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It's all about the dogs
"Auggie" is the female spelling of her name and she's 12 y/o.  Her owner had to
surrender her and another dog to a shelter for financial reasons.  Although the two had
been together for a long time, the male was very dominant with her we were afraid she
would get hurt.  Since their separation, they're both happier dogs.

Auggie is house trained and has lots of energy for her age.  She leads her foster pack
when chasing a squirrel.  She's not a barker inside the house (or out) but you have to
watch your counters and garbage.  She was very thin when she came in and that could
be the reason she's a healthy eater now.  She's great with other dogs and neighbor
kids.  She's a happy, loving girl.
Wally is 8 1/2 y/o and was returned to us because his owner had to enter a care center.   
He's been the perfect boy for his Foster Dad.  He loves, loves walks and greets everyone
with a smile and tail wags.  He's house trained and gets along great with the other bassets.  
He blended right in at his foster home and with the kids in the neighborhood.  One of his
favorite things is having his face scratched.

Wally doesn't ask for much...just a loving home and warm bed.


Doug and Dixie are a bonded pair but not related.  They're just 2 1/2 y/o and have been
together since they were just weeks old.  Even though their foster parents provide two very
nice beds for them, they sleep together on one.  Their owner had to move and take care of
her older mother. They're both house trained, crate trained, get along with other dogs and
are very well behaved.

More pictures will be provided.
Doug & Dixie
Adoption Pending

Cooper has been in his foster home for a week and is settling in nicely. He's 8 months
old and has all the energy of a puppy (along with the chewing tendency). He loves
playing with the children, but wants to jump on the toddlers, so older children only. He's
a red and white basset, mostly red with white on the bridge of his nose, his chest, and
back feet. He's totally crate trained, housetrained, and is beginning to learn basic
commands.  Being so young, his foster mom wouldn't recommend him going to a home
where he would be left alone for long periods  of time (that's when magazines
mysteriously explode)!

More information will follow.