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It's all about the dogs
                JUST ARRIVED
Wrigley is only 6 months old and an owner surrender.  He has many puppy issues
that need to be worked on and former owners kept him crated while at work and at
night.  Wrigley is a "blue basset" with lots of energy.  He dominates small children
and tries to be leader.  With obedience training he will turn out to be a great adult.

Check later for more updates.
If you're looking for a low key, maintenance free basset...YES, there is such a
creature...Chance is your guy!

Chance is a 9 y/o  beautiful, classic 68 lb boy.  His owners were losing their home and
wanted GABR to make sure he had a place to go.  He lived in harmony with other dogs and
children.  Chance is totally house trained and will go in a crate, but he doesn't need to be
crated.  He sleeps on his own bed at night and is overall just a love bug.  He's not jealous
over attention the other dogs get and not possessive over food or treats.  He's a well
adjusted, confident boy who's looking for a loving home.

One more thing...he has a low resonating bark, but doesn't use it often.
Adoption Pending
The day Roscoe came into GABR from a shelter was a life-saving moment for this sweet boy.  
Rescued as a stray, 6 year old Roscoe had a dangerously high level of infestation of
parasites, was anemic, severely malnourished and infested with fleas.  His vet said that she
had never seen a worse infestation of parasites in her many years of vetting.   In addition, his
ears have irregular jagged edges from being severely bitten.  

Surprisingly, he was heart worm negative!  He is being treated for the parasites, and being
built up nutritionally so that he can safely have the neutering and dental he needs to get ready
for his adoptive home.

In spite of all his physical neglect and abuse, he has the sweetest, most loving personality
ever!  With not an aggressive bone in his body, he gets along with other dogs and seeks out
their company.  He'll sniff and then ignore the cat. He also loves and seeks out attention from
children, adults and even strangers. Roscoe loves to be cuddled and to sit in your lap.

His foster home is working on house training issues and it's coming along nicely.   He has been
on his own for awhile and will need a fenced in yard with a companion dog, and would love to
have children who will understand he needs lots of belly and ear rubs.  

He is simply adorable, and will soon be ready for his forever home.  He won’t last long!  To
know him is to love him!  
Sweet, lady-like Bella who is 7, is looking for a forever family who would  love to take her on
walks…..she looks forward to her walks and is ready to go anytime you are and as often as
possible.  She  walks with her foster home’s older basset very well.  

A very gentle girl, she has never had an accident in her foster home, and though she is always
excited to go in the car, she is a bit nervous during car rides, and her foster home is working on

She has not been confined to a crate, nor does she need one, when you leave the house without

She is a cuddle-bug and loves to sleep on your lap, and loves to lay on the couch and watch the
activities of the neighborhood in the early morning.

She sleeps on her bed in the foster parents’ bedroom at night

Good with children of all ages, she is very social.

Not bothered with storms or fireworks, she is a very calm girl.  She has a history of seizures, but
does well with her two medications as long as they are given regularly every day.  

Please submit an application and inquire about this sweet girl.  She makes a wonderful companion!

Auerswald family