Country Girl
Rescued from a backyard breeder, the only life Country Girl knew was having babies.  After 8
years of being used, she is finally getting to enjoy life and learn how to be a dog.

Country Girl gets along great with the 5 fur babies she is currently living with.  She also
enjoys it when her little 2 legged friends come to visit and play with her.  She has adjusted
well to living indoors and has done well with house training.  She tends to follow the others in
and out.  

Like most bassets, Country Girl loves to follow her nose but she has never surfed the
counter.  She has not been destructive and is left alone with her 4 legged playmates while her
foster mom works.

Country Girl has missed out on a lot the first 8 years of her life and is making up for lost time.  
She acts younger than her years.  She does however, love sleeping and cuddling on the
couch.  If she thinks you are not paying enough attention to her she will paw at your hand.  

The only life she ever knew was having babies, she is ready to be spoiled and loved.  It has
been such a joy to watch her develop and become accustom to pleasures she never before
knew existed.   Will you be the one lucky enough to show Country Girl what it is like to be
wanted and spoiled and most of all loved?