Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
It's all about the dogs
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving Illinois, Indiana and the St. Louis, Mo. area
October Campaign

As a current BFF, you know our BFF Monthly Program allows   GABR to
sustain a constant flow of donations so we know where   we are month to
month as opposed to fund raiser to fund raiser.  By not living fund raiser to
fund raiser, we've been able to help more   dogs and, at the same time, not
question taking in a Senior or sick   Basset, a dog that not only costs more
money but also will stay in   our system for a longer time.

This September at the Waddle, we launched a new campaign and we are
excited to share it with you. GABR had over 32 current   BFFs sign up for the
"$3 for me Challenge".  Those BFF   members agreed to donate an
additional $3 per month through   their monthly contribution.
This month, we would like to have 31 additional BFF members join the
"$3 for me Challenge"

Think of it this way - $3 a mos. is only one coffee - $5 one   fast food or
cocktail at a restaurant - $10 is less than most   meals at any restaurant.