Foster Form
Foster Home Application
A successful foster home depends on both the selection of the right Basset for your household and the understanding of the Basset’s caretaking needs.  So that we may
assist you with this selection, please answer the following questions as completely as possible.

All information is kept confidential and is used only for the purpose of GABR operations.

The Rescue often accepts Bassets that have been strays and therefore we do not know their background.  For this reason and to make sure our foster homes and their
fosters remain safe, we do not allow families with children 6 years of age or younger to foster.

When you have finished filling out the form, please review the
Foster Care Agreement.

If there is a problem submitting the fostering application, please do one of the following:

Print out the form and fax it to 815-584-3145  or mail it to:  GABR   P.O. Box 288     Dwight, IL 60420
All fields are required:
Contact Information:
1.  Please provide the following contact information:
First Name:  

Last Name:   

Street Address:  

Address (cont.)  



Zip Code:  


Cell Phone:  

2.  Best time to reach you:
Living Conditions
3.  What type of housing do you live in?
4.  Do you own or rent?
4a.  If you rent, does your landlord permit dogs?
4b.  If you rent, is there a weight/size limit on allowable dogs?
4c.  If yes, what is the weight/size limit?
4d.  If you rent, please provide your landlord's name and contact information for verification of requirements:

Work Phone  

Home Phone  

5.  Do you have stairs in your home?
5a.  If yes, how many stairs?
6.  Do you have a fenced in yard?
6a.  If yes, please describe your fence (height, type etc):
6b.  If no, do you agree to keep the basset on a leash when outdoors?
7.  Are you willing to have a volunteer from GABR visit your home prior to fostering?
Dynamics of Household
8.  What is the make-up of your household?
Number of adults
Number of children:
8a.  If there are children in the household, what are their ages?
9.  Are there other children who visit frequently (i.e. grandkids, babysitting)?
9a.  If yes, what are the visiting children's ages?
10.  Please list the pets you currently own and provide the information requested on each one.
Dog (Breed),
cat, bird, other
Date of last
heart worm test
Date of last inoculations for:
Pet's Name
11.  Describe the temperament of the dog(s) you currently own.
12.  Describe the activity level of the dog(s) you currently own.
13.  Do you give Heartworm preventative to your dog(s) on a monthly basis?
Veterinarian Information
14.  Do you have a veterinarian?
14a.  If yes, please provide your veterinarian's name and phone number.


Work Phone  


15.  What pet name and last name are your current vet records under?
Adoption Questions
16.  Why do you want to foster a Basset?
17.  How do other family members feel about fostering a Basset?
18.  Which family member will be the basset's primary caregiver?
19.  How many hours per day will the basset be left alone?
20.  Where will the basset be kept during the day?
21.  Where will the basset be kept during the night?
22.  Are you willing to take your foster to a veterinarian on GABR's approved list?
23.  What is the brand name of the dog food you will be feeding your foster?
Experience and Foster Type
24.  Have you ever owned a Basset?
25.  Have you ever adopted a dog from a rescue organization or shelter?
26.  Have you ever fostered for a rescue organization before?
26a.  If yes, please explain:
27.  Have you ever had to give up a dog?
27a.  If yes, please explain:
28.  Are you willing to foster a special needs or senior Basset?
29.  Are you willing to foster a Basset recovering from surgery and/or on medication?
30.  Are you willing to foster a Basset being treated for heartworms?
31.  Are you willing to foster more than one Basset at a time?
Training Your Foster
32.  Have you ever taken a dog to obedience training?
33.  Are you willing to house train your foster, if necessary?
34.  Are you willing to crate train your foster?
35.  Do you have an available crate for your foster?
35a.  What size is your crate?
Your availability and Ability to Submit Information About Your Foster
36.  Are you available by e-mail on a daily basis?
37.  Do you have an answering machine that you check every day?
38.  Do you own a working digital camera?
Thank you for your interest in fostering a Basset Hound for Guardian Angel Basset Rescue!
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