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Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
It's all about the dogs

Date: 11/18/19
Name: Maggie
Age: 9 y/o
Background: First owner died, second owner had no time
Traits: Very sweet, good with other dogs and kids
Status: Still being vetted
Harry is a 10 y/o owner surrender.  They had no time to take care of him.  He gets along fine
with his foster sister...just an occasional growl over a treat or toy, but none with humans.  He
would not be good with small children, but older kids are ok.

Harry is house trained and barks when he has to go out.  He’s good on leash and will not pull
you down on walks.  A crate is not necessary, but set up your garbage cans when left alone!

When vetted, Harry had a dental and surgery to remove 3 benign masses plus has some
arthritis.  He’s on Dasequin and feels much more active, but still shouldn’t be in a home with a
lot of stairs.

Harry would be fine as an only dog who gets all the attention.
Adoption Pending