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Dear Prospective Adopter,

In need of a lap dog?  A companion to sit by your side and cuddle for as long as you want?  I’m
your boy!

I also:    Walk well on a leash              
Love to ride in the car
Love people
Get along with other dogs my size,, but don’t really play with them.  
Am not good with cats or small dogs
Am house trained
Did I mention I like to cuddle?

I  am healthy and strong, and do need to take a pill every day for Cushings, but it  is well under
control and have no issues with it.
PLEASE fill out an application and ask about me!  I am hoping to find a new family of my very own
soon to share all my love with!

Sincerely yours,
Country Girl
Rescued from a backyard breeder, the only life Country Girl knew was having babies.  After 8
years of being used, she is finally getting to enjoy life and learn how to be a dog.

Country Girl gets along great with the 5 fur babies she is currently living with.  She also enjoys it
when her little 2 legged friends come to visit and play with her.  She has adjusted well to living
indoors and has done well with house training.  She tends to follow the others in and out.  

Like most bassets, Country Girl loves to follow her nose but she has never surfed the counter.  She
has not been destructive and is left alone with her 4 legged playmates while her foster mom works.

Country Girl has missed out on a lot the first 8 years of her life and is making up for lost time.  She
acts younger than her years.  She does however, love sleeping and cuddling on the couch.  If she
thinks you are not paying enough attention to her she will paw at your hand.  

The only life she ever knew was having babies, she is ready to be spoiled and loved.  It has been
such a joy to watch her develop and become accustom to pleasures she never before knew
existed.   Will you be the one lucky enough to show Country Girl what it is like to be wanted and
spoiled and most of all loved?
It's all about the dogs
Looking for a 44 pound,  active, playful boy who loves more than anything to play with squeaky
toys and  take a walk with you?

Looking for an attention-loving and affectionate boy to cuddle with on the couch?

Ringo, a house-trained, beautiful and loving 9 year old boy (who acts much younger than his
reported age),  is just the dog for you!

He gets along well with the other 5 dogs in his home, but would also love being the center of your
attention as an only dog.  

He probably would not do well with a cat, as he is known to chase squirrels up a tree.   He would
do well with older children.  He is very even tempered and sweet, but he has a devilish side, and
will counter-cruise if you do not watch him.

A well-mannered boy, he knows “sit” and “wait”, and is eager to please.  He loves to fetch toys.

He is looking for his forever home and awaiting your call!
Adoption Pending

Max is a 5 year old boy whose owner, through circumstances beyond her control, found herself
homeless.  Concerned for Max, she contacted GABR to help her take care of Max and find him
a new home.  Aside from some skin allergies, which have almost completely cleared up with
medicated baths and allergy medication, he is in great health!

Max is house trained and  crate trained, and needs to be crated when you leave the house, as
he is very innovative and determined.    He has been known to push a chair across the room so
he can climb up on it to access a table-top!

He has lots of energy, and needs a fenced in yard, and a canine  playmate to keep him

He’s made friends with all the other dogs in his  foster home, gets on well with the cat, is good
with small children, and has never met a stranger!

Craving love and attention, he thinks he is a lap dog.  Where some dogs will sit up and beg for
food, Max will sit up and beg for you to love on him and invite him up in the chair or on the
couch with you!  

He is not a dog that can be left for 8 hours a day in a crate.  He needs a full social life with his

There will never be a dull moment, and you will never want for love when Max is your family