Betsy the Beauty Queen, as we call her, is 10 y/o.  After being the only dog in her
only home, she found herself in a shelter because her owners no longer had the
time to care for her. She needed a dental and several cysts removed but other than
that is doing very well.

Betsy is good with cats.  Actually she's more interested in the cat's food than the
cat.  She's been a little timid around the male bassets in her foster home but is not
afraid of them.  Usually she sleeps in a living room chair but goes into her crate
when left alone.  She rides well in the car and does her business outside on leash.  
Betsy gets attached quickly and will whine and bark for a while when left alone.

Betsy is a low maintenance and easy going girl.  She would make a wonderful
companion for a less active home.