It's all about the dogs
Chauncer first graced our northern Illinois home in March of 1999 at a year and a half old.  He
us to mid-Missouri.  He loved his after dinner walks, cold or hot weather (just no rain), eating ice
cube, and looking out the back door to watching the neighbors’ ducks.  He could steal any food
that wasn’t in his food bowl, like chicken nuggets, fries, a loaf of bread, bars…foil and all.  He
was amazingly stealthy if food was involved.  Last summer, he had a bars…foil and all.  He was
amazingly stealthy if food was involved.  Last summer, he had a cancer lesion removed from his
back leg, and then his age started really catching up.  His hearing, eyes, and hips started to not
work so well, and he started to get a lot of gray fur.  We are sad to report that Chauncer has
moved to that big dog park in the sky.  He was a big part of our lives and we loved him very
much. We are very thankful to Guardian Angels Bassets for helping us find a dog that fit well in
to our family and meant so much to us. He will be missed
My friend, my idol, my love. You and I brought each other complete joy and love.  Moments I will never
out of bed at 6:00 AM to get you to the park for morning play with your poo pals was the highlight of
my days.
My memories of you chasing your pals are ones that I will cherish forever.  Afternoons in the park with
Dada and Tata were things you enjoyed and memories forever in my heart.  I think back to the day
they brought you home to me and seeing you walk down the street, stopping to let your nose take it
all in - that is a day I will never forget.  I saw you and knew I was in love.  Your travels back and forth
between Chicago and California, you were so patient and made me so jealous that you slept until we
would stop for even 5 minutes - you made the most of it.  Travels to Dubuque and the mischief you
got into still make me smile.  Who knew you could raid the ice chest and have your way with coldcuts,
cheese and bread.  Further enjoying candy I thought I put out of your reach, you did prove me
You tolerated Edna when she needed a home, you taught her love and understanding, things that
she has gotten better about and continues to learn daily.  I so miss you my Big Boy but know in my
heart that you will be waiting for me by the Rainbow Bridge.  You will greet me with love that only you
had for me and we will be together again.  Rest peacefully my love as you know no more pain or
suffering.  I'll miss you but you are forever in my heart.

Back in 2010 there were quite a few adoptable bassets at the Bash. Six months prior to that I had to
say goodbye to my Basset Molly after sixteen terrific years.  But as heartbroken as I was, I hadn’t
attended the Bash for the sole purpose of finding another dog.  I wasn’t sure if  I ever wanted to
entire day as people would come and go with their newly adopted younger dogs.   On Sunday the
same dog was again barking incessantly.  I thought to myself, “That poor dog is never going to be
one ten and one eleven years old.  I asked Fran if I could take the one barking dog for a short walk
and give her quick break from the noise.   Fran quickly had a leash in my hand before I had finished
the sentence.  

Once “Flexie” was out of the kennel she became a different dog, calm, quiet and willing to go any
direction I wanted her to, even if it interrupted some serious sniffing at some other dog’s pee mail.  
Before returning her with hopes that a hearing challenged person might find a match with her, I sat
down by the fence and leaned back to relax for a minute.  Without any encouragement Flexie
quickly sat down right next to me and leaned heavily against me. As I began to pet her behind her
ears, she made this most pitiful deep heartfelt moan, turned her head toward me and with those big
clear brown eyes seemed to say, “See, I’m not so bad. Let’s go home.”  

That was the start of four years and four months of sharing my home with the sweetest girl you
could ever ask for.   She was indeed a talker and had an opinion about everything, mostly
grumbling if I wasn’t getting up exactly on time or was one minute late at meal time or just wanted
attention.  But throughout her life the only time she would bark was when she would hear my car
come into the drive and would continue until I would enter the house, then greet me with happy face
and body wag. From day one she demanded that I pay attention to her and that’s exactly what I
needed at the time to get over the loss of my last dog.  

There is no doubt in my mind that all that barking those two days at the adoption tent was surely
meant for me and the job she still had to do yet in life.   And as it turned out she was the best heart
doctor ever.  On January 13, at fourteen years and a half, she moved on but she passed with our
voices in her soft ears and our arms around her. What more can we ask for in the end. So I have
learned that although a senior dog may have less time here to spend with us, that time can be so
rewarding it’s as if a full lifetime of love is compressed into their remaining years.  I am so grateful I
had the chance to spend those joy filled years with her.

Corey Shumaker

Our hearts are broken and we still look for you in your favorite places (your look-out post in
the front window, the dog bed, the back yard sidewalk, and even your favorite spot to dig in
the mulch) but you are not there.  It hurts so much!  I touch your picture every day and shed

You gave so much.  You taught us the valuable lessons of unconditional love despite the pain
of cancer or the numerous battles with bloat or the wear and tear of old age.

Your love of life and love for us made you fight so hard whereas a weaker spirit would have
given up so much sooner.

We pray that you have found peace and no longer have to eat from a special dish or be
given only a small amount of water or take pills.   No more surgeries and no more bloating.

We love and miss you and cannot stop crying. But the special memories of your time with us
will help us heal until we see you again.

Carl and Camille Munson
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
Serving Illinois, Indiana and the St. Louis, Mo. area
attentions and all the pats on the head, she would get from the people, especially the little children.

These past few years she developed a growth on her tail and on her side with other smaller ones,
appearing on different parts of her body.  These proved  to be two different conditions, as one was
a cancer and the others a skin disorder.  After many tests, doctors determined, surgery not be the
weeks, she began refusing food, started losing weight and developing a cough. She was a survivor
and if she could have beat this, she would have.  She left us on Saturday morning March 1. My
husband Tom and I miss her so very much. She was an amazing spirit of tolerance and astounding

Our other GABR basset adoptee Venus , was her devoted partner, and cared for her and is
missing her too.

She is true to the basset disposition of love is helping to fill the void left by losing our Willow.

Tina and Tom Maurer
Lulah, Ms Moo, Lulu, Mucifer, MooMoo, she had so many nicknames, because she was special to so
many people, that everyone gave her a new nickname that was special to them…
My Moo was an amazing girl, she was the center of our family, and our first daughter, she never
showed anyone anything but love, not a mean bone in her sweet body.
When we learned of Guardian Angel Basset Rescue 4 years after Lulah came to us, we brought
home Pascha Pete, and the two of them have never been separated not even for an hour.
We were looking forward to the Waddle this year, and Lulah would howl when we told her that it was
time once again to see all the bassets, and to walk down the street for tons of pets, However on
Tuesday September 15th 2015, She was called to heaven..
We love and miss you Lulah, our beautiful little girl, my special red head,
         Dad, Mom, Emily, Pascha, and Tommy
Sophie bounded out from the veterinarian's office in Dwight, rounded the corner and leaped into
Damon's arms.  She didn't know us, but she knew she was going home.  We picked her up at The
Waddle in 2001.

Her best friends were her dad and a black lab named Libby.  Sophie and Libby complimented each
other.  Sophie was stubborn, Libby easygoing.  Sophie played defense when we played football, Libby
ran fast as the wide receiver.  Sophie enjoyed naps, Libby couldn't wait to get outside.

This November Sophie left her best friends 4 years ago.  Libby misses her.  She has taken on her
traits.  She enjoys naps, is a bit more independent, but she is still up for a good game of football.  
Sophie left her paw prints all over our family.

Getty Family
We adopted Sherman from GABR in August of 2002, after losing our dear Willie.  
Shermy was a joy; loving and loyal.  In his big back yard,  cats and rabbits were
removed promptly, but squirrels were safe for some reason.  He loved to go for rides
and would get his leash and lead us to the door.  We bought a minivan with side
opening windows just for him.  In his later years, a ramp was needed, but that was OK.  
The cancer finally took him in June of 2015.....letting him go to the bridge was
heartbreaking.  We'll always love and remember you Sweetie.  See you at the bridge.

Doug & Jan Cummins
Just wanted to let everyone at GABR know, that my Joey Hound, a rather large blue basset rescued & later returned to
GABR passed away 2 weeks ago. He was with my parents and I for just shy of 9 years. In that time, he lived in 2
different states, attended waddles in 2 different states, helped acclimate 1 foster hound, and around 4-5 other hound
brothers & sisters over the years between both my parents & I. He LOVED his stuffed toys and chomping on "Effy," a
plush elephant rug. He had a certain "woo woo woo" to his bark, rarely howled and had a very characteristic "clip clop"
to his wandering through the house. He lost an eyeball to glaucoma back in 2012 unexpectedly, right at the time I was
visiting PhD programs; I was so worried it was something worse & I'd loose him then! But, he got around well for a
one-eyed boy! He would even still wiggle the eyebrow over his missing eye & the cookies would just fly into his mouth!

2 weeks ago he just wasn't right; mom & dad took him to the vet, and they did some bloodwork & x-rays that showed a
large mass on his spleen, and his gums were almost totally white. Due to his advanced age (about 14-ish) and the fact
that he was clearly bleeding to death internally (his spleen had ruptured), we all agreed that we needed to let him go.
Though it tore our heart strings, there was no hope & we couldn't bare to let him suffer longer just to do more scans &
things when it was clear he wouldn't survive the ordeal. He has been cremated & is back with my parents. I will be
picking him up on my next break from school (getting my PhD out of state currently) so we'll never be apart again!

While it broke my heart to loose him, I think he had a good life for a big blue basset. He had a whole group of "waddle
aunties" and was adored everywhere we went for his unique coloration. He really was an ambassador for
"undesireable" doggies everywhere! He never let his hairlessness keep him down! In fact, he had quite the ensemble
of hoodies, jackets, t-shirts, hats, etc.!

Karrie Kueker
In 2002 Charlie adopted me and my son, Gregory, to become our guardian basset hound for 14
years.  We lost him this morning.  I brought him home after finding him at the local shelter all
alone in a huge kennel.  He looked me in the eye and barked 5 times……..where the heck have
you been!  My heart was captured by those eyes and that bark.  Brought him home and he ran
into the house, jumped on the couch and perched on the back of the couch to observe his
domain.  The rest is history.  I have a broken heart that I know will be mended by the love of
another dog.  Miss you so much Charlie…..

With heavy hearts we had to say goodbye to our beloved Wilma Sue.  We adopted Wilma in
2012 and have spent the last four years loving her as much as possible to make up for the first
9 years of her life without us.  She loved belly rubs and would paw at your leg to get your
attention.  She was sweet and loved to cuddle.  Her favorite food was popcorn and she loved
nothing more than napping in the sunshine.  Wilma was the best dog anyone could ever ask for
and will be deeply missed.  Thank you GABR for allowing us to love her for the short amount of
time we had, she will never be forgotten.

E. Duncan Family
looked anything but a gift. I found her doing her little Basset  trot right in the middle of a busy
road. I stopped and put her in my truck. She sat on the middle console like she had done this a
million times before. I stopped at several houses and called the Humane Society….. nobody would
claim her. I decided to give her a bath and feed her.

Next thing you know, this little thing was mine ( actually, I belonged to her) The ten years we spent
together were not nearly enough…. In fact, 100 more years would be too short.  But I must admit..
this little Basset ...with a mind of her own..... touched me in a way as no other.  I miss her so much.
I love you Lady.

Phalaris Logans