weimeriener and other Basset.  We even all
manage to sleep together!  Lucky we have a gigantic bed.  She has never offered to stray away from
the yard and absoutely loves traveling with us wherever we go--As you can see in one of the photos the
three kids traveling in the back of the vehicle on a long trip out west.  Chloe is the lemon & white.  We
just love her to death and were so pleased we were eyeballing Gus the Bus as we absolutely love the
very LARGE and red & white Bassets.  We see he has a wonderful home and are so happy to see such
a successful Basset rescue as they are such wonderful pets they all deserve fantastic homes.


Michelle & Joe
from our home (it was full of mold, and other allergens) and we had to find a home for our black lab. My mother, bless her heart
was able to find Merlin a home where he was as loved with them, as he was with us.

After moving to the Chicago area 3 years after that, I felt so alone and sad. GABR gave me the chance to find a best friend (of
the 4 legged variety), and I brought Sampson home with me. Rusty Saxer was his foster mom, and she did a wonderful job with
Sam. It was so funny, he was very reserved all the way home from the pick up point. My mom brought her basset (also another
GABR alumni) Honey with so that Sam would feel more at ease.

Sam MUST have known that he was home, because in less than 20 minutes after walking through my front door, he was on my
bed and snuggling up with me! Sam has 3 teenagers to play with, as well as one gruff, but doting dad... who never really liked
bassets.. until Sam... LOL.

Sampson enhances our lives every day, and we are ALL so thankful to have him in our home. He is a carb addict, and tries to
counter surf at times.. and he loves to get his teeth on loaves of bread... which makes Me completely nuts! He also loves
zucchini bread for some reason. He loves surfing the counters while I have my zucchini bread cooling.. and he sneaks a loaf or
two if he can manage it! He likes to take up half of the bed, and will grumble when Dad tries to move him so he can sleep in
bed. It's a blast watching those two debating over who gets the bed at night. Sam even talks sweetly in our ears at night... about
2 am, he will walk over to the bed and start grumbling at which ever one of us that he thinks will be easier to wake up. After he
wakes us up, and we move he will then hop up on the bed and try to scootch us out.. or he will ask to go outside.

Thank you for helping me to find some true joy in a tough situation, moving here wasn't what we wanted but it was needed, and
Sam has made life so much more than it was!

Thank you!

Sue McCracken and Family

and wanted another one low and behold I saw Flash.  So I came to the waddle and met Flashes foster
mom and then flash.  It was love at first sight and I took him home that day.

When we got home Flash fit right in with my other dog a 12yr old rescue I have had since she was 6
weeks old. I cant tell you how much I love this dog. Although he has a club foot and arthritis we walk and
run at the park and he has learned to get on all the furniture.  He loves to ride in the car in the front seat
no less and when he sees his leash he knows we are on the move.  Although Flash could not walk in the
waddle this year I am hoping he will be strong enough to walk at least some of the waddle next year.  
Even if  he cant I told his foster mom we will be their.  Flash had a great foster home and I am grateful
that they took flash in and gave him such good care of him getting him on the right meds and helping to
walk because without them taking  Flash into their home and giving him the love and help he needed
Flash and I would have not met and there would be no happy ending  
Effie Mae
Hello everyone!  This is Tye (formerly known as Betsy) reporting in.  

I must say that I was worried when I first met my new “mom”.  She was really nice, but I had been through
so much, I wasn’t sure I could trust her.   Now I know I had nothing to worry about.  I like it here.  My new
home has a great back yard and my new step-brother (Morely) and I love to run, play and check our
defensive perimeters from those pesky squirrels and bunnies.  

At night I curl up against Mom and sleep on a heated mattress pad.
It feels really good, especially now with the weather changing.  

I have had to learn about some new things, like traffic.  But by going on my daily walks, I am getting used
to it.  I have met some new doggie friends and have even gone to the store to shop for my new toys and
dog coat.  I am turning into a truly fashionable urban dog.

Mom says that I’m the love of her life, and that this spring we are going to go to school together.   I may
even get a diploma for that scrapbook she is making of me.  

But for now, here are some up-to-date photos.  Enjoy and I’ll write again soon.

Adopted December 2009
Barnaby here. I just wanted to give everyone an update on me. For those of you who don't know me I
had a hard life before I came to GABR. I was a stray roaming the streets of St. Louis, MO. I had been on
my own for awhile & had gotten quite skinny. They said I was only 25 lbs. when they found me. But GABR
took me in & fixed me up & got me healthy. I even gained a little weight. Since being at my new home, I've
been here about 3 months, I now weigh 50 lbs. &  the vet says I'm a healthy boy. He said I was a good
looking dog too, but I knew that.
I got to my new home right before Christmas so this was my best Christmas ever! I got presents & a
forever home! I haven't learned any new tricks yet since I've been here but I have learned how to play
better! I love to run & play w/my 3 human siblings. They are all under 10 so they are pretty fast but I
usually wear them out. I also have a cat brother but he's still not real fond of me. So we don't really get to
play but I still try. He will eventually love me. I do have some stuffed animals that I love to play with &
snuggle too. I never really had toys before so I take good care of them.
Mom & Dad are so good to me. They got me my very own comfy doggie bed & put it in their room so I
could sleep w/them. They tell me I'm a good dog all the time. Well except for when I have an accident but
I'm doing a lot better with that. I still like to "steal" stuff & bring to them. They look at me like I shouldn't
but I know they think it's cute. They take me for long walks & give me lots of belly rubs. I LOVE belly rubs!
Since being here I smile a lot. It makes Mom & Dad laugh.
Well I think I'm going to go take a nap. Typing all this wore me out. I don't know how you humans do it.
But first I want to say thank you to GABR & Jan Marchlewski who kept suggesting me to my family. Also to
my foster parents Keith & Karen Leoni for taking such good care of me & helping to get me healthy so I
could go to my forever home. Without all these people I wouldn't have my new family. Thank you so
much. Oh & I have to tell you, Mom & Dad think it would be nice if I had another Basset to play with so
houndette of my dreams. Ok gotta go before I fall asleep. I can't wait to see everyone at the Waddle.
          Barnaby Happy Jerrell
attached to Balee and Sari and we knew we would eventually have to get her a friend.  It took us
another year and we were finally ready.  We agreed we wanted to rescue a dog so I started looking
online and found GABR. We put in our application and waited for our new family member.  Less than a
month later we got a phone call and a picture sent to us via email. It was definitely our dog. We hadn't
planned on getting a puppy but as soon as we saw
Casey(aka Flash)we knew he was the one. We
drove three hours one way just to bring him home and it's been love ever since. Casey and Wrigley hit
it off as soon as they met. They play everyday, Wrigley letting him chew and "attack" her whenever he
feels like it. He has been doing surprisingly well on housebreaking for a four month old and hasn't
eaten and of the kids toys!  Our three kids love taking him for walks and playing in the backyard with
him. Now that he's here we can't imagine what life was like without him. We see a little more of his
personality every day and can't wait to see how he grows and changes. We are so grateful for GABR
and all that they do for bassets and their future families.
Jones Girls
Adoption March 27, 2010

Hi! Ginger and Scarlet come to their forever home just over one week ago. We have been a
basset hound family since 1987. Our last little rescued girl (Madi) passed away this year after
a brief battle with cancer. She was an only dog, due to her choosing. Once she crossed over
the rainbow bridge, we wanted to give a bonded pair a chance in a happy home. Enter Ginger
and Scarlet –

While these little girls had a rough start to their lives, they are settling quickly. They enjoy their
soft cushy beds and lots of blankets. They have found their favorite sun beam spot by the
patio door. Ginger (Milli) is laid back and thoughtful. Scarlet (Mandi) is much more energetic
and a bit sassy. These two little girls are such a blessing. They are happy just to be loved.
Thank you GABR! The service you provide is wonderful and Cara was the best foster mommy
Happy Endings !!
Homeless bassets
find their forever