~Ice Cream Cones
~Winter Storms
~Adult Lemonade Shake-ups
~Snow Cones Cotton Candy
-and much more-
Grandma Rosie's
Sweet Treats
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue

2019 Vendors
Crafty Critters was started by Lynn Mullin
after she made hand-painted aprons as
family Christmas gifts. The business went
through many changes, but after some time,
Crafty Critters exclusively sold handmade
products for pets and their people.
Crafty Critters’ personalized bandanas caught
the attention of the Guardian Angel Basset Rescue and
Lynn became the “bandana lady” for the annual GABR
Basset Waddle. Lynn was the “bandana lady” until she had
to retire due to health issues. Sadly, Lynn passed away in
2012. In 2018, Lynn’s daughter, Sarah, decided to revive
Crafty Critters. Sarah reached out to GABR and is the new
“bandana lady”, as her Mom was.
Crafty Critters