I would like to introduce you to Jessie a beautiful 4 1/2 yr. old red and white, healthy girl.  I know we
fosters all say our dogs are beautiful and sweet but Jessie really is.  Rather than having that sad
basset face, Jessie seems to look as if she is always smiling.  

Jessie came from a good home but, work schedules prevented her owners from giving her the
attention she deserves.

Children and other dogs are all her friends and I am told she gets along with cats.  It didn’t take long
for Jessie to fit right into the pack at our home of rescued bassets.

We are working on exposing her to new life experiences.  Treats are new to her.  Off leash in wide
open spaces like the dog park confused her at first.  We are working on improving her skills on leash
and curbing her counter surfing. We have not observed it but were told that Jessie can be food
possessive and should be fed separately.  As an extra added treat Jessie thinks she should be
allowed to ride in the front seat of the car.  Jessie is crate trained but we only use it at bedtime.

If you live in an apartment Jessie is not the girl for you.  Jessie needs a home with a fenced yard.  
Jessie is very social and needs time with people and other dogs.

If you want a cuddle partner, you want Jessie.  While not really lap size she will cuddle right next to you
where ever you are, anything for a belly rub.