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It's all about the dogs
Hi, my name is Sheba, and I am about 9 or 10 years old, I can't quite remember.

Luckily,  I was surrendered to GABR, because when my family moved to their new home, I was not
allowed inside, so they tied me outside to a doghouse, and I had to stay out there all by myself.  I
love to be with my family, and this just broke my heart.

I am a quiet girl and only bark when it is time to eat.  I am hearing impaired so thunder and
fireworks don't bother me, but I respond very well to hand gestures.

My happy days include eating, sleeping, following my foster mom around the house, going for
walks and car rides, and, did I mention, I enjoy eating.

I have been with GABR for six months already, and keep wondering why no one is asking for me.  
My foster mom is always kissing and hugging me,  but I wish I could have my own forever home.  I
live with 2 Bassets and 1 Doxie and we all get along, but I would really like to be your only love.  

I am house trained for up to 5 hours, crate trained and I do not sit on furniture, counter surf or
beg at the table, and did I mention that I like cats.

I am keeping my paws crossed and saying a little prayer that I will soon be loving and living with
my forever family.
Maggie is an 8 year old female Basset/Beagle mix . She spent months in a shelter before
GABR rescued her. Maggie was thin and had trouble getting around when she first came
in to rescue and it was quickly discovered she needed surgery for a floating knee cap.
After weeks of recovery she is healing nicely.

It took Maggie quite a while to come out of her shell and socialize with the other bassets in
her foster home.  It's amazing what love and attention can do.  She is a pleasant little girl
to be around, loves and plays with other dogs and people. She loves roaming around her
backyard sniffing everything. She may need some help with her house training, but she is
doing pretty well now and doesn’t have accidents in the house if she is let out on a regular

Maggie has some arthritis so steps are not her friend.  She is a serious scent hound and
she tracks scents from other animals and barks at the ground, so she needs to go to a
home where she can bark outside.  She gets more affectionate every day and needs
some who will really give her attention.

If you want a sweet laid back girl to keep you company, Maggie is the girl for you.
Meet Gertie! She's a sweet, cuddly girl who will turn 5-years-old this summer. She's full of energy and
still likes to play - especially with stuffed toys and bones. Though she is also very content to curl up
with you or near you as you watch tv, read a book, or whatever you like. She loves belly rubs and
won't be shy in asking for them. She comes from a house where she was allowed on furniture, but can
be redirected to a dog bed on the floor with enforcement.

Gertie is currently being treated for a mild case of heartworm, so is on bed rest and not too happy
with the situation. She keeps grabbing her leash as if to ask for a walk.

She is crate trained and house trained, but will need to be crated when left alone at first as she gets
anxious when left alone and has had accidents as a result. It is nothing that won't resolve with some
time and settling into a new routine. Right now she also has some separation anxiety, but it also
seems like she'll settle in and thrive once she learns a new routine and gets to know everyone.

Gertie is social and gets along with other dogs and cats, but she isn't too pushy about it and will follow
the lead of other pets. You do need to watch her at meal time, though, as she will help herself to
others bowls, even if they are still eating. She also will counter-surf if things are left within reach of her
nose. She likes children but needs to be supervised, as she has a history of snapping if dragged or
pushed by the collar. So she will do best in a house with adults only or with older, teenage children.

Gertie will be available for adoption in mid-to-late April, once her treatment completes. But in the
meantime, fill out an application if you are interested in learning more about this sweet, lovable
goofball of a dog!
Adoption Pending
Betsy the Beauty Queen, as we call her, is 10 y/o.  After being the only dog in her only home,
she found herself in a shelter because her owners no longer had the time to care for her. She
needed a dental and several cysts removed but other than that is doing very well.

Betsy is good with cats.  Actually she's more interested in the cat's food than the cat.  She's
been a little timid around the male bassets in her foster home but is not afraid of them.  Usually
she sleeps in a living room chair but goes into her crate when left alone.  She rides well in the
car and does her business outside on leash.  Betsy gets attached quickly and will whine and
bark for a while when left alone.

Betsy is a low maintenance and easy going girl.  She would make a wonderful companion for a
less active home.
Wally is a 3 y/o owner surrender.  They were allergic to dogs and kept him outside.  Now he is
inside with his foster family and loving every minute.  He's totally house trained, plays with the
other bassets and by himself with toys.  If one of the other bassets wants his toy, he submits
and walks away.  He is a very sweet boy and takes treats gently. The only thing he might be
possessive over is the attention from humans.  He obviously hasn't had the attention or had
the chance to be a lap dog.  Now that he has experienced love, he doesn't want to give it up.  
This is a very common thing with rescue dogs and there are ways to handle it.

Wally would be fine as an only dog as well as maybe a female companion.  He just wants to
love and cuddle.
Brubaker family
Adoption Pending