Nelson started his journey into our home and into our hearts in 2004.  He was found wandering the streets
He was part of our home for 14 years and we no longer can experience the joy of taking him on walks,
watching him guard his backyard territory, digging in the mulch to hide bones, or even of his basking for a
nap in the sun shining through the parlor windows.

In June it was determined that he had bladder cancer.  The vet recommended "quality of life" treatment of
chemo and medication. Nelson was a fighter and his spirit was willing to wage war against this terrible
disease but his body could not tolerate the toll of treatment and of old age. We made the decision to end
treatment and held his frail body as he took his last breath.

He no longer feels pain and is probably happy playing with his brother Willie who crossed the bridge 2 years
ago.  But our pain has just started and the house is so empty.  The tears flow freely wherever we look.  I do
not think that even time will heal this wound.  But Nelson is now our "Guardian Angel.."


Carl and Camille Munson
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
It's all about the dogs
Sammie was adopted from GABR on November 3, 2007 at 9 months old and found her forever
home with Cathy Krawczynski. She was a sweet loving girl. Sammie loved going for walks but most
of all she loved sitting in the warm sunshine. Sammie did obedience, agility, and swimming. She
received her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) twice. Sammie touch so many people lives. Sammie was
my best friend and she is missed dearly. I was blessed to have Sammie in my life for 12 GREAT
years!! Sammie passed away November 24, 2019 and she will never be forgotten.

Love you my Sam!