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Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
It's all about the dogs
Harry is a 10 y/o owner surrender.  They had no time to take care of him.  He gets along fine
with his foster sister...just an occasional growl over a treat or toy, but none with humans.  He
would not be good with small children, but older kids are ok.

Harry is house trained and barks when he has to go out.  He’s good on leash and will not pull
you down on walks.  A crate is not necessary, but set up your garbage cans when left alone!

When vetted, Harry had a dental and surgery to remove 3 benign masses plus has some
arthritis.  He’s on Dasequin and feels much more active, but still shouldn’t be in a home with a
lot of stairs.

Harry would be fine as an only dog who gets all the attention.

Date: 1/26/20
Name: Kong
Age: 9 y/o
Background: Owner became blind and couldn’t care for him.  Turned him into a shelter.
Traits: Good with other dogs, very submissive, friendly and a big sweetheart. weighs    
    102 lbs. but on a diet.        
Status:  Just arrived in Foster home; still needs to finish vetting

Date: 1/27/20
Name: Opal
Age: 5 y/o
Background: Surrendered by breeder
Traits: Needs to be in a home with other bassets; likes being around visiting children; has
     trust issues, will run from strangers; was not socialized by breeder.
     Needs experienced owner.
Status: Will need a little more time in Foster Home due to trust issues.   

Amos is a beautiful 3 y/o weighing around 45 lbs.  He’s had a tough beginning to his life as a
breeder’s dog.  He’s never been a family pet nor lived in a home situation.   He’s gradually letting
his foster parents pet him and he’s getting used to their routine.  He loves the other dogs and
follows them outside to do his duties.  Our main concern with Amos is that he’s afraid of people.

Amos will not be able to go into a home with children or a lot of activity.  He will need a secure
fenced yard because he will try to escape at first.  We recommend other dogs in the home to show
him trust and routine.  Amos loves dinnertime and will do a little dance for you while waiting.  He’s
not a barker and shows no possession over toys or treats.

We will keep you posted on Amos’s progress.  He’s on a long journey to new life

AGE: 4 y/o
BACKGROUND: Breeder release
TRAITS: Good with other dogs, friendly, not fearful
STATUS: Still being vetted: More information will follow

NAME: Lakota
AGE: 7 y/o
BACKGROUND: Owner had to go to nursing home
TRAITS: Lovely girl,  good with other dogs, loves to be close to her humans.
STATUS: Just entered foster home
Boone is only 2 y/o and has already had two owners.  The first one bought him from a breeder
as a puppy and then left him on the farm when they moved.  The second owner who moved to
the farm found out it also included Boone.  They didn’t have him long when  he got a hold of
some food he wasn’t supposed to have and they went to grab it out of his mouth and he bit
them.  They took  him to a shelter to be euthanized but the shelter workers saw no aggression
and called us.

Boone’s foster home has also had their challenges when he gets a hold of something he
shouldn’t have, like toothpaste.  After weeks of starting from scratch and taking the advice of
trainers, we feel Boone is ready to find his forever home.  Anyone seriously interested in
Boone will also have to start from scratch and earn his trust.

Boone is so sweet and adorable in every other way.  He loves to play with the other dogs AND
cats!  He’s active and would definitely benefit from obedience classes.  He’s housetrained,
crate trained, plus he sits straight up to get treats!  His possessiveness can be worked
through with a patient and consistent owner.