9 month old beautiful Wrigley is a beautiful basset, but don’t let that innocent sad face fool
you.  Underneath is a strong-willed boy who needs a basset savvy owner who will love him
but is  a strong leader from the start.  Someone who understands that he needs to be
trained in the “privileges are not free, but need to be earned” concept.

 In other words, no getting up on the couch right away.  He has to learn manners,
commands such as “sit”, “stay”, and that you are the “pack boss” and through a system of
small positive rewards each time he follows your direction using positive reinforcement with
words and perhaps a small treat, to get his attention and so that he looks to you for direction
in what he can and cannot do.

Obedience class would be a good place for him to start learning these things and will also
create a strong bond with you.  Because he is so young and has so much energy, a fenced
in yard is necessary, and daily long walks will move his training along more quickly.

Wrigley is good with other dogs, but because of his enthusiasm and tendency to jump when
excited, it would be best if he were was only with older children who will avoid rough play and
not want to play tug of war with him, which will only increase his competitive nature for being
the boss.

He is very good natured, just needs to learn to control his energy and some manners.

House trained and crate trained, he is loving, and will be a wonderful companion for
someone who is willing to spend the time working with him, so that he develops to  his full
potential on your terms and not his.