Born August 7,1999 ~ Adopted August 27, 2005 ~ Died October 31, 2012
Our dear Caesar went to the Rainbow Bridge on Halloween night.  He joined his beloved partner, Cleo who
him down and we let him go even though we were left broken hearted and missing him.

Caesar and Cleo shared a lifetime of happiness and love and they found that happiness and love due to the
kindness of Guardian Angel Basset Rescue.  After losing their owner they found their way to GABR in 2005 at
six years old.  They had a warm and loving foster home with Sammi Carroll and her children.  They could not
be separated and we had room for two, the four of us were a perfect match.

Caesar and Cleo were crowned the 2005 Waddle King and Queen.  They loved the Bash and Waddle and they
wore their crowns proudly.  Their story of love and loss and their strength in the face of adversity was the
embodiment of what makes all of the hounds so special.  Caesar was very devoted to Cleo, after she left us
he found new ways to be happy in life.

Caesar was a handsome young man and so many people who met him commented on his wonderful face
and beautiful eyes.  Those who knew him knew it wasn't really his looks but it was his warm heart showing
through that made him so handsome.
It was a clear crisp fall day. We had brought our foster basset to the GABR waddle to meet his forever family.
Little did we know that we would meet our own lovely Lola, who later became known as Lola Wideload
Wigglebottom. She allowed us to love her and spoil her and put up with baths and toenail trimming for many
years. Then one day, as she was chasing "the boys", barking and wagging her tail like mad, she simply fell over
and went to sleep forever. She was not a young dog (12 years old), but I didn't think she would leave us so
soon. We miss our Lola and her big brown eyes and funny basset ways. I thank God for people like those at
GABR who put so much into saving these wonderful animals and allowing people like us to share their too-short
lives. Queen Lola Wideload Wigglebottom who made her way to the rainbow bridge on November 12, 2012....is
forever in our hearts.

Loved by Marjorie and Steve Stratford  
It feels like yesterday when we adopted a very thin Basset with a very large personality. We got to share in
celebrated our 5 year anniversary with Baxter.

Less than two years ago Baxter was diagnosed with Addison’s disease. Then some time later he started
taking arthritis pills. Despite this, Baxter continued to live larger than life, often jogging home after an hour
walk to prove his youth. Three weeks ago a tiny bump on his back grew into a big bump, that was removed a
week ago. On Tuesday we learned it was cancer. A very aggressive kind. And on Friday, a mere three days
later, we said goodbye, forever. For this disease there wasn’t a pill or monthly injection.

Baxter was smart, considerate, only a little stubborn, energetic, wise and a gentle soul. Mr. Baxter loved his
walks and ending the day playing fetch with one of his soft toys. We’re heartbroken to say goodbye and
grateful to have shared in his life.

You are sorely missed, Baxter.
Mathilda, Jac & Stef
He was a funny fellow and he was fun to be with, he was full of life.  Caesar was aways a gentleman and he was a good boy.  He never gave us a minute of trouble
Thank you to GABR, to our friend and Caesar's aunt Laura, and to Dr. Schofield and his staff for helping us have so many happy years with our boy.

Caesar, old buddy, thanks for choosing us, we sure had a good run.  We will forever miss your beautiful voice and your funny ways.   We know you went from our
loving arms straight to Cleo's and some day we'll all be together again.  Rest in peace sweetheart.

Jerry and Deb Bennett
and Lola
Delbert begrudgingly came into my life in June of 2002. You broke the mold when you were born, but you were
a basset to a "T". You had to be the most stubborn basset in the world. When we went on our(3-4 mile) walks,
wanted, and sometimes I had to carry you for the last quarter mile or so just because you knew I would. Even
though you were a basset, you had the coat of a dalmatian(with the exception of your one great big black
spot), and I have still only seen 3 or 4 other bassets with your markings.

I just remembered one of the funniest stories about you. I remember one night your mom and I got a pizza and
didn't eat it all and put the leftovers in the fridge. The next day I came home, and
wanted some. But to my dismay, I found you in the other room, belly up, and covered in pizza sauce. This is
one of the many anecdotes that lovingly earned you the nickname "beezy"(short for beelzebub).

Like I said, you were a basset to a "T", you were definitely a good friend tried and true, and any time you didn't
get the attention that you wanted, you would paw at whoever was around until you got it. But most of the time,
you were content just laying there next to me. Dinnertime will never be the same without you, having to walk
around you to get things from the fridge,
and doing my best to not drop things(even though you got your fair share from the table).

Just like for anyone (or any dog), time kept ticking. And as the years past, your big black spot went from solid
black, to salt and pepper, and walks went from miles, to a few minutes, to non-existent. I knew in the back of
my mind the time no one wants to think about was inching in on you. And in the last few months you were here
with us, you changed, even though I can't blame you after you lost daisy 9 months prior.

Well you definitely had a good run at it boy, June 1999 - Oct 2012. At least you got to go to one more waddle
before you had to leave us. And just like always you stole the show, and everyone wanted to pet the big white
basset with the black spot, only this time, instead of walking the whole waddle, we had to take the pooped
puppy wagon.

I hope I did enough for you boy, at least you spent your last couple of weeks with a full belly, and surrounded
by those you loved, and who loved you. In the end it was cancer that was too much for you to take. Now I know
that you have crossed the bridge, and the "terrible trio" is together once again. Thanks for always being there
for me. This isn't goodbye boy, only until we meet again.

Joe Blythe
Delbert tatoo
Delbert in the middle
It’s not the number of years left in life but the life left in those years… that described Dixie.

Dixie spent her first 8 years of her life as a puppy machine in Kentucky.  Once she couldn’t produce puppies,
the breeder no longer wanted her.  Dixie came into rescue in January 2011.  Motherhood wasn’t kind to Dixie’s
body.  She required extensive surgery to remove the stretched out skin from too many litters – which required
Dixie to stay at the vet clinic for more than three weeks.

Joyce and I offered to foster and possibly adopt Dixie.  We were picturing Dixie as a sweet little old lady basset
like our previous senior houndettes.  Instead Dixie came into our house and immediate established herself as
the Queen Bee.  She was sweet but didn’t take any lip from the other bassets.  If necessary that sweet old girl
would show them who was in charge.  

When we fostered a young basset puppy, Dixie immediately took control of the pup.  She was very gentle with
the puppy especially as youngster recovered from parvo.  We got a glimpse how Dixie must have been with her
own pups.  Needless to say, Joyce and I fell in love with Dixie.  She became a permanent member of our
household in May 2011.

Every morning Dixie had a spring in her step as she waddled outside.  Dixie made sure her yard was free of
felines, squirrels and possums.   Possums were especially Dixie’s favorite.  The old girl once brought a dead
possum into the house.  After it was removed, Dixie spent over 30 minutes looking for her possum including
flipping over a dog bed while another basset was on it.  Dixie was a character – full of life.

Dixie was seemed fine up until the morning of Mother’s Day 2013.  She was rushed to the vet.  Our spunky
senior had aggressive cancer.  Surgery wasn’t an option so Joyce and I send our earthy goodbyes to Dixie.

Rest in Peace Dixie – until we met again.

Jan and Joyce Marchlewski
Ever since 2008, we had been looking at homeless bassets on the GABR website knowing that eventually we
would try to adopt. On November 25, 2010 my wife and I decided to go and “look” at a dog that we saw on the
Guardian Angel Basset website. His name was Reggie and he was being fostered near White Sox park in of
this breed - that people don’t adopt basset hounds – basset hounds adopt us. Reggie found his way into our
trip as we would be leaving with Reggie later that day. From that day on, Reggie became not only a Ever since
family, but our first real responsibility outside of ourselves since our marriage in the summer of fenced in for
Reggie. Reggie quickly made it his own by marking everything in sight and creating a small Reggie. Reggie
quickly made it his own by marking everything in sight and creating a small outline around the outside along
the fence from his repeated path that he would walk. Reggie loved running outside along the fence from his
repeated path that he would walk. Reggie loved running the yard, looking at other dogs walk in the
neighborhood, and laying in the grass during the warm summer other dogs walk in the neighborhood, and
laying in the grass during the warm summer days while soaking up the sun. In June of 2011, Reggie took 1st
place in the Orland Park Pet Palooza Saddest Face Contest. He was place in the Orland Park Pet Palooza
Saddest Face Contest. He was awarded a blue first place ribbon which he wore with pride. Reggie loved
sleeping in our bed and would he wore with pride. Reggie loved sleeping in our bed and would routinely let us
know when we was ready to go up by whining at us around 8 p.m. every night. Reggie not only up by whining
at us around 8 p.m. every night. Reggie not only loved to sleep (as most days he did not get up until 9 or 10 a.
m.), but he also loved to eat. He enjoyed his daily until 9 or 10 a.m.), but he also loved to eat. He enjoyed his
daily meals as well as treats from us and our extended family. Reggie also loved long walks in the open fields
and extended family. Reggie also loved long walks in the open fields and adjoining neighborhoods by our
home and would get very excited when he was asked, “Reggie…go for a walk?” He generally responded by
barking loudly four to five times and spinning in circles. Reggie also loved car rides and would respond
similarly when asked if he wanted to go for one. He was also great on the 2 ½ hour trips we would take monthly
to visit family in Springfield, IL. Reggie would warm our hearts on a daily basis when we would come home as
he was always excited to see us and wanted to play after a long day away. In early May of 2012, we welcomed
our son and first child Bryce into our family. Reggie did well in welcoming him. He always sat near Bryce when
he was an infant and had a wonderful temperament with him as he grew throughout the summer and following
fall. Unfortunately in September of 2012, Reggie developed glaucoma in both eyes and needed to see the vet
in order to save his vision. Although we was able to save his left eye, Reggie needed surgery to remove the
infected and blind right eye to prevent any more damage. Reggie made it through surgery, and was back to
his old self within two weeks. Over the next six months Reggie enjoyed every day to the fullest and was a very
happy basset hound. On March 21, 2013,  at around 2 p.m., Reggie unexpectedly passed away while we were
at work from heart and digestive complications. We were absolutely devastated and broken up for weeks after
his passing. His calmness, loving nature, happy attitude, and love for being around us has been unmatched in
any pet we have had during our lives. Nevertheless, we know that the 2 ½ years we had with Reggie were
great ones and he was treated like a king in his final years of life. Reggie had a private cremation and is now
buried under his memorial cross and rock grave that we created for him in our backyard. He will be forever
missed and remembered by our family.

Jim, Melissa, and Bryce Westerberg
Tinley Park, IL
Born: April 2005 – Died: March 21, 2013
paperwork now and notice he went to the rainbow bridge almost on the same day we adopted him. Dakota had
aggressive towards men if they raised their voice or hands. But, was as sweet as could be to women and
children. Dakota was loaded with personality and was definitely a Velcro dog. This last Friday night we had to
say goodbye to our beloved basset as his body could no longer do what it needed to do.  We love Dakota with
all of our hearts and he will always be remembered as the "BEST BASSET EVER!" Our house seems very
quiet without him now. His first 3 years were rough but hopefully we made the last 10 a whole lot better.

Nancy Wing