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It's all about the dogs
Little Lila is a sweet and friendly 10 year old.  The past few years have been pretty hard on
her.  Her family moved and left her behind.  She lived under their porch for 2 years.   The
neighbors fed her but neglected to get her vet care.  

Lila was rescued by GABR in January 2018.  She was heart worm positive and diagnosed with
Cushings Disease.  She’s finished the heart worm treatment and is now ready for her forever
home.  She’s very friendly and outgoing.   She enjoys walks and does not pull on leash.  She
is playful and gets along with the other dogs in her foster home.  She loves to chase squirrels.

Lila will enter a crate  for a cookie.   She’s doing very well with house training as well.  Lila has
a bit of separation anxiety when her foster mom leaves.  So a perfect home for her would be
someone who is retired or home a lot.   Because of the Cushings, she has to potty  more than
usual and will be on meds for the rest of her life.  She feels good and is enjoying life now that
she has a soft bed at night and regular meals.  She would love to be someone’s snuggle
Finnegan & Lucy
Tex II
Hi! My name is Martha and I am 4 years old. My other place used me for breeding so I didn't
get much socialization when I was young. I'm afraid of strangers and loud noises at first.  I
am learning what it is like when people are nice to me. I get along just fine with the other
bassets that I live with. I am learning to play with toys, which seems like fun.

My foster family tells me what a good girl I am for working very hard on house training and I
am doing really well with it. I know how to use a doggy door. I'm not much of a barker, but I
do whine a little when my foster family leaves me in the house or goes outside. I'm learning
to walk on a leash and not be afraid of everything. It's hard, but I am doing my best.

I am looking for my forever home where people will be nice to me and love on me.  I would
prefer a low activity household because quick movements and unknown noises scare me. I
am what they call a "blue Basset." Please consider adopting me. I am told that I am a very
sweet and good girl!

June 21, 2018
We seemed to have turned a corner with Martha! She not only is playing a lot with Daffodil,
her foster sibling, but also climbing up onto our laps for attention! She is turning out to be
quite the little love bug! House training is going great!
Tex II is one of the breeder release dogs who needs a special home.  He just turned 1 y/o and
he's afraid of loud noises and new situations.  When he was first at his foster home, he wouldn't
go outside at all.  He has improved in that respect.  He goes outside with his foster siblings to do
his duties, but is not giving a signal yet as to when he has to go.  He definitely will need a secure
fenced yard because if he is "spooked" he will try to get away and if there's a weakness in the
fence or latch, he'll be gone!  Tex II will need to be supervised while outside, even with other
dogs.  We suspect he's only been around other bassets.

Tex II gets along fine with other dogs and has been following the lead of an older female in his
foster home.  He eats in his crate so that he gets all of his food.  He is very submissive when it
comes to food, toys or treats.  Tex II is not used to being walked on leash.  At first it would be wise
to walk him INSIDE in the fenced yard to get him used to it.  He will bond with his human
companion and loves to cuddle.

Tex II may always be hesitant to new surroundings and new people because of his beginnings,
but he can improve with patience, time and a lot of love.
UPDATE  6/28/18

We have had many applications for Tex II.  We ask for your patience.  We have to put all
applications for Tex II on hold until he spends more time in his Foster Home.  He is still very fearful
of loud noises and being approached by strangers.  If you wish to wait or move on to another dog,
please let your Adoption Coordinator know.  Thank you!
Just Entered Foster Home
Roland Cummins
Bob & Marge Carso
Finn & Lucy have just entered their foster home and seem to be just fine so
far. They are brother and sister from the same litter and they are going to be
4 years old in September. They seem to be very connected at this time and
we were told they are never far apart from each other.

They are very friendly at first meeting, be it human or canine and also very
sweet! They seek attention and just love a good ear scratching or better yet,
a belly rub.

Check back soon as we get to know this little family who is in search of a
family of their very own.

Hi!  It's me, Wilma!  I'm 6 y/o and my other family was moving and couldn't take me with them.  So
I came to my foster family and they really like me.  I sure don't like it when they leave.  I whine so
loud that they can hear me in the garage.  When they come home, though, I use my big girl bark
to tell them I'm so happy they are back.   

They have these things called "cats".  They don't interest me at all...even if they swat my nose.  
My foster beagle brother wants to play all the time and I ignored him at first, but now I'm kind of
liking him.  I get along fine with children too!  I don't like to be crated and I really don't need to be
crated.  So I get to rest in a dog bed during the day.

My foster mom thinks it's very lady like that I don't beg for table food, countersurf or get into the
trash.  I tried to get on the couch, but she helped me off.  She said my furever family might not
allow that.  When I need to go outside, I whine very loudly, and when I come back inside my foster
mom says I'm a very good girl and pets me.  I do not go potty in the house.  My foster family says
my furever family will be so happy to have me.

Talk to you later.  I need a nap.
John and Becky Kelley
Alice Pressler
Our little Beatrice is only 1 y/o and very petite.  She just entered her foster home and
Beatrice's main issue to work on is trust.  She's very cautious and fearful around
strangers, especially men.  But never growls or becomes aggressive.  She is starting to
relax around her foster siblings and wants to be close to her foster mom and snuggle.  
She will need a secure fenced yard and not be alone outside.  Another dog in the
home would probably help her confidence.

Beatrice potties outside with the others, but has a spot inside also.  Another issue to
work on!  She's a very sweet puppy who just wants love.  An adopter will need patience
and understanding and time in order to help Beatrice. But the rewards will be worth it.