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Dear Prospective Adopter,

In need of a lap dog?  A companion to sit by your side and cuddle for as long as you want?  I’m
your boy!

I also:    Walk well on a leash              
Love to ride in the car
Love people
Get along with other dogs my size,, but don’t really play with them.  
Am not good with cats or small dogs
Am house trained
Did I mention I like to cuddle?

I  am 7 years old,healthy and strong, and do need to take a pill every day for Cushings, but it  is
well under control and have no issues with it.
PLEASE fill out an application and ask about me!  I am hoping to find a new family of my very own
soon to share all my love with!

Sincerely yours,
It's all about the dogs
About l0 years of age, Copper is a special boy. Surrendered by his owner  to a shelter when
she had to move,  and could not afford him, the shelter called GABR, and it proved to be
one of the luckiest days of Copper’s  life!   

Unable to walk easily because of a golf-ball cyst on a front leg, he was  also found to have a
lump in his belly.  All these conditions had been ignored.  

The cyst was harmless and removed easily, the lump, was found to be an undescended
testicle, that would have gone on to cause him problems, and he is now ready for adoption!

An easy going boy, he gets along well with his foster siblings, ignores cats, and gets along
well with children.  

He loves roaming and playing in his big back yard with his foster siblings.

He is friendly, loves attention and to snuggle, and will be a perfect, easy-going, companion
that gets along with everyone.  Please fill out an application and ask about Copper!

Jed is a 7 y/o owner surrender.  Both owners were working long hours and Jed was
spending too much time alone.  Jed is also recuperating from Heartworm treatment and
will be available very soon.  He gets along very well with bassets and others except for
the smaller breeds, plus no cat experience.  He's house trained and a classic basset.  
Loves to go for car rides and take naps.
Daisy Mae
9 year old Daisy Mae was given to GABR when her owner passed away and no one could take her.

Fearful at first, it looked like she would have a hard adjustment to make into a multiple-dog home,  
but within a week she had overcome her timid ways and now is inviting the other dogs to play and
has opened up to her foster parents.

She is house trained, does not need a crate, and now craves the companionship of others.

She would love to be your next best friend!  Won’t you apply to be that person?
                      Just Arrived

Willie is a 1 year old stray who just arrived in foster care. He has a basset body and feet and
the long legs of a bloodhound!

He is affectionate, thinks of himself as a lap dog, gets along with other dogs and avoid the cats.

He is stil in that puppy, chewing mode, so pick up your shoes!

More to come as we learn more about him!
Peak Family