The basics of Guardian Angel Basset Rescue are simple – GABR rescues Basset Hounds from Illinois,
Eastern Missouri and Indiana that find themselves in bad situations. Once the Basset is in our possession, we provide the
needed vet care - that cost is our largest expense.  After he leaves the vet, our new friend goes to one of our wonderful
foster homes.  Without the foster homes we have, our organization would disintegrate.  After the foster home evaluates the
dog, our adoption coordinators help the Basset find a good home. But we do more than rescue Bassets.

GABR continues to be a major force in our lives and in the lives of the thousands of Bassets that have been rescued.   GABR
is also very important to the people who adopt these dogs.

Guardian Angel is also here to help when the time comes for an owner to find an answer to a pending problem.  We often
find ourselves helping place Bassets whose owners have to go into assisted living.  With simply no way for them to keep
their beloved Basset, they or their families contact GABR for help.  And we are there to provide the help that they need.

Giving up a lifelong pet is never easy and, many times, it’s not the right thing to do.  But these days, there are many reasons
in life that make surrendering a Basset the best choice for everyone involved.  And it is certainly not the time to be
judgmental about the relinquishment.  It’s time for understanding.

Because of this responsibility we have accepted, it’s very important for us to make sure our financial future is secure.  
GABR operates on a basis of fiscal accountability – our donors know that and continue to support us because of how we
operate.  Many of our supporters have made a major long-term commitment to us by naming us in their estate planning.  I
invite you to talk with me if you’d like to consider that in your estate.

Our Basset Friends Forever members are the cornerstone of our financial stability.  Each member has chosen to donate
automatically each month through their credit card or checking account.  With over 200 BFF members, our cash flow is
much more predictable.

The future of Guardian Angel Basset Rescue is very bright.  I invite you to become a part of this organization.  If you have
any questions, I am always available.  Feel free to drop me a note at

Thank you for supporting Guardian Angel Basset Rescue.

Larry Little, President
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue, Inc.
Board of Directors

Larry Little                                 President

David Raphael                           Vice President

ill Rodowsky                           Treasurer

Kelli Zopfi                                  Secretary

Emmy Little                                            

Dan Downs       
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Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving Illinois, Indiana and the St. Louis, Mo. area
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