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Emmy Lou
Just about 6 months ago we brought home our sweet 6 year old girl, Emmy Lou. She first caught our hearts at the
2010 Waddle. We had considered adoption at previous Waddles but wanted to make sure the time was right and
that our home would be a good fit for the rescue dog’s needs. After spending the afternoon with Emmy it was hard
from some of her scars, we think that she has fully accepted us as her forever family. The couch has been claimed
for daytime and all our beds are fair game at bedtime. Her new big brother Bassett Hound Dilbert, who will be 12 in
September, accepted her quickly and fully, and shares his new dog bed with her and even trades for Emmy’s
“double dogs” and to get a love tap on the leg from the extra large foot of our Emmy. In the evening when things
seem nice and quiet we will suddenly see a random toy flying through the air and we know that Emmy Lou is not far
behind. After 30 seconds of very high energy play, she’s ready to call it a day. She loves to climb from chair to table
to chair and often walks across the top of our couch like a cat when she wants to climb into our laps for a snooze.
This activity takes us back to when our kids were toddlers, and we have had to catch her on the way down more
than once. She loves her treats and is always very gentle when taking them from our hands, very ladylike and very
un-Bassett like. We try not to think about what might have happened had GABR not rescued Emmy Lou and we are
thankful every day that we are able to give her a loving home. Hope to see you all at the 2011 Waddle!

Waggin’ Tails,
Jon, Marilyn & Amy Kozlowski
hound!  Sometimes we ask ourselves how did we get so lucky to have such a sweet loving hound...  
Our path to Guardian Angel Basset Rescue began on a summer day when my husband said he has wanted a
basset hound since he was a child.  It didn't take me long to find GABR while searching the internet for a local
basset rescue and we decided to fill out the application.  A few days later we received a call from Fran and were
matched with a beautiful basset girl named Sheila.  We were in love with her pictures as well as her foster mom
Angie's description, such an elegant and regal lady.  We were deeply saddened when she went to the rainbow got
to know her and grateful that she had such a wonderful  foster family who truly loved her.   Sheila touched the
hearts of many and we witnessed the extensive kindness of the GABR family after her crossing.
We knew we wanted another basset in our family and in time with Fran's help Cletus appeared!  Cletus is a big
cuddle bug, he likes to sleep on the couches, all five dogs beds, chairs, and any bed he can jump on..particularly if
has company.  His foster mom Maria said the he loved to play and she sure was right, he will suddenly pounce on a
squeaky toy with a jump like a rabbit.  He howls with joy when we come home and I know I can see him laughing  
when his face scrunches up.  We have had strangers comment on how he has a happy gait when we are walking
around the neighborhood.  He is so handsome (as you can see in the photos) and social he attracts that much
attention  Cletus has brought a lot of joy to our family -yellow lab and black cat included, neighbors, groomer, and
our veterinarian.  We are so grateful for GABR for giving us the gift of Cletus's love.  Thank you

My wife and I adopted Droopy in December of 2010. We had to wait in order to get her because of the snow which had
fallen, but just a few days before Christmas, we were able to meet her in Decatur. At first she was a bit skittish and she
wouldn't eat very much food. She also had a few accidents in the house, which we understood may happen. But just a
few short weeks later, Droopy was beginning to adjust to our routine and she became a happy member of our
household. This is the first adult dog we've adopted, and it has been a bit of a challenge trying to figure out all her
idiosyncrasies, but she obviously seems happy and healthy and loves walks and playing with her toys. We're both glad
that we met Droopy and that Guardian Angel Basset Rescue exists. Here's hoping that several other bassets get their
fur-ever home in 2011.

Rob and Cheryl Wick
I was a very sad person when I lost my almost thirteen year-old basset hound in November of 2010 to
positive and had to be treated for those.  Sister’s Belle’s foster Mom, Jan, took excellent care of her
during her treatment and recovery.  I saw Belle on the website and fell in love, so I had to make her
mine.  She came home with me on January 8, 2011, and I couldn’t be happier.  Not only is she beautiful,
much just spoiling her rotten.  She enjoys her treats and toys and loves taking long walks to the park
and around the neighborhood.  She is my best friend, and I couldn’t have asked for a better match than

Thank you Guardian Angel!  
Carla Kleinschmidt, Evansville, IN
Libby (formerly Lady Bug) and I became best friends at the beginning of the summer. Since we have learned to
live with, around, and (occasionally) on one another. It has been a happy experience for both. The whole
neighborhood has fallen in love with Libby. She’s the most popular dog on the walk circuit. Everyone always
remembers her name. Her sweet demeanor is addictive. Summer ended and Libby has had to get used to some
quite time during the day while I’m at school. With several friends popping in to visit and walk with her, this
transition hasn’t been to tear filled. Libby likes to spend a quiet evening napping on me while I’m in the recliner.
My favorite part is watching her climb up the chair and me to get to her favorite spot. She is also a big favorite
with the three boys next door. They love to play chase and tug with her. It’s hard to tell who’s having the most
fun. Libby has also won over my parents’ hearts. My mother often calls and asks how “her dog” is doing. Libby
has just brought sweetness and joy to everyone in our life. Thank you to GABR for bringing us together.

-Mary (Libby’s BFF)
Libby (aka Lady Bug)