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It's all about the dogs
This adorable, friendly and sweet girl is Miss Bella. She came to GABR because her owner
needed to go to assisted living. We were here for her and she has proved to be a very
resilient girl who adores any and all attention, and absolutely loves her belly rubs. Although
she is 10 years old, she still likes to prance around the yard with her doggy friends whom
she is wonderful with. She is house-trained and crate trained although crating is not
necessary as she is a good girl and doesn’t get into anything.

Check back soon as we learn more about this special and beautiful girl who is waiting for her
forever home to come and find her.
Bell had just turned 8 y/o and had puppies 8 weeks prior to GABR taking her into rescue.  She
was a breeder's dog and getting too old.  She obviously had many litters.  After she was cleared of
her infections, she was spayed and given a "tuck".  She not only looks great, but feels great too.

Bell was not used to staying in a house and was very shy.  She had a few accidents at first, but
now is very comfortable around the house and doing very well with her training.  She likes to sleep
on a dog bed at night and doesn't need to be crated when you're gone.

She loves the attention she gets at her foster home and will appreciate all the love you can give!
Ripley in her blanket
This sweet 10 y/o girl found herself homeless through no fault of her own.  Ripley is
house trained and crate trained  She gets along well with the other dogs in her foster
home and has her favorites to play with.  She recently figured out that chasing
squirrels is a lot of fun and is enjoying the fenced in back yard.

When Ripley came in to the rescue she needed to lose some weight and so far has lost
5 pounds.  It’s a good thing she loves her walks because her new owner will need to
continue her daily activity and green bean diet in order to lose a few more.  She likes to
track during her walks and if she sees or smells a squirrel, hold on tight!

Like most Bassets, Ripley loves food and will try to countersurf.  One of the cute things
she does is during crate time or bedtime....she covers herself up with a blanket.  Ripley
would love to snuggle up in her new home...maybe yours?
7 y/o Flash has learned more in the past few weeks than most dogs do in a lifetime!  Being an
outdoor breeding dog his whole life, he had no idea how to live in a house.  He was separated from
his mate and suffering with terrible ear infections.  We are happy to say that he has decided that
being in the house and loved on is something he loves!  The ears are healed and just require a
weekly cleaning which he cooperates with happily.

Watching this lovable boy actually learn how to fetch and play has been heartwarming.  He is still
working on house training but has come a long way!  Barking, begging and jumping are things he
rarely does and he’s very good about coming when he hears his name.

He’s good with visiting children, cats (unless they run, then he likes to chase) and other dogs as
long as they are polite.  Everyone that has met him loves him!

Name: Holmes

Age: 2 y/o

Background: Found and turned over to shelter

Weight: 32 lbs., should weigh 50-55 lbs.

Disposition: Likes to play with other dogs; curious about the cat; good with

House trained: Will give signals, but has to be watched

Name: Rusty

Age: 9 y/o

Background: Owner died

Disposition: No issues, no fears; good with other dogs,
barks at the cat, loves children and all people

House trained: Yes, no accidents

Beautiful classic looking basset