3/09/95 - 5/23/09
To our precious Minnie we did your heart breaking surrender and you
were the perfect foster.  We really wanted to keep you but a lovely lady
Came along to adopt you and give you a wonderful new home.  We were
So lucky we became friends with your new Mom so we have been
Able to visit and see you all of the years you were part of GABR.   You will
be missed and have left a small hole in our hearts, but we know you
are now with your first love the man that raised you, and with your
Foster sisters and brother,  Murphy, K.C. and Picard.   You brought so
Much joy and love into our lives.

Marshall and Kay Garlach
Your foster parents
Juniper R. Bassettberg
July 25, 1998-April 4, 2009
We picked him out when he was only 7 days old.  He went with me to live in Germany for 2 years
(and spoke German).  He loved to travel and made us laugh a lot.  He was his "little sister's" hero.  
He never snapped at her (she came to live with us at 8 weeks -- another basset), was very patient
with her, and loved everyone.  He had a basset niece and nephew (Stubbley and Spookey) and
he taught Spookey how to be "the old guy," which is what we called him. He lived in the house with
rabbits, cats, turtles and any animal we happened to bring in without ever trying to hurt them.  
After 14.75 yrs, it broke our hearts when we learned he had cancer under his tongue.  For the
next month, I got up every three hours to make sure he had his pills, drank as much water as he
could, and that he was okay.  When the day finally came, I knew it was best for him, but it sure
wasn't for us.  Daisy (his sister), Emery (his human brother), and all the rest of the family cried for
days!!  He will FOREVER be in our hearts and we miss him still.

Mommy, Daisy, Emery, Kelly, Stubbley and Spookey
Lucy was a tri-colored puppy the owners didn't have time for anymore.  Larry and I agreed ahead of "perfect"
basset, Louie.  Much to our own surprise, we brought home a long legged, knock-kneed, hyper active puppy
who barked constantly for the hour long trip home.  

But all those physical imperfections quickly disappeared.  All we saw was that Lucy loved Louie, loved us, her
new home, and settled in very quickly.  She always had a sweet and submissive disposition. When we started
fostering for GABR, Lucy was always the one we would send out first to greet the new foster.  She sensed what
they needed.  If they wanted to play, she would play...if they wanted to be left alone, she would give them their
space and time.  She was the fastest runner and even caught up with a few rabbits in her prime.  She was
perfect for us.  

After Louie left for Rainbow Bridge in 2001, Lucy had other adopted siblings by that time, but none like Louie.  
She was friendly and kind, but slept alone.  Lucy had chronic ear problems which left her deaf the last few
years, but like an alarm clock always knew when it was dinnertime.  Three short weeks ago we learned that
Lucy had advanced Lymphoma.  Our sweet girl lost her quality of life very quickly.

All we can wish for her now is that she found Louie waiting for her.  Now they can play and sleep together until
we're all reunited.  We'll miss you!

With all our love,
Mom, Dad, Shirley, Rosie, Stanley and Gunther
July 18, 1990 – March 22, 2009
Dear “Big Girl”

We pray that you are pain free now and with your brothers and sisters Max, Tallie, Eugene, and
Azzy who left this world before you. I pray that we were not too late in helping you cross over to
peace. We pray your cries to us before you left this earth were those of love and not those of
pain. We could not bear knowing you suffered because of our selfishness to let you go. Our
hearts ached to see you so ill and yet we had a glimmer of hope you would turn around.

I hope you know that your daddy and I love you so much and we miss you terribly. Your basset
brother, Humphrey and Billy, miss you too! Please come see us while you are in spirit and let us
know you are OK.  I prayed to God last night as I held your collar, asking him to make a path for
you to come visit us. I was given a vision of our big girl running, ears bouncing in the wind, and
a smile bigger than any I’ve seen, as you play joyfully in warm sunshine and running through a
meadow of wild flowers!

Our prayer for you now is that you stay warm and safe until we meet again. We look forward to
being with all our wonderful children on the other side and we can all cross the rainbow bridge

We love you Abby!
Your daddy Jeff and Steve
Loved and deeply missed, Juniper, Junie, was sweet as sweet can be.  She loved everything
and everyone.  When she trotted down the street, ok ambled, she took in every scent, enjoying
the trees for the forest, appreciating even the garbage, sometimes especially the garbage.  
She tried to make friends with every four-legged creature that passed her by, wagging her tail
furiously as one approached.  “Play with me, please” – she would stress the “please” or so it
seemed.  An occasional howl would pass her lips: she was a hound after all.  As all dogs, she
unconditionally loved.  Occasionally, she would look at you with her droopy, sad eyes, as if she
knew what you were thinking and sought to say something to calm your mind.  When she would
realize that telepathy was beyond your capabilities, she would yawn and start to close her
eyes.  The attempt had tired her out.  Junie, dear Junie, you added immeasurably to our lives
and will always have a special place in our hearts.  Thank you to her first family who knew there
was a better life for her than they could provide.  Thank you to GABR for giving us nine
wonderful years with an amazing girl. We will love and think about you always.      

Mom, David, Marian, Your Grandparents, Michael and Tillie
"Rufus is a very sweet boy who gets along with everyone."

That was the description on the Guardian Angel web site in the summer of 2000, when we were considering adopting a dog.  We
looked at his (pathetic) picture on the web site and fell in love.

We adopted Rufus on September 3, 2000, and he quickly became the center of our lives.  "Mr. Man," "RJP" (yes, he had a middle initial,
"J"), "Ruf," or whatever you called him, he was a hit wherever we took him.  His distinct Mickey Mouse marking on top of his head and
sweet disposition, his Hush Puppy good looks, and his trot/waddle drew people in.  He loved the belly rubs that he received from any
man, woman or child willing to give one.  His loving personality even managed to win over our mothers, neither of whom were
particularly fond of dogs.

Rufus was a stray in Peoria County, then became a big city dog in Chicago.  He quickly adjusted to his leash and absolutely LOVED
walks in the city, with the variety of scents and aromas that the city environment provided, despite the broken glass that would get
stuck in his paws from time-to-time, and in the winter, putting up with the salt and snow.  He would disappear beneath snow drifts as
he bounded through a winter landscape, and emerge on the other side, tail wagging and nose pointing forward.  "Charge ahead!" he
seemed to say.

After we moved to Indiana, it took him a while to get used to the concept of a "backyard" with all the room he wanted to roam and
sniff.  Somehow, it wasn't the same without the leash.  So, despite the custom cedar fence we put in for our doggy, we still took long
walks to the park and through the neighborhood.  Perhaps it was the attention he got on the walks that was the driving force - because
he loved to lounge in his "sun spots" in the yard as much as anything.

attack by a pit bull (thanks to the wonderfully baggy skin around his neck), his ear was mauled by a black lab (and restored to near
perfect condition by a terrific vet in Indianapolis), he survived innumerable terrifying thunderstorms, and he was tolerant of a new baby
who has grown into an energetic toddler.  Sadly, he was not able to survive the dreaded bloat.  He survived surgery and seemed to be
on the rebound, and we figured that his typical Rufus-style tenacity would bear him through yet another trauma.  Unfortunately, it was
too much for our little guy.

Rufus J. Powell left our lives today.  He leaves us enriched by his love, soaked by his slobber, and saddened by his loss.

The last line on the discharge report from his vet, before he was readmitted for complications from surgery, were "Rufus is a very
sweet boy."


We'll miss you little buddy.

Todd, Emily & Lucy Powell
Pittsburgh, PA
May 11, 2009
Quincy came to me in February 2003 as an older adoptee via GABR. Despite some "getting aquainted"
hesitation, he settled in well and soon became a central fixture in the household. Quincy always had an
opinion, and never had a fear of expressing it with either bark, or howl. He always made sure the
household was safe when a stranger approached, but too was quick a Basset Hound behind the ear that
day. In a neighborhood in which every household has a dog, Quincy was "first among equals" to everyone,
and second to none in character.

Inside, he had "his" sofa to relax on, and outside he had his park bench, which always caught the
afternoon sun, Summer or Winter. No matter the weather, he was always eager to tag along, and was
always a welcome addition on every new adventure. When I began working from home in 2006 he would
make sure I didn't miss any much-needed breaks, by getting me outside every few hours for at least a few
minutes time on the park bench. He never failed to look after me, as if I were his responsibility.

The past few weeks had been trying for Quincy, as time and infirmity overtook him. Given his long-standing
loyalty, and love, and courage, it wasn't fair to allow him to suffer, and today the decision was made to
allow him to cross over the bridge. So tonight, while the house is strangely quiet, and empty of its former
warmth and personality, Quincy is near his beloved park bench, waiting patiently for the sun once again.

Goodnight Quincy, I will always love you. See you tomorrow.

Quincy R. Browndog
-June 28, 2009
Our  beloved Cleo has gone to heaven this week.  Over the last few weeks she lost her appetite and she started to
decline.  We treated her for  stomach issues with no real improvement, we did blood work and x-rays  with no result.  
Our vet recommended an ultrasound which, along with a needle biopsy, revealed the cancer that we suspected.  She
had  lymphosarcoma.  There was nothing we could do for her except to let  her go with dignity and in peace.

girl and she was the  world to us and Caesar.  She has been diabetic for over two years now,  but we were able to
manage it well.  She was always a good patient, strong and resilient.  While we were getting it under control,  
cataracts formed quickly and robbed her of most of her sight.  We were  able to have one of her eyes corrected and
regaining her sight breathed new life into her.  Of course she soldiered on through the  tests and recovery, but she
made sure to look miserable wearing her  cone for six weeks.   We knew that was only because it was slowing her  
down from all the things she liked to do.

I know I have told you this before, but from the minute they came to  meet us we all became a family.  They loved and
trusted us and we fell  instantly in love with them, we always said that we needed them as  much as they needed us.  
They settled in right away and it was like  they had been with us all of their lives, we were all the perfect fit  for each
other.  I have said to Jerry many times that I feel sorry for  people who go through life and are never lucky enough to be
loved by a  basset hound.

We can tell that Caesar is looking for her and he's not sure where she is.  While she was sick she had started laying
down in unusual places  so she could be alone and he got used finding her.  Our shaggy dog,  Lola, shared a special
relationship with her too, now she is doting on  Caesar and trying to keep him company as best as she can.  We are  
making sure that he feels safe and secure and loved.

She was only with us for four years but we packed a lot into the time  we had.  We made sure she always knew she
was loved and that this was  her forever home.  Four years was not enough time with her, but we wouldn't have traded
one minute of it for anything else.  She left  behind four broken hearts but we know that somehow we'll all go on  
without her.  We'll always remember her kind and gentle manner.  She  was a beautiful girl on the outside and she was
especially beautiful  in spirit as well.   Along with her reign as the Waddle Queen, she was  the Queen and matriarch of
our family.  We'll love and miss her forever.

We hope to be coming to the Bash and Waddle next month with Caesar and  we'll take comfort in remembering her at
the memorial.

Jerry & Deb Bennett
Cleo and Caesar
Sept 14,1995 ~ March 16, 2009
Hey "Buds"
You gave us the best 3 years anyone could have asked for. You gave so much and asked so little.
Sunday walks will not be the same. Your barking at the bottom of the stairs as to say "hey I'm down here"
will really be missed. Thank you for all you gave.

Carol, Al, Pat, Grandma J, Lacey & Sammy