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Beulah (Formerly known as Dixie)
Born:  July 18, 1998 ~ Adopted:  July 26, 2003 ~ Died:  
February 18, 2011
morsel.  But her most favorite treat in the world, even better than Frosty Paws, was in 2007 when millions of get a
treat.  She loved her squeaky toys, but only the plush kind, flipping them up in the air and then pouncing cicadas
came to life all over Northern Illinois.  Left to her own devices, she would have eaten every single one on our
property, and there were hundreds, if not thousands.

In January of 2010, she was diagnosed with "end stage" kidney disease, but she disagreed and stayed around an
extra 13 months.   The photo is one of our favorites, and shows off her somewhat zany personality.  The last few
Bridge with Timmy and our other dogs.  She was the best dog in the whole world, and she is loved and missed
more than words can say.

Thank you, Guardian Angel, for being there for her, and for giving us this very special girl to share our life with.

Until we meet again, we love you, Beulah.

Ron and Pat Bellinger
fell head over heels I Love with. we shared a lot these past 10 years. In 2004 at age 3 he lost his sight but he
didn’t let it stop him, he lived his life to the fullest. He loved to go camping on the weekends and for a ride to
the Dairy Queen for a scoop of Ice Cream. He loved his afternoon cuddle with me so he could get his daily
belly rub. His personality was that of funny and loving. And could he sing......

I am deeply saddened to say that on March 18, 2011, my boy passed away from cancer at age 12. I miss him
so much, and my heart hurts so bad. My life is empty now without him, but I have years of wonderful memories.

Thank You GABR for bringing Elvis into my Life, I will cherish every minute I had with him.  


Sandi Raudonis-Gowers
On May 22,2004 Ducky (AKA Blossom #2 GABR #312) was picked up at Campbell Airfield by Tevis.  Ducky
was her 12th foster.  Tevis had us in mind to take Ducky as one of our bassets had gone to the Rainbow
loveable dog.  I talked my husband Tom into going to the GABR picnic in Arlington Heights to meet her. So
and she walked like a duck.  Of the 5 Bassets and one beagle that we have had over the last 45 years,  
Ducky was by far the most wonderful.  She loved the car and always wanted to go and many times on long
rides I would have to look in the back seat to be sure she was there and I hadn’t forgotten her.  When she by
name and they would say,” Ducky’s Here,”  and  they would come out to see her.  Tom took the two bassets
for a walk every morning. Every day at 1pm she would let me know it was time to go to the dog park.  She
would come and look at me with her ears up and if I didn’t start to get ready she would do a little dance.  We
went every day no matter what the weather.  

In February of this year her arthritis,  became very severe  and she could hardly walk. She still wanted to go
to the dog park, she would stay around the gate.  I would put her in the car and walk Boopie.  When I came
back to the car, she would be sound asleep.  When she wasn’t feeling well, I took her to the vet and she was
diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.  I was to find out that dogs with Arthritis do not do well when being treated
for Cushings.  Ducky decided herself that it was time to go to the Bridge.  She stopped eating and no matter
what I tried to feed her she wouldn’t eat.  So on March 15, 2011 Ducky went to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for
us and to play with our other dogs and with Zoe(a doberman),Kramer and Fred( bassets) her friends while
she was with Tevis.  We still miss her so much and still cannot understand how anyone could have given her
up just because they wanted a Poodle.  UNBELIEVEABLE!!

In Memory of our Beloved Ducky
Tom, Mary Ann, and Boopie McGuire           
July 31, 1999 ~  March 15, 2011
October24, 1997 ~  June8, 2011
We lost Rosie (adopted from GABR March 2006) on June 8, 2011. In the 5 1/2 years she was with us, she
surely made her way into our hearts. She had chronic digestive problems (anxiety induced-colitis and
possibly some other issues), and her bouts with it became more frequent and more severe in the past
adopted an older dog (she was 8 years old at the time) after the loss of our 13-yr. old basset, Lucy, (which
we raised from a pup) to cancer, thinking that we wouldn't get so attached - were we ever wrong! Rosie
was always underfoot and we always knew that Rosie was around.  Rosie had her share of idiosyncrasies -
one being she hated cameras, so we have no pictures of her looking at us - just those caught when she
was unaware. Others were the little dance she did before lying down and burrowing under the blankets with
just her head covered. We miss her, and the loss of her has left a huge hole in our hearts and home.

Gary and Kathy Trone
Adopted 2007 ~ Died March 7, 2011
It was during the Basset Waddle in 2007 that you came into our lives. We did not intend to adopt another
home, you fit in perfectly with our family and with your new basset brother Uno.From the first day, you acted
as though you had lived with us forever.  

On March 7th, 2011, we had to let you go. Your unconditional love, loyalty, and even your basset smell were
missed immediately. Walking in the neighborhood, lying on the couch, and coming home from work is just
not the same without you here. You are greatly missed, and you will always have a place in our hearts.

One day, perhaps tomorrow or many years from now, we will meet again. And when we do, we will cross the
Rainbow Bridge together.   

The Loofboro Family
Bassett hound rescue..I am in such pain, I miss her so much..we were always together..she loved her
walks, her rides in the car, her morning inspection around the backyard fence, jumping in the snow,
she loved her treats and loved sleeping on my bed at night..  She hated the thunder & lightening...
poor thing, she would shake and press herself against me in fear whenever there was a storm.
We spent one weekend at the Waddle..she enjoyed sniffing all the other Bassetts..In 2003,  I adopted
Gus,a very mild mannered yellow lab..who she precociously but lovingly bossed around the house....
My sweet Annabelle, I loved her so much....Gus and I are lost without her.

Corinne Sciacqua
Glen Ellyn
Adopted 1999 ~ Died July, 2011

About 2 years ago, we had 3 very healthy dogs.  Murphy was 14 and Bogie and Lola were about 12-13 years old.  The vet
said that they could have been canine blood donors.  Because of Beau’s love of food and that it’s hard to deny a basset
when they give you that “I’m wasting away” look, he needed to lose weight.  We started feeding all 3 weight control dog food.  
matter how much he ate.  Plus we noticed he was drinking more water than usual and was urinating more frequently. We
took all 3 dogs to the vet and blood tests showed that 2 of the 3 dogs had kidney disease.  Genetics was quickly eliminated
because not only did Beau have kidney disease but so did Murphy.  Lola’s blood tests showed her to be healthy.   

The only common denominator was that Beau and Murphy went everywhere together. If one went outside, the other
followed.  If I was doing yard work, Murphy followed me and naturally, Beau followed.  Lola has corneal eye disease and
cannot see the deck steps well enough to get into the yard so her time in the yard is very limited.  We had a neighbor who
was very zealous with weed killer and insecticides.  He sprayed very heavily along the property line.  If we saw him spraying,
we would not let the dogs out for a while. We believe this is what caused both dogs to have kidney disease.  We put both of
them on a low protein diet and for a while this worked.  

The past few months have been very difficult for us.  In March of this year, Murphy’s health began declining and on April 4th,
she crossed over the bridge.  Beau did not leave her side.  He slept next to her and continued to follow her.  Wherever she
would lie, he was right beside her.  If I picked her up to hold her, he would be right there questioning me with his eyes.  After
she passed, Beau’s health quickly deteriorated.  Also, as his illness progressed, his attitude toward Lola became worse.  
He would attack her for no reason.  It was like he did not know who she was.   They could be standing side by side and for
no apparent reason he would go for her neck.   

We knew it was Beau’s time.  When we decided to adopt Beau and Lola, I was told that Beau did not climb on the furniture
or the bed.  He would be content with a blanket or towel on the floor.  The first night we had them home, I was sitting on the
bed when I felt a dip in the mattress.  There was Beau. I told him he was not supposed to be there and he just gave me a
big sappy basset grin and lay by my side.  At that point he had my heart.  We always told Beau that he was handsome is as
handsome does from the tip of his nose to the tip of his toes.   Beau was a wonderful boy.  He was so lovable.  All he ever
wanted was to be loved.  We will miss him very, very much.

---------Charles & Rosann Murtaugh
Adopted April 2005

I can never forget the day I met you.  The whole family, Gus, mom and dad were anxiously awaiting your scheduled "get to
know you visit".  The car pulled into the drive, the door opened and out popped a petite basset.  You were cautiously curious
about your new home, but decided to check all of us out anyway.  Gus, our stoic male, remained aloof and unsure about this
new visitor as he was  raised with Labradors.  He never really knew he was a basset until he laid eyes or should I say a
snoot on you.  The two of you took off across the yard chasing and sniffing both the yard and each other.  
It was decided that we would move the entire group, humans and bassets inside to confirm that this new union would work
out.  As the humans were talking Miss Millie went exploring to see if this place suited her.  Gus on the other hand found her
travel bag and was busy going through it discovering that Millie had brought toys.  Oh  this was the deal maker for Gus, a
precious little basset that smelled so good and toys to boot!  From that moment on they were inseparable.

That was a short eight years ago.  Millie soon became the lady of the house; dainty, quiet, a good singer and full of "special"
hugs.  As we came to know her she earned many nicknames Tia Sophia, for that spunky little prance that she had; miss
Millie, for the times she was meeting house guests; the trickster for those special moments when she would show us that
she was an independent, self reliant little lady of adventure.  Poor Gus never knew what hit him after Millie moved in.  I
remember one night she convinced Gus to leave the yard for an adventure.  The humans were in a panic and searched all
night for our precious pups.  Then In the wee hours of the morning they miraculously appeared standing at the driveway
howling to announce their arrival home.  Gus was so exhausted he slept for two days straight and never left the yard again!  

Gus passed away two years ago now and has been waiting patiently for his best forever friend.  I know in my heart that there
was much tail wagging, sniffing and good natured chasing around when the two of them got together again.

I can only hope that they will wait for me to join them on a walk to check their messages.

Millie, thank you for bringing so much joy into our life;  and your forever  home.  You are missed more than you will ever know.
Someday soon we will all be back together.

Mom and Dad
Adopted: June 22, 2002 ~ Died: March 18, 2011
Hank joined our family March 2007 at the age of 9 years and filled our lives with joy and
laughter every single day.  He was our welcoming ambassador to all who visited our
home.  He was friends with everyone from newborn to his grandpa and grandma who just
turned 90.  He had an amazing ability to finagle a treat from each and everyone and had
a special craving for steak and bread!  He taught us how to love while being loved.  He
was the apple in Mom's eye and he knew it!  He was Keith's favorite and he knew it.  He
ruled the roost over his fellow GABR rescue Tucker as well as roommates Jack and Elli.  
He went to puppy heaven September 22nd, 2011 and left a grateful family with fond
Adopted:  March, 2007 ~ Died:  September 22, 2011