What is the Dress code at the Auction?
This is not a Gala or a formal Ball so dressy casual will do.

Will there only be basset/pet related items to bid on?
No, definitely not.  While basset and pet related items tend to be our most popular, we have plenty
of other items.

Are dogs allowed?
No, dogs do not attend this event. However, nearby hotels allow pets.

What are the nearby hotels?
We would love for you to spend the night and make a weekend out of it with us!  Don’t forget to join us for breakfast the next morning back at
Jennifer’s Garden.

Holiday Inn  
Comfort Inn 815-942-1433
Quality Inn 815 942 5300
A limited number of rooms have been blocked off. Please use code
GABR for a potential discount.

I am not sure if I will know anyone.
Please don’t worry about not knowing anyone.  Our group is one of the friendliest groups around and you will soon find yourself with new

I see there is a breakfast the following morning. Where is it and what do I need to do to attend?
Every year we offer a complementary buffet breakfast from 9-11 back at Jennifer’s Garden for any auction attendee. While the breakfast will
stay complementary this year, in an effort to keep our costs accurate, we are asking for you to RSVP ahead of time. If you need to change
your Breakfast RSVP, simply call Jodi at 815-584-1044 and she will make the adjustment.

I can’t attend, but would like to help. What can I do?
There are plenty of ways for you to help make our auction a success. Here are some great ideas: Donate an item off our wish list, advertise
in our auction program, make a “sorry I am unable to attend” donation, help with set up on Friday, or underwrite a portion of our event. There
are multiple underwriting possibilities. Please contact Kelli, the auction chair at
gabrauction@gmail.com to discuss any of these options

I would like to donate an item. What types of items are you looking for?
Gift cards are great as well as pet related items. Condo stays, unique experiences, and one of a kind items sell well too.  

Please check out the “wish list” that the 2018 GABR Auction committee has put together. Because certain wishes could be granted,
please check with us before acquiring or buying an item for us!  For more information please contact Kelli at:
Please use this “link” to donate an item WISH LIST.  

Any other questions, please contact the Auction Chair: Kelli Zopfi at gabrauction@gmail.com
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
20th Annual Basset Ball