We go on lots of “nature” walks, at least once a day and mom tries to take a slightly different path every time in order to give my nose new smells. Mom
appreciates that I must smell and she can be pretty patient with me, allowing me to stop and check things out. Unfortunately, I haven’t been getting along
too well with other dogs I meet on our walks, plus the one who lives in the house below our apartment, but mom says we’ll work on that. She has some
special lady coming over soon to talk to me and give me and mom obedience lessons. We don’t much mind as long as we get snacks! Woof.
Much to mom’s surprise and mine too, I’m gettin’ along well with that specie, called the human male. Mom’s introducin’ me to nice  people who enjoy talking
and petting me and giving me treats. I actually rather like it. Mom had a friend stop by to pay a visit, he’s a Chicago policeman. Mom was concerned that I’d
not do well since sometimes the police can come off as rough and tough,  but do you know what I did? Well, let me tell you. He sat down on the couch and
up on his lap I jumped! Yep! I took to his lap and asleep I went. He gently petted me while he talked to my mom and when it was time for him to leave, I
wouldn’t get up! He was as surprised as I was.  
Mom’s been helping me with strangers who walk past us. If I start to get upset, she says: “Say hello Harrison” and then she says hello to tell to show me
how to be friendly. Most of the time I don’t say anything but if I do continue to grumble and give a low growl, she again kindly says: “Say hello Harrison, for
it’s the polite thing to do, even if just to say what a nice day it is. ” Well, I take to heart what mom has to say and then I stop my growling. The other day on
our walk, my mom stopped to speak to a gentlemen who owns a restaurant we always pass that I desperately try to go inside of cause it smells so good. I
sure was a good boy! I behaved myself and got tired while mom was talkin’ so I laid right down on the cement, flat on the ground I went and gave out a loud
sigh. Mom laughed, patted me on the ears and praised me for being so good.
I often make mom laugh with my expressions and the way I behave. She also likes it when she’s petting me and I let out a loud sigh, she thinks it’s so sweet
for it makes her happy when I seem content and relaxed. Oh, and my snoring, she LOVES my snoring! I had heard her tell someone soon after I come to
live there that she hopes I snore. Well, I decided to oblige and I’ve started snoring often when I’m sleeping next to her on the couch at night while she’s on
the computer. Mom looks over at me, smiles and giggles.  
Mom does somethin’ else that I don’t exactly understand, but I’m learnin' to accept she’s just quirky (humans are interesting creatures!). We’ll be lyin on
the bed playing and then she’ll gently hold my head in her hands and as she kisses me and looks me in the eyes, she’ll say: “I just can’t believe you’re
really mine and that you’re actually here! I’ve waited so long for you and here you are!”  I wag my tail in approval and then start rolling around on the bed
again making funny grunting noises.
Yep, I think me and mom are gonna have a great life. I had to promise mom that we’d be together for many, many years, at least 10-12 human ones. Mom
keeps saying that we both deserve a long, happy and healthy life together, especially to help erase some pretty bad years we both went through.  
Well, before I close I thought I’d share with you what mom thinks my name stands for, hope you like it and we sure look forward to seeing you in September
at the Waddle!

H –  Handsome, (always) Hungry Hound  - that’s what my mom says I am!
A –  Adorable, Affectionate and Angry eyebrows - mom tries to laugh when I sometimes get upset, she says:“Harrison, you’re wearing your angry  
eyebrows again.”
R – Royalty - mom calls me her “little Prince Charming” – who am I to disagree?
R – R is the dog's letter (that's what the nurse says to Romeo in Romeo & Juliet). This Romeo is also REALLY, REALLY, REALLY cute! (tail wag)
I –  Irresistible - need I say more?
S – Sexy Snout  - I don’t exactly know what that means, but mom was watching a show on Animal Planet about a lot of us [Bassets 101] and they said   
“Bassets have the wettest and sexiest nose in the business.” I’m thinkin’ that’s a good thing.
O – Oblong, Opinionated and Ornery (smiles)
N – Nosey – I am The best detective and my Nose always leads the way (plus I must ALWAYS know what's going on).

Thanks folks for pawsing a moment and readin’ what I had to say,

Harrison B. Stroud

Ps:  This Sunday is Mother’s Day and mom thinks that’s just perfect and really special, for it'll be my one month anniversary in my Forever Home. We both
want to say a special bark of thanks to the AWESOME human folks at GABR, especially Ms. Cheryl! We’re so grateful that ya’ll rescued and saved me and
took such good care of me. You are just the Cat's Meow, I mean, the Basset's Howl! Thank you!! – Harrison :o)
Hi, Harrison-Buttercup here. Thought I'd stop playing with my ball and chompin' on my rawhides for
a moment, to say Howdy! I’m adjustin' well to my new Forever Home, not to say there hasn’t been
problems here and there, but hey, what Family doesn’t have problems? And that’s what me and mom
are, FAMILY! My mom loves to spoil me with treats “cookies”, rubber balls, rawhide bones, full use of
the furniture, my very own big, soft bed (though I often cuddle up next to mom on her bed at night).
My mom can feel sad if I don’t sleep on the bed, so I try to make a point to make mom happy.
Mornings are just wonderful, before we get out of bed,  mom showers me with even more attention.
She pets me while I’m rolling all over the bed, actin’ silly like. I sure do enjoy having my belly rubbed,
ears scratched, getting kisses and being sweetly talked to.  She just loves petting and talking to me!
Happy Endings !!
Homeless bassets
find their forever
Well it has been about 3 weeks now and I thought I would give you a little update as to how I'm doing in my new
home.  My new parents were a little surprised at how big of a pig I can be.  There other two dogs are "neat freaks"
compared to me.  My big brown eyes and the way I talk with them have pretty much made them over look my hygiene
issues.  I had a couple of "accidents" in the house.  My new family is still getting used to my it's time to go out signal.  
They and I are getting better in that area thou.

It's funny but some one once said that I would never be a lap dog or get on the couch.  The pictures I have sent
should tell a different story.  I think I make a pretty good lap dog.  I'm getting used to my new brother and sister.  
They get a little overwhelmed by me at times.  I guess I'm a little younger than my paper work said I was.  As you can
see I love to look at my self in the mirror as well.  Darn good looking dog I am in my most humble opinion.
fenced in yard to chase my brother and sister around in.  Looking forward to it.  I will make sure and send
you folks at GABR pictures and more of an update once my new yard is up.  Well thats about it from me at
this point.  Thank-you for all you did for me, you saved my life in more than one way.

Love Jessie
Miss Scarlett

last 4 months have been great. It's like I've always been part of the family & I sure do have a big one! Mom &
Dad of course, 3 human siblings, another Basset, Barnaby, & one cat. The cat, Nermal, is not really a big fan
of me, but he will be. I think he likes me better than Barnaby tho & who could blame him. I am a pretty sweet
gal :). Speaking of Barnaby he took a bit to get warmed up to me but now we are the best of friends & maybe
more. We argue like an old married couple sometimes. Also he hogs Dad for his self but that's ok because
I've become quite the Mommy's girl.
I do have to say I have it pretty good here. I get to go on camping trips. I have a nice fluffy pillow for my bed,
& sometimes I switch beds with Barnaby, good food & treats, playmates, & lots of lovin'. It's really great here &
I'd like to thank GABR for once again finding me a forever home. After 9 years I wasn't sure I would find one
but because of you all & my wonderful foster Mom, Annette, I did & I'm so happy. Thank you. I look forward to
seeing y'all at the Waddle. Take Care. Oh the one picture of me with the kitten is a cat that lives down the
alley that Barnaby & I have kind of adopted. We love her. :)
                                                                                                                                              Miss Scarlett
                                                                                                                                              (or as Mommy
would call me Scarlie Lou)

It's Penny!  I was adopted the beginning of June from the best family in the world!!!  I wasn't at my foster
home long before my forever family found me.  They had recently lost their other basset friend to an illness
and couldn't stand not having some cute, long ears around the house... so I was the chosen one!  I was
welcomed into a family of one golden retriever/lab mix (Stogie), an 8 yr. old friend (Maddie), mom and dad.  
Wow!!!  Stogie wasn't so excited to see me at first.. you see he had just gotten used to being "king" and do
you mom and dad)!!  It only took a few weeks for Stogie to figure out I was fun and didn't need to be "in
charge" - its cool if he wants to be king of the house - as long as I get belly rubs!  And yes, I get tons of belly

And let me tell you about my new neighborhood!!  It is so cool... tons of kids come over to play with Maddie
(she must be popular) and they all pet me!  Maddie and mom take me on a walk every night - even if they are
too tired!!  That's cause I like it so much I stand at the back door and howl!  That gets their attention!  
Sometimes they roll their eyes.. but oh well.. I figure they need the exercise too!!  I'm not so good on a leash,
but sure do love to get out!  

I get to roam the house and hang out anywhere I want!!  This place is awesome!  I am heading to Illinois for
the Waddle this year - I am even training for race!  It is going to be a girls weekend - me, Maddie and mom.  
We are even staying in a hotel that weekend!!  I am so excited - Maddie and I will sit in the backseat together
and listen to music!  Well, gotta go for now.  Gettin ready to head out for a walk.. training for the Waddle!  
Hope to see you there!  Oh yeah... my family is raising money for the Waddle.. they said their webpage is  You should check it out!

A Waddler for Life!

Lacey Bob
October 22nd is the one year anniversary for Lacey Bob, wearing the red collar. I couldn’t be happier. She is
such a sweet Poo that often I am perplexed about her original situation. How could someone abuse her?
Anyway, Lacey Bob and old man Bark Lee are very happy together. Lacey Bob loves eating carrots, howling
in the yard and have a general good time. Originally she was timid, but no more. She’s got a spunk. Lacey
Bob was my very first rescue.Now I am hooked on the rescue concept. Thank you GABR. Lacey Bob is
definitely loved.
We adopted Annie from your rescue ( she has the lighter colored ears) & Stanley we
adopted from a local animal shelter.
This is their adorable festive pictures for the season.

A GIANT Thanks to Jan, the adoption coordinator, for driving Miley and meeting us on that cold
windy day!!

My husband and I have been Basset folks for many years and have even been to a couple of
Waddles in Dwight. Our Gus, a tricolor male basset, that we had for 12 years passed away in
December of 2009 from Addison’s Disease and Cancer.  We grieved for several months and swore
we’d never get another dog, because, simply, Gus could never be replaced!  Little did we know that
our 10 yr old female, Sophie, would mourn Gus’s passing even more than us.  Sophie became
withdrawn and very sad.  She seemed as if she had lost her “get up and go” and would just lay
around.  After several visits to the GABR website, we applied for an adoption, and after speaking
As you can see from the photos, Miley can be quite the showoff, and still remembers Jan  teaching
her to “sit” so beautifully !  It took only one day for Miley to put the “get up and go” back into Sophie,
who now, even at age 11, chases and plays with Miley every day. Also, you can see by the photos
that Miley has her own BOY!  Our grandson, Lachlan, visits 3 days a week and adores Miley.

Thank you again GABR for helping us to open our hearts and home to Miley. She is such a blessing
to us!

Mike and Connie Smith
saw Hadley. I knew he was the Prince for my Princess.
I drove up to an adoption day in June 2009 and picked up Hadley. Hadley was a great addition.
Hadley is a loving dog. I got him at 85 pounds. He would have trouble ambulating and trouble
breathing during his sleep. With diet and exercise he is down to 50 lbs. He is spunky as ever. He
loves to cuddle. We dance when the Cubs and the Bears win. He keeps Annie and me company.

Elizabeth S.