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Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
It's all about the dogs
Fred is a lovely 9 y/o whose owner passed away.  His long time 4 legged companion was
also very ill and had to be euthanized.  Fred was sent to Don Hunt’s Bassetarium where he
fit right in and had plenty of companionship.  He’s a happy boy with his tail always wagging.

Fred is house trained and doesn’t need a crate.  He likes all the other dogs and is very
loving and generous with his kisses.  He doesn’t hesitate to go up to strangers for petting.  
No issues whatsoever.  He likes to sleep on a dog bed and sleeps the night through.  Fred is
low key but a fast eater and probably would be a candidate for a slow bowl.  If allowed, he
would love the sofa, but would need help getting up and down.  He’ll also need a home all on
one level.

Fred would make a wonderful addition to your family.
Moose is a sweet 10 y/o senior boy.  He came in weighing 80 lbs, but since he’s been on the green
bean diet and daily walks, has lost 6 lbs. so far!  He feels so much better now and started to run the
Basset 500 with his doggie buddies.  He has a few favorite toys and will toss them in the air.

Moose has never had an accident since he’s been at his foster home and uses the doggie dog like a
pro.  If allowed, he loves to get up on the sofa and has figured out how to get up by using a foot
stool.  He doesn’t need to be crated and is not destructive.

One caution...Moose can get snappy at the vet clinic so as a precaution, he should be muzzled.  If
he’s in a deep sleep and you need to wake him up, don’t startle him.  Seniors often get grouchy if
their naps are suddenly interrupted.  He’s on Dasaquin Advanced so we recommend only a couple
of steps in the home.

Moose is a hunk of true love!  He’ll make a wonderful companion.

NAME: Missy
AGE: 9 y/o
BACKGROUND: Owner had baby and Missy having accidents in house
TRAITS: Uses doggie door; good with other dogs, likes to play, loves attention; on the
small side
STATUS: Just arrived in foster home