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It's all about the dogs
Hi, my name is Sheba, and I am about 9 or 10 years old, I can't quite remember.

Luckily,  I was surrendered to GABR, because when my family moved to their new home, I was not
allowed inside, so they tied me outside to a doghouse, and I had to stay out there all by myself.  I
love to be with my family, and this just broke my heart.

I am a quiet girl and only bark when it is time to eat.  I am hearing impaired so thunder and
fireworks don't bother me, but I respond very well to hand gestures.

My happy days include eating, sleeping, following my foster mom around the house, going for
walks and car rides, and, did I mention, I enjoy eating.

I have been with GABR for six months already, and keep wondering why no one is asking for me.  
My foster mom is always kissing and hugging me,  but I wish I could have my own forever home.  I
live with 2 Bassets and 1 Doxie and we all get along, but I would really like to be your only love.  

I am house trained for up to 5 hours, crate trained and I do not sit on furniture, counter surf or
beg at the table, and did I mention that I like cats.

I am keeping my paws crossed and saying a little prayer that I will soon be loving and living with
my forever family.
 Friendly, sweet, senior Shamain just turned 10 on St. Patrick’s Day.  She
came back to GABR when her owner went into a nursing home.    She is
house trained and will enter a crate but she doesn’t like it and will whine
for a time.  She really doesn’t need to be crated,  she’s a good girl in the

 She has mastered the doggie door and is starting to chase squirrels.
Shamain doesn't counter surf or climb on the furniture.  She  does well on
leash and enjoys walks and has a strong basset nose.  Like a lot of our
bassets, she craves human attention but is not overly active about it.  She
was an only dog in her former home and got ALL the attention, but she gets
along fine with the other dogs in her foster home.  She is a beggar and is a
little overweight so she is on a green bean diet.  In 10 days she’s lost 4

Does this sound like your kind of girl?  You won’t be disappointed.  She’s
such a good girl.
Maggie is an 8 year old "mainly" Basset girl. She spent months in a shelter before GABR
rescued her. Maggie was thin and had trouble getting around when she first came in to
rescue and it was quickly discovered she needed surgery for a floating knee cap. After
weeks of recovery she is healing nicely.

It took Maggie quite a while to come out of her shell and socialize with the other bassets in
her foster home.  It's amazing what love and attention can do.  She is a pleasant little girl
to be around, loves and plays with other dogs and people. She loves roaming around her
backyard sniffing everything.  She may need some help with her house training because
of her knee cap surgery, but she is doing pretty well on her own now. Maggie has some
arthritis so steps are not her friend.

If you want a sweet laid back girl to keep you company, Maggie is the girl for you.