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It's all about the dogs
Gator Girl
Daisy Mae
9 year old Daisy Mae was given to GABR when her owner passed away and no one could take her.

Fearful at first, it looked like she would have a hard adjustment to make into a multiple-dog home,  
but within a week she had overcome her timid ways and now is inviting the other dogs to play and
has opened up to her foster parents.

She is house trained, does not need a crate, and now craves the companionship of others.

She would love to be your next best friend!  Won’t you apply to be that person?
Cooper is a wonderful 13 y/o who's owner could no longer care for him.  He had to be
neutered and tested positive for Heartworm.  Other than Heartworm, Cooper is a healthy
boy and certainly deserved to be treated.  He's recuperated very well at his foster home.  
He's such a sweet, sweet boy and warms up to everyone who meets him. He has fit in
right alongside Daisy and Molly, taking lots of naps and loving snuggles and treats.

Cooper will be available very soon and more information will follow.
Found as a stray, sweet 2 year old Olivia was heart worm positive.  She has just completed her
treatment and rest, and is “raring to go”.

Curious, lively, playful and very loving.  “Livvy” as she is affectionately called, is still working on
manners such as not  jumping on people to greet them, or jumping up to see what she can
score off counter-tops!  Her foster home must be the first home she has been allowed into, as
she is just now perfecting her house training skills.  She loves everyone and is eager to
please.  She enjoys her toys!  She has no aggressions.

She gets along wonderfully with the other dogs, but does not get on with cats.  Because we do
not know about her past history, she would do best in a home with children over 6.

Because of her new-found energy, a fenced in yard and companion dog are recommended.  
She is crate trained and needs to be crated while you are gone.  

This little “streak of lightning” will brighten your days with her antics!
8 year old Gator Girl was aptly named!  She is a " Counter Surfer Extraordinaire”!   Foster
mom is working on discouraging this without yelling at her or sudden hand movements, as she
flinches as if she has been struck in the past for behaviors.

Aside from this, she is a wonderful girl!  A bit reserved at first, she gets along well with the
other bassets in her home, shows no aggression.  She began to open up to her true
personality once she felt secure in her new home within a couple of days,  and LOVES to tear
around the fenced in yard with her playmates. She shows little interest in toys.  She is afraid of

The first night in her foster home she barked excessively, but when allowed to sleep by the
side of foster mom;s bed the next night, settled right in and was quiet.  She does not need to
be crated, but it is a good idea to put garbage out of sight and keep counters clear.  

She is totally house trained.  She would do well with fenced in yard and older children (who do
not carry food around!)

She does not get on the furniture, but does love to lay at your feet, and is affectionate.  She
travels well in the car and is learning not to pull on a leash.

This girl will be a great companion who will love to travel with you!

2 year old Roxy just arrived in her foster home this week.  A small girl, she is fully house trained,
and though she gets along well with the other male bassets in her home, would not do well with
small dogs or females, and NO cats! Would do well as an Only Dog, so she could have all your
attention.  Very loving.  More info as we get to know her more.