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Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
It's all about the dogs
Sweet Lulu is settling  into her foster home.  Estimated to be about 7 years old, her past
life is a mystery, as she was found by animal control, wandering in the cold.

She gets along with other dogs, ignores cats, and gets along well with children.

She is house trained, does not use a crate, and does not seem to need one.  She is
small and thinks she is a lap-dog.

Lulu loves to cuddle but sudden noises in the home make her nervous and she will run
and hide.  It seems obvious that something happened to her in her past that was both
very noisy and traumatizing.  She will do well in calm surroundings with someone home
much of the time to reassure her.  

Need a partner to watch movies with?  Lulu is your girl.

Name: Gracie
Age: 3 y/o
Background: Divorce and no time
Status: Just entered foster home
Observed Traits: Fine with other dogs and ignores cat; House trained; No need to crate;
Doesn’t countersurf; Prefers human companionship

Name: Jack
Age: 8 m/o
Background: Owner Surrender: no time
Status: Just entered foster home
Observed traits: Very sweet and wants to please; Does NOT want to be crated; Needs a
companion; Learning house manners.


Name: Marley
Age: 1 y/o; DOB: 2/14/18
Background: Owner’s caretaker was not a dog person and kept Marley crated
Housetrained: Yes
Status: In foster home for a couple of weeks
Known Traits: Crate trained; Very energetic; good natured; plays fetch; Really needs
obedience training and a fenced yard


Name: Max
Age: 1 1/2 y/o
Background: Owner Surrender, no time and kept outside
House trained: Not completely
Status:  Been in Foster Home for a couple of weeks; still needs some training
Known Traits: Very energetic; a little timid at first; Crate trained; good with other dogs
and likes to play with kids in age range 10-12 y/o; needs a fenced yard