Bear is a 3 y/o owner surrender.  He lived outside on a chain.  But now since his good fortune of coming
to GABR, his personality has blossomed.  Plus he smells a lot better too!  Now that he doesn't flinch
anymore when he sees a hand coming toward him, he goes up to people for attention.  He's great with
kids as well.

Bear is housetrained (no accidents since first day) and crate trained.  He plays with and gets along with
all the other bassets in his foster home, even the older grumpy one.  But no cats please...he's afraid of
them.  He really needs a fenced yard because when he sees a leash, his head goes down and his tail
stops wagging.  We think he's afraid he's going to be tied out again.

This easy going handsome boy won't be up for adoption long!