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Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
It's all about the dogs
This adorable, friendly and sweet girl is Miss Bella. She came to GABR because her
owner needed to go to assisted living. We were here for her and she has proved to be a
very resilient girl who adores any and all attention, and absolutely loves her belly rubs.  

Although she is 10 years old, she still likes to prance around the yard with her doggy
friends whom she is wonderful with. She is house-trained and crate trained although
crating is not necessary as she is a good girl and doesn’t get into anything.  

Miss Bella has some medical needs that must be followed. She needs to be on C/D
prescription diet food or she will develop crystals in her urine causing infections and pain
for her. This diet takes away that probability and has proven to help her thoroughly.  
Also, she has dry eye on the left side. One drop of her prescription drops twice a day
solves that discomfort for her. Finally, since she is 10 years old, she benefits from a daily
joint supplement as she has some arthritis in her back legs. Stairs can be hard for her so
a home without many stairs would be best.  

Although Miss Bella has a few medical needs, they are easy ones to take on daily. She
has proven to be such a wonderful girl who is so very special in every way and we just
think she’s the best. Just give her a chance and you will too!
Meet 10 y/o Barney: This handsome boy is a big, squishy bundle of love!  He has not met a
person that he doesn’t love.  Barney is excellent with other dogs, from a small 9 pound Papillion
to a pit bull, and he’s good with cats.

Barney is completely house trained and crate trained and displays good manners.  Don’t let his
age fool you!  He’s a healthy boy that still enjoys sniffing for bunnies but he may not be fast
enough to catch one!  Barney is an early to bed....early to rise kinda guy.  If you need a
sunbathing buddy, he’s your guy!  He’s even lost 3 pounds to get ready for bikini season!

If you meet him be prepared...he will steal your heart!
Roscoe is an 8 y/o classic basset.  He makes friends with everyone he meets, young and old,
two legged or four legged.  He especially likes other bassets.

Roscoe has interesting talents if you don’t crate him while left alone.  It seems he can knock
down a baby gate and tip over large metal garbage can to see what’s inside.  He can even lift
the lid on the toilet!  It appears he doesn’t like to be left or have restrictions.  He is a big time
beggar and can counter surf....not unusual for a basset!  He has started to understand he
has to sit before he gets his food, treats or get his leash on.  Another talent...he catches
treats pretty well too!

Roscoe is house trained and lets you know when he has to go outside.  He is energetic and
enjoys his walks a lot.  He tried to get in bed with his foster mom the first couple of nights, but
got down when told “no”. He slept in his bed, but he prefers the couch.

If you would like to find out more about Roscoe’s many talents, just fill out an application!
Hello Everybody - Clyde here again!

In case you haven't heard about me, I am 10 years young and healthy as a horse (the vet said so !).  I
love laying in the back yard when the sun is out, which hasn’t been a lot lately! I like talking to my
Foster Mom when she comes home from her work, and I do not quarrel with my 2 brothers over
anything at all while she’s gone.

I have been with my Foster Mom close to 6 months now. I came from a home where I had lived my
whole life - since I was 6 months old - but my Mommy and Daddy both got really sick and couldn't care
for me anymore so I came here. I like it here with my 2 foster brothers, but I would really love a home
where the Hoo-mans are home with me most of the day and night. You see, I need to go out pretty
often and sometimes have an accident if it's been too long. I don't potty in my kennel but like my
Foster Mom says "You can't stay in there all the time!"

I really like just laying around but I have loads of energy and like to play too. My brothers are younger
than me but they’re not interested in playing. Since I get very anxious in the car, we have not ventured
to the dog park yet, but we have been working on very short trips to try and help relieve my stress.  I
do get along with all kinds of Hoo-mans and dogs, but I am not sure about this funny creature that
lives downstairs and meows. My Foster Mom wont let me go down all those stairs so I'm not sure what
really lives there.

Any-hoo, if you'd like a loyal companion who loves to be with you and has impeccable manners (if I do
say so myself - no counter surfacing or garbage picking) talk to Guardian Angel about meeting me!
Toodles!    Clyde
Adoption Pending
Tank Williams is his name and this southern boy can sing.  He loves the sound of his own
voice!  We don’t have much background information but we know from his foster mom he’s
3 y/o and full of energy.  He’s house trained and very lovable.  But if you’re not watching,
he will get into your garbage, cruise your counters and want all of your attention.

Tank got along with the other dogs in his foster home at first but once he felt comfortable,
his job was to find his place in the pack and he wanted to be number one!  He started by
wanting all the human attention and would push the others aside.  But then he started
lunging and growling at the other dogs when they would walk by.  For this reason we need
to place him as an only dog.  He’ll be very protective over his new owner.

A fenced in yard will be required.

If you’re looking for a loyal, lovable companion, Tank is your boy!

Name: Burl
Age: 6-8 y/o
Background: Stray from IN shelter
House trained: Yes
Crate trained: Doesn’t need one
Traits: Fine with other dogs; wants to be lap dog; calm; will chase cat, but will drink out of same
bowl at the same time; good on leash
Adoption Pending