Welcome to our Bash & Waddle Navigation page which will direct you to the no charge
registration, all of the forms, schedules of activities, shopping, ordering pages and much more!  We hope
you're all looking forward to the Buccaneer Bash and Waddle.  There are many changes, so please check
the schedules.  We don't want you to miss anything!  We want you to have loads of fun.  Just remember
this is an annual fund raiser!  Please set up your web page and get sponsors for your basset to walk (or
ride) the 10 block Waddle route.  The homeless bassets rely on your help.

First of all, the BASSETS RULE!  Bassets and Basset Mixes only!  We know many of you have
non-bassets at home and have asked if you can bring them.  We have this rule in place for the safety of
the non-bassets.  The social bassets will be off leash on Saturday AND Sunday this year.  Intact bassets
need to stay on leash.  They have amazing noses and when a non-basset comes into the GABR Park,
they know it!  They will bark and try to chase them.  It's no fun for the dog or the owner.

This year there's no NASCAR Race in Joliet the same weekend so we have 3 Morris hotels who have
blocked off rooms for a group rate.  Just check the
Motel page for details.  For those of you who prefer to
park your RV or pitch your tent at the Park and don't need electricity, you just have to register with our
Parking Chairman.

Party like a pirate!

Emmy Little,
Waddle Chairman
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
22nd Buccaneer Bash & Waddle
Party like a Pirate !!