1996 - 05/15/2010
Our family adopted 7 year old Norman from GABR in July of 2003, but it seemed as if he was with
us for a life time. Plagued with ear infections and coming from a neglectful family in the past, he was
well loved and cared for by our family. He had been in heart failure for the past 3 years that
required many medications and doctor visits, but just kept holding on. He was a good boy! Always
excited to see anyone who walked through the door! We loved him:)

We had known for about 6 months that he would not be with us any longer. On Saturday May 15th,
he could no longer get up because his back legs would collapse. Monday May 17th he was laid to
rest. It was a hard day for all of us , but I know we gave him a great life! We will miss you Norman:)

Cheri and Matt Diehls
Hayley , Brenna and Carsen
and your Basset friends Betsy and Mona:)
In October of 2000 we adopted Sadie from GABR. She was 14 months old and had been abused by her previous owner
meet her at her foster home. As soon as she was let out of her crate to meet us she jumped up and knocked over my
then 5 year old and covered him in wet kisses. We knew immediately that she found her forever home.  It was also then
that Sadie began her transformation from abused dog to queen of the castle. No family could have loved her more.
Sadie was a gentle lovable dog that provided more joy then I can share. Last year we began to notice the age creeping
up on her and we adopted another dog, Otis the Bulldog to keep her company and join the family. Being a puppy Otis
fade from her with age. Sadie begrudgingly tolerated Otis in the beginning but then Sadie and Otis became friends and  
companions. Sadie was truly the alpha dog though and became a sort of Mom figure to Otis.  Whenever we would scold
Otis he would run to Sadie’s side as his protector and more often than not we could the see the look on her face that
asked us to give Otis a break as he was just learning the rules. And we usually did.  When Sadie became ill with
lymphoma Otis knew enough to not annoy her and instead stayed quietly near her side occasionally licking her face
which she seemed to enjoy.  The battle was short and lymphoma ultimately won.  

Sadie is missed greatly and more than words can say but we take comfort in knowing that she lived the best life that any
dog could and we thank GABR for bringing her to us.

Janice L. Berman
What a 2 1/2 run with a dog that has been a blessing to my wife and I. Josie, died yesterday while we were at work. She
was one big joy to our lives with a grandma attitude (her way or the highway). I miss this old girl a lot. She followed me
everywhere I went and if I didn't respond like she though I should of, she would let me have a good barking at. We want
to say thank you for allowing us to have her these past years. ONE GREAT SENIOR DOG!!

Gary Brooks
son, "my little guy".

In his younger days he could sit up for several minutes when he wanted you to notice him or when he wanted to
impress you.

He loved his walks, and never let you forget when it was time to walk.  He knew his routes well so if you tried to cut the
walk short he would stop and look at the direction that he knew we were suppose to be going.

I remember the first time I set my eyes on him and held him in my arms to take him to his new home as a pup.  I
looked at him and told him that I knew one day he would break my heart.  Well he did.  

We opened up a Deli Restaurant in Maryville, Illinois and named it after General and our other four legged son
Clancy who passed away at age 6 in May of 1993 to remember them by.

I still miss General and look out from the kitchen of my house to the bench in the backyard where we spent many a
quiet moment together and tears come to my eyes.

I pray at night that General will come to me in my dreams to visit and let me hold him in my arms even if its just in my
dreams but he hasn't come by yet. Hopefully soon, or maybe when I get ready to leave this world he'll come to greet
me.  I can only hope and pray.

Today I lost my baby boy Shugar.  He was 7 years old, would have been 8 in August.

shaking, that we could not let him suffer anymore.

It was the hardest decision to make, but we knew he had to do what was right by him, and not
hold on because of our sense of loss.

We bought Shugar from a breeder, and soon after we realized he needed a buddy.

So we contacted you, and adopted our other baby Sammy from you.  God bless him, he is 13
and still very active!

Roman even flew him to us in Louisville, Ky!  

Thank you for having this space for broken hearted basset lovers to share their memories.  I
included an attachment of a picture of our boys.  Sammy is laying down and Shugar is sitting.

Nancy Finch

In April 2004 we lost out first Basset to cancer at only 5 years old.  It
was a devastating blow as we had just moved into our new home with a fenced
yard for him to enjoy.  After that loss, we needed a new companion.  We
looked on GABR’s website and something about Monty caught my husbands
eye…it certainly wasn’t his description.  From all accounts, he was a
“brute”.  He jumped fences, counter surfed, had a problem with authority.
We called anyway.  Everything seem to fit….he was 5 years old (same as our
previous basset) and he was being fostered only 20 mins from our house.  We
said it was fate and had to get him.  I remember meeting him that first
time and he certainly was “rambunctious”..definitely not the laid back
personality of our other basset.  But we took him…something about him.  And
let me tell you, his personality never changed.  He was opinionated,
stubborn, loud, insubordinate, dominate….funny, loveable, full of life, and
totally faithful.  He loved his blankets (all of them in the house were
his), laying in the sun, car rides, and people.  Monty was definitely the
most dominate dog I ever knew.  We never met another dog that did not
submit to him.  He carried himself like the prince we was.

Mont, I know these last two years were hard with the addition of the
baby…but she could not have had a better “cahooter”.  You knew she was
coming before we did…you sensed it.  Thank you for being with us for six
years; for guarding the house when daddy was gone, for helping me clean up
after dinner, for making sure the baby was safe, and for your unconditional
love.  We are deeply sad for losing you…we love you and you will always be
missed.  Now you can run and chase rabbits like you were meant to without
your body holding you back.  Love and kisses.

Mommy, Daddy, Jena and Cil
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waiting for her.  Although there is an emptiness in our hearts and in our home with her passing, we knew that it was her
and extremely low blood pressure she was in great pain, and misery, so of course we could no longer let her suffer and
had to say goodbye.

But our Shelby would not want anyone crying or being sad, as it was always her way to make everyone she met happy
and every dog she met her friend .

She was a very lucky girl having had a wonderful owner for the first six months of her life who was very good to her.  But
being elderly and his wife becoming ill, he could no longer take care of her and she came to GABR. She was our first
foster dog and it was instant love for us.  We have even kept in touch with her previous owner and have visited on
several occasions so that he and Shelby could see one another again.

So instead of crying, we will celebrate the life of this most animated of basset hounds by remembering.......

The GABR  booth at Arlington Park Pet Expo when she walked out in the middle of  the crowd, laid down and rolled over
for belly rubs, literally stopping traffic.

Every morning her stealing socks or underwear and running off with them so she could trade them in for a treat.

The peony bush that I finally grew.....  Shelby bit the buds off before it could bloom.

The strawberries just ripening and Shelby eating them before they could get picked.

The fresh cooked corn on the cob that she stole off the kitchen counter, and the huge muffin that my cousin swears he
put in the middle of the kitchen table out of her reach.

The basset bashes were she always managed to get into trouble for stealing whatever someone put on the ground.  

Finding her at the basset bash laying in the middle of a pile of another families (Jeanne and Elisa's) 5 or 6 basset
hounds as if she belonged to them.

The transport that we brought her on to pick up a basset for the rescue that was scared of people but was okay with
other dogs, so that Shelby could comfort the other basset on it's journey to it's foster home.

The stories are endless.

Shelby's life may not have been long, but it was full and happy, and right now I can see her running through the clouds
with an angel chasing after her, treat in hand, trying to get their wings back.

So thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers for us and for Shelby through this difficult time.  It meant so much
to us just to know that you were there.

Chris and Valerie Reubelt
brothers Herschel and Kayce.  In 2001 my parents retired back to their
home of Texas and took 3 big bassets with them.  Mr. Wilson went for car
rides to the local post office, grocery store, or motorcycle restaurant.
He loved riding in the car and had to sit in the passenger seat with his
head out the window.  He was loved by everyone and desired to have his
chin scratched. This guy had a great smile and a snarly personality to
mimic my father in his old age! When news reached the residents of
Leakey, TX that Mr. Wilson had passed away, many phone calls and visits
with tears proceeded.  No one could believe what they heard.  Mr. Wilson
was genuinely a one of a kind basset and will deeply be missed.  We
mourn your loss and await our time with you again in heaven.  We love you!
Mr Wilson