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It's all about the dogs
Little Lila is a sweet and friendly 10 year old.  The past few years have been pretty hard on
her.  Her family moved and left her behind.  She lived under their porch for 2 years.   The
neighbors fed her but neglected to get her vet care.  

Lila was rescued by GABR in January 2018.  She was heart worm positive and diagnosed with
Cushings Disease.  She’s finished the heart worm treatment and is now ready for her forever
home.  She’s very friendly and outgoing.   She enjoys walks and does not pull on leash.  She
is playful and gets along with the other dogs in her foster home.  She loves to chase squirrels.

Lila will enter a crate  for a cookie.   She’s doing very well with house training as well.  Lila has
a bit of separation anxiety when her foster mom leaves.  So a perfect home for her would be
someone who is retired or home a lot.   Because of the Cushings, she has to potty  more than
usual and will be on meds for the rest of her life.  She feels good and is enjoying life now that
she has a soft bed at night and regular meals.  She would love to be someone’s snuggle
Finnegan & Lucy
Our little Beatrice is only 1 y/o and very petite.  She just entered her foster home and
Beatrice's main issue to work on is trust.  She's very cautious and fearful around
strangers, especially men.  But never growls or becomes aggressive.  She is starting to
relax around her foster siblings and wants to be close to her foster mom and snuggle.  
She will need a secure fenced yard and not be alone outside.  Another dog in the
home would probably help her confidence.

Beatrice potties outside with the others, but has a spot inside also.  Another issue to
work on!  She's a very sweet puppy who just wants love.  An adopter will need patience
and understanding and time in order to help Beatrice. But the rewards will be worth it.
Hey everyone! Stop looking for the perfect basset right now because you just found her!  My
name is Holly and I'm 8 years old. I'm house trained and crate trained but my foster mom
usually doesn't put me in a crate. I listen well with no bad habits but she's worried her dog
might teach me some bad habits, but I know better. I can't get a new forever home if I turn
into a stinker so I'm going to be good.

I had a few bladder stones removed and I'm on a special food along with Cranmates to make
sure I don't get those things again. I'm healing up just fine and my foster mom loves me.  I
don't like loud noises like thunder or screaming on TV.  I'm fine with other dogs and I like kids
but they need to be older and gentle.

I'm here to tell ya, you just found the perfect girl!
Brother and sister, this beautiful bonded pair have settled into their foster home nicely.  

At 67 pounds, Finnegan is the more inquisitive of the two, but Lucy holds her own, at 48
pounds,  and puts him in his place if he tries to play and she does not feel like it.

Both are house trained, crate trained, and very friendly dogs.  Their former owner had
children and they were good with them.  They get along well with other dogs, but bark at cats
from the other side of the window, so not known how they are with cats.

They need to be fed separately, as Finnegan will finish his and go for Lucy’s dish, which
brings on squabbles.  

They will be ready for adoption soon, so if you are interested adopting these two littermates,
please fill out an application today.
Meet Opie, a 3 year old sweet basset hound male rescued as a stray.  Though he needs to be
neutered yet, he fit right into his foster home with other dogs easily, and seems to be house
trained and crate trained.. We do not know how he would be around cats or children, but he is
very friendly with everyone he meets.  Playful, but not wild, he seems to be very eager for
attention.  More information will be posted as soon as we get to know him a little better.
Four year old Addie really loves your attention and craves someone to cuddle with.  New to
her foster home, she is an Owner Surrender, and though she gets along well with other dogs,
would also love to be the only one you lavish attention on.

House trained and crate trained, she can be food aggressive, so if you have more than one
dog in your home, it is best to separate them at feeding time.  More information will be
available as we get to know her better, but would be best in a home with older children who
are dog-savvy.