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It's all about the dogs
Gordon is a beautiful 10 y/o who's owner passed away and found himself in a shelter
afterwards.  He was not only stressed from the situation and loss, but he
had a severe flea infestation and arthritis to combat.  You can see in the pictures that he now
has a shiny, thick coat thanks to the excellent care of his Foster Mom.  His Foster home has
other bassets that he's been trying to adjust to, but truthfully, he would be best as an only dog.

We think Gordon must have been very protective of his former owner due to the fact that he
barks and growls when a visitor comes to the door.  However he has never been aggressive.
He's house trained, crate trained and prefers human females in the home.  Gordon needs
another chance to be happy.
Meet 9 year old Kenny!  The  GABR King for the  2017 Waddle.   This boy is super sweet.  
He is very social and engaging.  He loves everyone and other dogs.   We don't know about
cats and small kids.  He's playful and has a great personality    He enjoys a stroll around
the block and walks well on leash.  He's house trained and doesn't need a crate.  His
favorite toy is his Foster Mom's socks.  He just likes to carry them around, not destroy!

Kenny came in with a severe flea infestation and he still needs meds, a weekly bath and
extra meals so he can gain a couple more pounds.  Kenny would love a playmate and a
yard to run the basset 500 with, not to mention a human to adore
Sheba is a sweet, 9 year old girl who is hearing impaired.  She had been kept outside in a dog
house because her family moved and she was not allowed in the house.

She was so scared and confused when she came to GABR, but all that is behind her now, as she
has blossomed since coming to her foster home.  In the beginning, she never wanted to go outside,
guess she was afraid she would not be allowed back in the house, but now, she shows the door
and lets you know when she wants to go out, and she even strolls around checking everything in
the yard.  Sheba loves to eat, sleep, go for walks and admire herself in the mirror, and her
deafness is not a problem.  Sheba knows the routine, understands hand signals, and on the
positive side, she is not afraid of thunder, fireworks or the vacuum cleaner.

Although she lives with 3 foster siblings, Sheba would be happiest as an only dog.  But, Sheba
thinks a kitty brother or sister would be great.

Sheba is house trained (for about 5 hours) crate trained, does not counter surf or sit on the

If you are looking for a wonderful companion, Sheba is just the girl for you.
Buford & Mabel
As you can probably tell from the pictures, Buford and Mabel are a bonded pair.  Mabel is 3 y/o
and Buford is 2 y/o and at this point Buford relies a little more on Mabel than she does on him.  
They're both housetrained and get along great with their foster siblings, but no cat experience.  
They will go in a crate together, but they're not destructive when outside of a crate. Mabel
loves to play fetch and once in a while she'll let Buford get the ball.

They were treated very well in their former home but because of divorce, having to work and
care for an 18 m/o daughter, the pair was spending too much time in a crate.  Mabel is smaller
and weighed 31 lbs. when she came in.  Buford weighed 55 lbs.  They'll make you laugh at
their antics and melt your heart with their love.
My name is Lucy and I'm 7 years old. I was turned over to Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
because I'm not very fond of small children anymore. I love older kids and adults. Did I mention I
like food too? My foster mom has me on the green bean diet to help get my girly figure back. I
weighed 71 lbs when I came in and should weigh around 50 lbs. I have been taken care of but
fed a little too well.

I'm used to a doggy door so now my foster mom has to let me know when I can go outside. I
haven't had any accidents in her house. I like older calmer dogs like the Bloodhound I was with
at my other home. My foster mom has a young active dog and I prefer he leave me alone. I'm
waiting for the vet to give me a clean bill of health and then I will be ready for you to take me
home but only if you promise to keep me on my green bean diet and give lots of belly rubs. I
really like attention and belly rubs. You'll really like me if you're cold this winter because I'm a
snuggler and will keep you warm.
Adoption Pending
Adoption Pending

Sherlock's owner passed away and he was taken to a shelter and we were called.  He is 8 y/o
and a very loving boy.  He's house trained and crate trained.  Good with other dogs and
children.  He weighed in at 65 lbs, but no fat, just muscle and big frame.

More information to follow.