Ben is 4 1/2 y/o and truly a delight who is full of personality and energy.  Like the other MO 6,
Ben was shy and timid the first day and helped himself right into the crate when he found it.  He
does not like people lunging their hands toward him, however if you wait for him to come to you,
he's fine.  Ben warms up quickly.  He likes to cuddle, get belly rubs and sit on your lap when you
are on the couch.

Ben likes to play with other dogs and is super social.  His foster parents have taken him to the
beach dog park and he stuck close but was happy to greet people and other dogs as he came
upon them.  Cats are not recommended...he will chase them.  Ben is crate trained but prefers to
sleep on a dog bed through the night with no accidents.  During the day he runs toward the door
if he needs to go outside, but if you miss his signal, he won't hold it for you.  His housetraining
will take some reinforcement, but he'll get there.

If Ben has other dogs in the home, he will need supervision or separated at meal time.  He will try
to take food from the others but does not like it if approached by another dog.  He does not beg
while his humans are eating but if food is at nose level, he'll go for it.  Things just need to moved
out of his way.

Ben has a deep baritone voice and likes to sit in the front window and bark at passersby.  He
also barks for attention, but is quiet in his crate.

Please give Ben a better life than he's ever known.