Born April 3, 2004 ~ Rescued May 29, 2011 ~ Laid to rest December 17, 2013

I adopted Newman (formally known as Oscar) when I was single and had just gone through a
bad break up.  He was found wandering the streets of Indianapolis and we were both lost souls
at that time in our lives.   We both helped each other with a fresh start in life.  I met my wife
Carly about 4 months after adopting Newman and he melted her heart with his loving ways and
really helped me land the most amazing woman I have ever met.  He had her wrapped around
his little paw up until the day he passed.  

He was a happy dog and a playful dog.  He was not bashful about letting us know what he
wanted or how he felt.  Usually in the form of being a stubborn a**hole, or cuddling machine.  He
went on tons of walks and got to sniff all kinds of things which was his favorite thing to do.  He
was the town favorite.  People would stop and talk to him all the time and we always got
complimented on how beautiful he was.  He was a true Basset!  He had a great life with us and
he made our life great in return.  

The day he passed started out as any other day with him being his happy and cuddly self.  He
had a massive seizure that he could not break out of.  I rushed him in to the vet, and they could
not get the seizure to stop either.  They said that it was most likely a brain tumor and coupled
with his age, it wasn't going to get better and that even if he did come out of it, the damage
would have been done and that would be no way to live.  I did one of the hardest things I've
ever had to do and that was to let my boy go.  We are comforted by the fact that he had a good
life and that he did not suffer long.  

Thank you to all of the people at GABR for what you do in saving these wonderful do
gs.  His
memory will live forever in our hearts and I will never forget the way Newman has changed my life.

Bret and Carly Wojcik

We adopted Kirby when she is was 10 months old, we were her fourth home when you count the foster home.    
She was beloved member of our family.  She is greatly missed.   

Heavenly Father, Creator of all things, thank you for having entrusted us with Kirby. Thank you for letting her
teach us unselfish love. Thank you for the memories that we can recall to brighten our days for the rest of our
lives. Finally, in gratitude, we return our Kirby to you. Amen.  

Matt, Mary, Adam, Rebekah, Paul and Daniel Willey
agreed to get in back.  All the way home we talked to you, you were shivering and the whites of your eyes showing.  
And then, you got a plain cheeseburger.  You were a happy boy.  We went into the house and you ran around with
an air of ‘Hot Dog I’m in a house and I can get on the couch’.  After a couple of weeks, while Esmeralda (the
queen) didn’t care for you, we thought we should adopt you because you were between 8-10 and no one would
want you.  Were we wrong!  Everyone who met you fell in love with that petite but mighty body, the liquid brown eyes
that rivaled Bambi.  You were a tough guy since you attacked a boxer/pit mix and you really didn’t like other dogs
but you were okay with Bruce and Henry and avoided the dreaded Esmeralda.
He trotted so proudly on the leash and if he got out he went for a walk around.  Once he got out with the others and
came back to us a few minutes later in a very very nice BMW.  When the door opened your look was forget it I’m
goin’ with her.  But you came home, we belonged to you.

You were crotchety and persnickety. You were my little snot.  The only thing that scared you (except Esmeralda)
were storms.

You used to come in from the yard and wait on the steps for your hug – Mr. Tuffy. You got slower and slower in the
last couple of years and this year you began getting sick to your tummy.  But fight you did.  We took you to the vet in
late September after you were getting better after a week of illness. Doc told us you had a tumor on the spleen.
You and I spent time cuddling on the front porch, the chill seemed to settle your tummy and when it was cold we
shared my coat. Then, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, you knew and we knew.  You let Eleanor cuddle you on
the trip and you leaned into me and I felt how tired you were of fighting.  You went quietly and easily to the bridge.
Harry I miss your pacing and wanting help to get on and off the couch every 5 seconds in your last year.  I even
miss giving you pureed breakfast in bed.  I hope you saw Henry and told him we love him and the other dogs that
have been so close to my heart for all these years.

You will always be my little ole man, my mama’s boy.  You are missed.

Tom, Eleanor, Mary Anne, Bruce and Esmeralda.
Harvey, or “the Harv” as he became known in the neighborhood won all our hearts.

Because of your history, you were not easy to win over, but once we did, you were a friend for life.

We may have been the slowest walkers in the neighborhood, but everyone looked forward to see you.

It is quieter around the house now.  I miss  your sneaking off to my closet to woof ,  looking in the
neighbor’s window hoping for a visit, and heading down to Dale’s for breakfast and time with your
buddy Cody-boy.  Kelly Girl and Cash still look for you,  and it tugs at my heart.

I miss those velvety ears and soulful brown eyes, but know that you are in a place where you are
chasing rabbits and not afraid of anyone.

Thanks for a very special 7 year

Robin Kalinowski
male in 2006. She was my soul mate and I'm not sure how I will manage without her. Thank
Here is her story for you:

Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Amy Daroszeski
in his final days. He hadn't eaten with enthusiasm for weeks, and it had been a year or two since he had
countersurfed for goodies. When I adopted Rocky, I knew he had two "bad" habits. The surrender form
said he "surfs counter." Truth be told, both habits were fine with me. This guy was a hugger. He would
sensed they were elderly and would wander gently around them to make known his presence.

Rocky loved walks in the neighborhood, sticking his nose in the refrigerator, and watching TV on the
couch. He was a passionate defender of his turf and family, viewed all strangers with suspicion, and scared
more than a few door-to-door solicitors with his German Shepherd bark.

I had never had a basset before Rocky, and now I will never be without one. He was the sweetest, gentlest
soul, and he comforted me through many tough times: career changes, difficulties with adolescent sons
(whom he adored), and job stress. He was my nighttime companion, too. Yes, of course, he slept in bed
with me, and he slept like a rock (but felt like a little water heater next to me), and over time I discovered
that I didn't sleep as well when I was out of town and he was at the kennel.

He had a lot of medical problems over the years, including chronic skin infections, but he never showed
signs of discomfort or pain so I don't know if he hurt much. I hope not. I made the decision to have the vet
put him to sleep on Jan. 25, 2014 when he could no longer get up from the down position and barely could
lift his head. He leaves behind a dear little basset "sister," Riley, who was added to our family five years

My March 3, 2002 adoption certificate from Guardian Angel Basset Rescue says I "made a difference in
the life of a basset by giving a second chance to Rocky."  I will always be thankful to GABR because Rocky
made such a difference for me.
Andrea Neal
William's lap. My son looked up and told us "He is going to be my best friend!"  And they were.

Eli was a wonderful dog- not a perfect dog, but a dog filled with personality and funny Basset traits. The time he grabbed the
whole loaf of Italian bread from my mother's kitchen counter (she thought Basset Hounds were short and didn't understand their
ability to 'elevate') and ran around and around the house with it, grinning around the bread sticking out on both sides of his snout.
Or when he somehow got the entire box of pizza from the center of a table and we found him feet-first in the pizza, gulping it down
at top Basset speed. Or how he loved to have his ears stroked while I hummed to him, and a million other things.

Eli was one of the most personality filled dogs we've ever known. He was a totally present member of our family, and so warm
and loving and funny. Now that he is gone, we wake up and the absence of his snore at night makes the room too quiet. Not
hearing that heroic hound howl when my son plays guitar or his bellowing bark when another dog yaps outside just reminds us
of that Basset-shaped hole in our hearts. Our other dog, Oreo, goes to the basket where Eli's collar and leash are and noses it
and looks at us, wondering where her pal is.

Thank you, Guardian Angel Basset Rescue for taking a chance on us and giving us the opportunity to have such a great dog in
our lives. Eli was a one-of-a-kind hound and we will always remember him with love in our hearts.

Philip, Bronwyn and William Soell
Basset Rescue Waddle in Sept. of 2010. From that moment on he had our heart. He loved to go for walks, wander through the
bushes at the dog park, spend time with his friends at The Dog Wagon doggie daycare, and hang out with his family. He hated
thunder storms and would alert me to them before I could hear anything. At that point we would have to take cover in the "safe
room" also known as the bathroom. (He never went to dad because he would just tell him to go lie down.) The lights and fan
would be on and he could relax. He could tell the difference between the crinkle of a bag of lettuce and a cheese package. If I sat
on the love seat he would come running and jump up next to me to lie down. He had the softest ears and he would let you rub
The house is so quiet this morning. We will miss all the funny sounds he would make. I had never heard a dog burp, but West
was great at it. He also knew how to make the Scooby-Doo sound. He would "talk " to us all the time.
He loved when Sarah would come and visit. If he heard her voice as she came in the door, even if he was lying on the sofa, he
would jump off and run down the stairs to greet her. He loved seeing his foster parents , Barry and Kelly, at the Waddle every
year. We know that you love him as much as we do.

West was everything a basset should be, chatty, stubborn, and most of all loving. Enjoy running free our sweet boy. Our home will
not be the same and neither will we.

Jennifer Mosinski

He never liked riding in the car, and would moan the whole trip.  But his favorite destination was the Basset Picnic and Waddle.  
He loved the Waddle.

In his last month Bacon started to refuse food.  We knew something was wrong.  He was diagnosed with cancer in his GI tract
and we had to let him go to the Rainbow Bridge.

We miss our boy Bacon, coming home is not the same without hearing him bark his greeting.  

Bacon was a very handsome Basset and we will always think of him as "Mr. October of the 2012 GABR Calendar".

Until we are all together again, we love and miss you, Bacon.

Rich and Chris Pawlak
Blossom and Schnapps