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Miss Gracie
Adopted 2007 ~  Died: November 23, 2011

Miss Gracie came to live with us as a GABR foster in 2007.  She came from a home where she was beaten and
abused.  When she showed up at our door, here was a hound that you could not touch or get near, as she was
so afraid.  You would look into her eyes and see fear and pain that no creature should ever have to endure.  
With a lot of love and hard work and a phenomenal amount of support from Cindy Huff and Robin Lohmeier, we
were able to start the healing process.  It took over a year before Gracie would allow herself to be loved on and
we knew that she would never be adoptable, so GABR allowed us to take her on as a permanent foster.

The change in Miss Grace given the love and support was remarkable.  She became one of the most loving and
affectionate hounds I have ever met.  She chose as her job in the pack, that of protector.  She would stay awake
all night, patrolling the downstairs while we and the other hounds slept to make sure her family was safe. Once
everyone got up and got moving she would then head to her pillow and catch some sleep.
In her “conversation” with Cindy Huff just before she left for the Bridge, her one concern was making sure
someone would take care of her family.  

Gracie came to us with a Grade 5 heart murmur and we were able to manage it with medication for quite awhile.  
She went into heart failure in September and her brave heart, finally just gave out on her.  With Cindy Huff and
Dr. Sean Costello’s help she was able to finally find rest here at home surrounded by those who she loved with
all of her being.

We will always love and miss you Miss Grace.  The house is quiet but your spirit will always remain. You are free
and well and I am sure you will be making sure all of those at the Bridge are safe and looked after.  Woody and
Molly will surely give you a big welcome. It is not goodbye my precious girl- it is just see you later.

All our Love
Tony and Sue Stepansky
Albert, Gus, Petie, Jack, Zak, Nate and Miss Odie
Louie memorial
Louie was a basset/beagle mix I adopted March of 2001 from GABR, where he had been taken in from and his
sad story and timid looks really caught my attention.  He was adorable and sweet when I met him.

Once home it was easy to see how abused he had been. He was terrified of water, would not go through
doorways without coaxing, and scared of loud noises or fast movements.  When I took him on a walk, he wouldn’t
walk ahead of me, only behind.  

Fortunately, Louie was just happy to be alive and loved …and he was so silly!  He didn’t have a mean bone in
his body.  Eventually he overcame most of his fears, and he had lots of good times…..he had many many
friends and was quite popular with both dogs and people alike (even a cat or two). He enjoyed hiking, camping,
birthday parties, sleepovers, basset fest (in WI), as well as small animal acupressure and massage classes.
Louie was even known to sport a beret from time to time, looking quite distinguished.  Everyone loved him and
he loved (almost) everyone!

In the end Louie (aka Mr. Pickle Sniffles) lived to see his 13th birthday. He had struggled with pneumonia off and
on for about a year, and kept bouncing back. Then I noticed a sense of confusion about him. A few days later he
had a major seizure and I had to let him go. Thank you GABR for saving him. I miss him and wish he were here
to celebrate Christmas with us.
Adopted 2001 ~   December, 2011
that family give him up...they had no idea what they lost out on!  But in the next breath we said what luck it was
for us!  Jake was our very first Basset (and not our last), and was a great ambassador of perfection for the
breed.  We still remember the lovely volunteer who drove him to our apartment in the city.  We were so excited
watching them come down the sidewalk!  We remember looking at each other that first day and saying..."He's
so quiet, does he not bark?"....HA!  Little did we know but he was just gearing up for a lifetime of talking about it
in all types of weather in his yard and just sniff the air.  If you looked outside to check on him he would look up
with you with his big brown eyes and wag his tail as if to say, "I'm just enjoying my yard...I love it".  And if we
walked outside to be with him he would fall over on his side for a belly rub!  We also had a garden bench in the
used to watch fireworks on the fourth of the July with us while sitting on the bench.  He was a special boy.  The
last month was intense for Jake, he had major surgery with numerous vet visits.  We tried to give our guy the
was just too much for even our "tough boy" to endure.  He left our earth with dignity and spent his final day
being told how much he was loved and how handsome he was.  Our goal was to make sure he knew how
valued he was and how much he was loved (which is how he treated us, each and every day).  We will be lives.  
While our home is just not complete without our "big boy", we do have comfort in all the great memories that we

Jakey we love you and you live on in our hearts (Lenny misses you too!)

Teresa & Andy Thoma
In August 2003 I met a scared petite basset named Daisy.  You were only supposed to be a foster, but a month later and you
shadow, for wherever I happened to be, you were no more than a foot away.  People always asked me how long it took to train you
were trying to find something of the uptmost importance.

At first when you met your brother Delbert, he was a bit skeptical, but soon, you two were almost inseparable.  He still misses you,
he still sniffs around the house, and I know he's trying to find you.  Everyone marveled at how soft your fur was.  People at the dog
park(and anywhere else for that matter) were always taken aback when they asked how old you were and I replied six, seven,
eight years etc.  

On Christmas day you ate an angus steak.  After not eating two days after that, the vet gave me some meds to help stimulate your
appetite, unfortunately that did not work.  A few days later you had lost 8 pounds of your petite 38 pounds. After much thought, and
prayer, I knew that it was time.  I wrapped you in a warm blanket and took you to the vet one last time. You have to be one of the
vets favorites, even she was crying when it happened.  I held you in my arms, and in unfailing Daisy fashion you watched me until
the end.

There is a saying, " people don't choose the dog, the dog chooses, it's person".  At first I didn't believe that.  But having met you,
now I do.  I just wanted to thank you for choosing me.  Even though, I "rescued" you,  you helped save me way more than I rescued
you.  And I just wanted to thank you for all of the unconditional love of the past eight years.  

Now I know you're playing with your brother Hugo and you're not in anymore pain.

Until we meet again my Daisy Maisy.
Joe Blythe
wanted a new puppy so they deposited Gus in the local dog pound.  GABR intervened and saved him from what would have
almost been a certain euthanasia.  Gus was a solitary guy who pretty much wanted to be left alone to do his own thing.  We
were able to get him adopted, but the adoption did not work out so he came back to us where GABR allowed us to keep him
Gus was healthy and active until the last few months where his age, we think he was 17, started to catch up with him.  He lost
his eyesight and became very hard of hearing as well as having some significant arthritis in his hips.  He took it all in stride
and still looked forward to going outside and exploring his yard.  In October he started into kidney failure.  Over the last week
his kidneys essentially shut down and he quit eating.  We knew by watching him that his old body was tired and that it was
time to allow him to be free.  With Dr. Charles Swoboda’s help, Gus left peacefully for the Bridge on the 20th of February 2012.

Gus is a classic example of the awesome work done by GABR.  Here was an old guy that lost his home and GABR stepped in
to make sure that he was safe and secure in his “golden years”.  We were privileged to be his family and there is not a day
that will go by that we will not miss our quiet, stoic old guy.  Take Care Gus, you are whole and healthy and I am sure you are
rolling in the green grass and napping in the sun once again.

All our Love
Tony and Sue Stepansky
Albert, Zak, Petie, Jack, Nate and Miss Odie

Her name was Rosie, Rosetta, Rosie-doodles, Toepeatoepaypay, Dozer, or just plain “D”.

She was a very special Angel, sent directly to us from Heaven.  Her Angel assignment was to join our family and rescue
us from the grieving loss of our Basset Hound Lance.  From the moment Rosie walked into our home, she was fast at
beautiful both inside and out, there was no one who did not love her.  For thirteen years, this sweet little Angel gave it her
all, until her little body had no more to give.  She is now back in Heaven, and boasting her new Basset Angel wings,
which she honorably earned down here on earth!

We love you so very much Rosie, and we thank you for all of the LOVE you brought to our home!  Also, special thanks for
sending Phoebe, our new Guardian Angel Rescue, who is hard at work earning her new wings!

Thank you Guardian Angel Rescue

Linda and Don Hunt
eyes looking up at me, telling me how much she loved me and wanted my love in return. I miss her hopping up and in was
my baby girl, my companion when I was going through a rough time in my life and the most faithful and loving dog that
anyone could have asked for. I cry every day still every time a thought of her crosses my mind. I ask God why she was taken
from me so soon. She showed NO signs of being sick at all until one day her tummy became bloated very suddenly. I took
her to the vet that day thinking she had belly bloat,  only to learn her heart was failing due to a congenital defect. My heart
sun". It's still so hard to realize my baby is gone. I miss you baby girl. I know you will be waiting for me at the rainbow bridge
girl. Mommy misses you.

J Robbins
2004 ~ 2012
passed away in 2009, Clyde became the "Man of the House".  He enjoyed the simple things in life.  Eating, Sleeping,
and just being super sweet.  He made to his last waddle this past year and seemed to be re-energized being around
threatening.  He made over a hundred visits to the vet and made that instant connection with everybody every time he
walked in.  It was this rare disease that ultimately ended his life, but he has crossed the bridge and now can hang out
with his brother Raymond and howl all night without waking up the kids. (something I will miss).  We love you
Clyde....You were a special boy..   

Valentine family
aka Flash
He was a star in one of our local newspaper columns, and he appeared in a children's bookstore and a school. He helped to raise quite a
bit of money for our local shelter.  Everyone loved him. He had a really spectacular life with lots of love and attention from around our
community. Our vet loved him so much that she bought him his own stocking for Christmas one year, and we get it out for him every

I have fostered other dogs and cats in his lifetime, and he was always willing to share his bed and food. He never, ever jumped, licked,
bite, or growled at anything. Up until the last few years, he enjoyed his walks. Most of our neighbors knew him, and he had many
neighborhood doggie friends. He was loving and kind to everyone he met.

He slept next to me every night since my son went of to college, and I could hear him snore softly. It sounded like a purr. I have barely slept
for two nights now because I miss him so much. I had to move his bed out of my room because I cry whenever I see it.

I have had many dogs in my lifetime, and I have to say he was either one of the best,or the best. Our vet and our whole family loved him. I
will never forget him, and I am plating a rosebush right outside of my window with his ashes buried in it so that I can see him and visit him
every day. I also plan to bury the collar and tags that you gave him, and that we have kept on him all these years, along with his ashes.

As all of you know,Bassets are just a special breed of dog. They have gentle, kind, old souls, and we are all lucky to have had them in our
lives. I will forever love and miss Luke.

Thank you, Guardian Angel, for giving Luke a chance at life, and for giving us such a wonderful friend to share our lives with.


Tom and Dawn Giffin and Family