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It's all about the dogs
Little Lila is a sweet and friendly 10 year old.  The past few years have been pretty hard on
her.  Her family moved and left her behind.  She lived under their porch for 2 years.   The
neighbors fed her but neglected to get her vet care.  

Lila was rescued by GABR in January 2018.  She was heart worm positive and diagnosed with
Cushings Disease.  She’s finished the heart worm treatment and is now ready for her forever
home.  She’s very friendly and outgoing.   She enjoys walks and does not pull on leash.  She
is playful and gets along with the other dogs in her foster home.  She loves to chase squirrels.

Lila will enter a crate  for a cookie.   She’s doing very well with house training as well.  Lila has
a bit of separation anxiety when her foster mom leaves.  So a perfect home for her would be
someone who is retired or home a lot.   Because of the Cushings, she has to potty  more than
usual and will be on meds for the rest of her life.  She feels good and is enjoying life now that
she has a soft bed at night and regular meals.  She would love to be someone’s snuggle
Finnegan & Lucy
Four year old Addie really loves your attention and craves someone to cuddle with.  New to
her foster home, she is an Owner Surrender, and though she gets along well with other dogs,
would also love to be the only one you lavish attention on.

House trained and crate trained, she can be food aggressive, so if you have more than one
dog in your home, it is best to separate them at feeding time.  More information will be
available as we get to know her better, but would be best in a home with older children who
are dog-savvy.  
4 year old Buck and 6 year old Bear are a beautiful bonded pair of boys.

Because of family medical situation, the owners needed to rehome them, not by choice.  Well
loved, socialized and vetted, these two get along well with other dogs, ignore cats, and will make
a wonderful addition to your family.

Buck, at 47 pounds, is a lovely red and white, and Bear, at 87 pounds, is strikingly beautiful with
his black and white, with lots of black ticking.  While Bear loves children of all ages, Bear would
be better with children who are a in the 5-6 range.  

They are friendly with everyone they meet.  They are HT, crate trained, but do not need a crate,
and are used to sleeping in their owner’s bedroom on their own doggy beds.

Bear does startle-snap if suddenly awakened, and does need to be muzzled at vets, because of
a fear of being hurt, as his first toe nail clipping was a horrible experience with several nails cut
too short, and he still has reservations about what is going to happen at the vets.

They love to cuddle and are very affectionate.  More soon as the foster home becomes better
acquainted with them.
Buck & Bear
Meet Samson!

Samson is a 1 year old basset that is still very much a puppy, weighing in at 37 pounds.  He
loves to play but would do best in a home with no children under 6, as  he tends to run and
might accidentally knock small children down in his excitement.

He is 90% HT, totally crate trained, and is a happy go lucky guy.  He loves attention, playing
with toys, and trying to talk his siblings into playing with him.  In his previous home he was with 3
cats, but foster mom’s cat has swatted him, so he gives her a wide berth.  More to follow as he
settles in.
Adoption Pending
Lola came in as a stray and just entered her foster home.  She's 7-8 y/o and
had a huge cyst on her shoulder that has been removed.  She's healing
nicely...totally benign.  Lola seems to be house trained and getting along great
with her foster siblings.  More information will follow, but so far no issues, no
fears, just likes being with people.  We'll keep you posted!
Wright family
Fred is a 4 y/o owner surrender who just arrived and is still awaiting his dental.  He will
be moved to his foster home after his teeth are shiny and clean!  He was very attached
to his owner and followed them everywhere.  He had some separation anxiety when they
would leave. We will have more information soon.
Jennie Ebbing
Sheba is a sweet 10 yo girl who came to GABR almost 1 year ago.  She was given up because
her family moved and she was tied outside to a doghouse, she was not allowed in the house.  She
was so afraid and confused, not knowing what was happening to her.  And, add to all of this,
Sheba is deaf, has Cushings disease and has a little arthritis.

Sheba has blossomed since joining her foster home.  At first, she was too scared to go outside,
probably worried she would not be allowed back inside, but all that has changed.  She is in and
out all the time and enjoys the smells of the yard.

Sheba loves to eat, sleep, go for walks and admire herself in the mirror.  Her deafness is not a
problem; she understands hand signals and knows the household routine, and on the positive
side, she is not afraid of thunder, fireworks or the vacuum cleaner.  

Although Sheba lives with 3 foster siblings, it took her quite a while to adjust to them.  She would
be happiest as an only dog, but it's not a must.

Sheba is house trained, crate trained, does not get on the furniture, counter-surf or beg at the

If you are looking for a wonderful companion and a loving shadow, Sheba is the right girl for you
Adoption Pending
Ashleigh & Bill Evans.