Buck & Bear
Because of Lila's heartbreaking survival story of being abandoned and living under a porch for
two years, she was crowned Waddle Queen of 2018.  Not all of our rescues are given up
because they have issues.  Some just have bad owners.  Lila wore her crown proudly and
represented all the homeless bassets who need another chance at a loving home.  There are
more pictures on the home page of our website.

Lila loves leisurely walks and is good on leash.  She does well with the other bassets and non-
bassets in her foster home.  She also did very well at the Waddle with all the other bassets. She
can be a little "standoffish" when meeting new dogs but will get over it very quickly. She is
housetrained and will enter a crate for a cookie but she really doesn’t need one.
Lila's medical needs were obviously neglected.  She was diagnosed with Heartworm,
Hookworms and Ehrlichia.  Further testing revealed Cushings and the other treatments had to
wait until that was stabilized.  She will be on medication the rest of life, but that won't stop her
from making her senior years, the best years!  She has shown no ill effects from her other
treatments and loves being in a home environment. She may get a little anxious when you leave
at first, but that is understandable considering she was left behind.

Lila is 10 y/o and has arthritis, so a home on one level would be ideal or just a couple of steps
to the outside. She feels good and is a happy girl and would be an ideal companion for the right
We’re putting Buck and Bear on hold for now for further training.  But you will see them again soon!
Hello!  My name is Clyde.  I’ve been with my other owners since I was 6 months old and now I’m
10! They are older now too and and got really sick and needed to find another home for me.  
That was really hard at first, but now I’m here with my 2 foster brothers and foster mom.  My
foster mom says she can’t believe my age and neither could the vet!  She said I’m healthy and
still get around great.  I’m a fit 45 lbs.  I like lounging around here and I try to play with the
others, but they are really lazy...maybe they’re too old! LOL!

I’d love a home where someone is there all day because that’s what I’m used to and also
because I can only go about 4 hours tops without an accident.  I bark when I’m happy, especially
when my foster mom comes home.  She says I’ve got a bark like a foghorn...whatever that is!  I
was used to being walked every day because we didn’t have a fenced yard and if I saw a rabbit
or squirrel, I would pull pretty hard.  So I would really love a fenced yard.

I get along with all humans, dogs, have no fears, not shy, no possessiveness....I’m darn near
perfect and humble too!  Just call!
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Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
It's all about the dogs

You would never know by looking at him that Sampson is 12 years young.   He’s easy going and
friendly to everyone and all the dogs in his foster home.  Sammy and Lila, who’s also up for
adoption, share the same foster home and he loves to follow her around the house and outside.  
He has a crooked front leg and it doesn’t bother him at all, however we recommend only a couple
steps in his new home. He enjoys his walks and does well on leash.  He is house trained and
doesn’t need to be crated.  He easily figured out the doggie door.  He barks when he’s happy to
see you, especially if you’re a woman, and enjoys cuddling on the couch.   He’d be a good Netflix
watching partner.
This adorable, friendly and sweet girl is Miss Bella. She came to GABR because her
owner needed to go to assisted living. We were here for her and she has proved to be a
very resilient girl who adores any and all attention, and absolutely loves her belly rubs.  

Although she is 10 years old, she still likes to prance around the yard with her doggy
friends whom she is wonderful with. She is house-trained and crate trained although
crating is not necessary as she is a good girl and doesn’t get into anything.  

Miss Bella has some medical needs that must be followed. She needs to be on C/D
prescription diet food or she will develop crystals in her urine causing infections and pain
for her. This diet takes away that probability and has proven to help her thoroughly.  
Also, she has dry eye on the left side. One drop of her prescription drops twice a day
solves that discomfort for her. Finally, since she is 10 years old, she benefits from a daily
joint supplement as she has some arthritis in her back legs. Stairs can be hard for her so
a home without many stairs would be best.  

Although Miss Bella has a few medical needs, they are easy ones to take on daily. She
has proven to be such a wonderful girl who is so very special in every way and we just
think she’s the best. Just give her a chance and you will too!
Here’s 10 y/o Barney!  He was well taken care of, but his owner took a job which took more time
away from Barney. He’s completely house trained and barks only when he has to go out. He also
goes into a crate easily, is quiet and will keep it clean.

Barney came in weighing 89 lbs but since then has lost over 10 lbs. and continues to stay on his Hill’
s Metabolic diet.  He now has a lot of loose skin and needs to keep his underarms and skin flaps
around his underside dry from trapping bacteria.

We don’t know about children but he’s good with other dogs and cats.  He’s not a countersurfer and
the only real quirk he has is that he’s possessive of paper products like, paper towels, napkins,
kleenex, etc.  So you have to make an exchange for a high value treat and according to his foster
Mom Kim, he will drop them.  He knows sit, down, stay, off and will lay down on his side for you to do
any care.

Kim said Barney’s the perfect balance between loving attention and liking his own space.  He may
be a little shy at first, but then lays down and exposes his belly when you approach him.  He’ll be a
sweet addition to your family.


Name: Alex
Age: 1 yr. 8 mo.
Background: Owner Surrender: moving
House trained: Yes
Crate Trained: No, hates crate: will break out of wire crate
Other Dogs: Loves other dogs; needs companion, loves to play
Traits: Loves to cuddle with humans, not possessive, more submissive,
not a barker. Needs manner training and needs owner home most of
the time.