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It's all about the dogs
Murphy is a a very sweet 6 year old boy.  He's a big dog weighing in at 63 pounds.  He is
house trained and doesn't really need a crate.  He loves his walks and is not a hard
puller.  He loves attention and  a good massage.    He's super friendly and loves to meet
people but will jump on you.  We are working on that but would suggest a family with older
kids.  He is prey driven when he sees squirrels so a cat is a no-no.  He gets along with the
other dogs in the house and tries to engage them to play and run.  He's not a counter
surfer but if he smells something yummy, he will definitely check it out.

Murphy is a great dog looking for a family to call his own.  Could that be yours?

Wrigley is only 6 months old and an owner surrender.  He has many puppy issues
that need to be worked on and former owners kept him crated while at work and at
night.  Wrigley is a "blue basset" with lots of energy.  He dominates small children
and tries to be leader.  With obedience training he will turn out to be a great adult.

Check later for more updates.
At 1 1/2, sweet Bella is  completely house trained, sweet, and a little shy at first, but warms up

This beautiful girl just arrived at her foster home and is getting settled in.  She does not need a
crate when you are gone as long as you pick up the trash and move things back on the
counter.  But of course one is always recommended.

Bella loves attention, wants to sit on your lap, and loves doing the “basset 500” with the other
dogs. She also has experience with young children.  She will need a fenced in yard and a
playmate for activity.

She had never met a cat before going to her foster home.  At this time she hides from them and
gives them a wide berth.  However that may change as she becomes more familiar with them.

Bella was an owner surrender who was well loved and taken care of, but because of medical
problems, needed to rehome her and  GABR was recommend  by his vet.   
             Just Arrived

6/22/17: 2 1/2 year old Barney,is  just entering his foster home for evaluation, and
we will know more about him in a week or so.  He is a sweet boy, and still needs a
dental cleaning.  Please  check back for more information soon.
Just Arrived

6/22/17: 4 1/2 year old Bob is an owner surrender, from a woman who had medical issues
and could no longer take care of him.  He is very sweet!

Already neutered and microchipped, he has received initial vetting and is just going into a
foster home for evaluation, so we will have more information to provide soon.  Please
check back to learn more in about a week or so.
If you're looking for a low key, maintenance free basset...YES, there is such a creature...
Chance is your guy!

Chance is a 9 y/o  beautiful, classic 68 lb boy.  His owners were losing their home and
wanted GABR to make sure he had a place to go.  He lived in harmony with other dogs and
children.  Chance is totally house trained and will go in a crate, but he doesn't need to be
crated.  He sleeps on his own bed at night and is overall just a love bug.  He's not jealous
over attention the other dogs get and not possessive over food or treats.  He's a well
adjusted, confident boy who's looking for a loving home.

One more thing...he has a low resonating bark, but doesn't use it ofte