Every day hundreds of thousands of dogs, some who were once loved, others who have
never had the opportunity to feel love, meet their end either in shelters or leave for the
Bridge alone and abandoned.  Each of these precious creatures was brought into this world
by an action or an inaction of man.  We can and must do better than this.

I am not foolish or idealistic enough to  think we can save all of the Basset Hounds that
need to be saved.  We can however make a huge difference to the ones we do.  The more
we save, the greater the impact on both our beloved hounds and, I think, on the world
around us.

I know fostering can be a challenge.   I have  seen hounds come into our home, scared,
battle scarred and with more emotional baggage than anyone deserves in a lifetime, and
then I have seen them go on to homes where they will spend their days knowing that they
are loved.  I can’t save them all, but I can make a difference to the 1.

Think about this for a second.  For  every Foster Home we have it means 1 more can be
saved.  For every Foster Home we have  that takes one of the hounds in the boarding
kennels we use, that opens up one more slot.  It gives us the ability to make a  difference to
just 1 more. Now what if we had 10 more people agree to be foster homes?  That 1 becomes
10.  Over the course of a year how many more lives will be saved and changed just because
1 person was willing to open their heart and home to a basset who needs you?

We talk about the benefits to fostering and there are many.  It is the only job that will make
you cry tears of joy and sadness at the same time.  But, if I may, let’s get past us for a
moment.  Your willingness to foster is literally the difference between life and death for
many unwanted Bassets.  GABR is limited only by a couple of things, funds and Foster
Homes.  The Board of Directors does a great job with the funds part . I have never been told
“ no” when it comes to taking care of one of my foster hounds.  As good as the officers are,
they can’t make people open their doors to foster a rescued Basset.

How many hounds are out there that need us but we can’t rescue them because we have no
where to put them?  5, 50, 500?  What if we reduced that number by just 1?

Today, you can make a difference to the 1.  Today you can call and get signed up as a Foster
Home.  Today you can give more than the gift of your time and money, you have the ability to
give the gift of life itself.  

Will you be the 1?

Anthony Stepansky