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It's all about the dogs
Howdy, my name is Gordon.

I am a 10 year old boy originally from Texas.

My Dog Mom had died, and before I knew what was happening, I was placed in a shelter and
put up for adoption.   I was so confused and upset, my whole world was turned upside down.  
Then Guardian Angel heard about me and transported me, and two other Bassets, up to
Dwight.  That was my lucky day.

I came in with skin problems from a flea infestation, and arthritis.  But you should see me now,
I am so handsome!!  I am house trained and crate trained, and get along with the other
bassets in the house, but I can get a little grouchy at times, sometimes those young ones can
be too active.

I am a little timid at first, and I prefer the ladies, both human and dog, and I love to follow my
Foster Mom all around the house, she gives me get great big hugs and I love it.   My arthritis
has not been bothering me at all and it is great fun to run around the yard with my foster
brothers and sisters.

If you are looking to add a new member to your to family, I am your boy.

Spot is a 12 y/o  lemon and white shelter dog from Missouri.  He's such a friendly boy who
likes to follow you wherever you're going.  He gets along with all the other dogs and is house
trained.  He loves his crate and goes in when his foster Mom goes to work and at bedtime.   
He does have a small problem with stairs.  There are 3 steps in the house and he takes them
slowly.  Best for him would be a home with few stairs.  

Don't miss out on this beautiful senior!
Meet Frank. He's 6 years 10 months young, house trained, crate trained, but crate isn't
necessary. He's great with other dogs and children, and only shows mild curiosity about
the cats. Frank was a much loved pet who's owner's health was rapidly deteriorating, and
felt that she could no longer give him the care that he deserves.
Gerald is approximately 7-8 years old. He was found as a stray, and has been brought UTD
on vaccines, neutered, and dental done. He has skin issues, which we're unsure if they will
be ongoing at this point, and he has limited vision. We know he see's movement, and
flashes of light, but he compensates so well with his nose and hearing that he has no
problem finding his way around. He's loving his food and treats, he can smell a chicken
jerky treat in a heartbeat in foster mom's  pocket from 100 yards! He will be on antibiotics
for a bit due to neuter, but once that's healed up, he'll be good to go.
Meet 9 year old Kenny!  The  GABR King for the  2017 Waddle.   This boy is super sweet.  
He is very social and engaging.  He loves everyone and other dogs.   We don't know about
cats and small kids.  He's playful and has a great personality    He enjoys a stroll around
the block and walks well on leash.  He's house trained and doesn't need a crate.  His
favorite toy is his Foster Mom's socks.  He just likes to carry them around, not destroy!

Kenny came in with a severe flea infestation and he still needs meds, a weekly bath and
extra meals so he can gain a couple more pounds.  Kenny would love a playmate and a
yard to run the basset 500 with, not to mention a human to adore