Buford & Mabel
As you can probably tell from the pictures, Buford and Mabel are a bonded pair.  
Mabel is 3 y/o and Buford is 2 y/o and at this point Buford relies a little more on
Mabel than she does on him.  They're both housetrained and get along great with
their foster siblings, but no cat experience.  They will go in a crate together, but
they're not destructive when outside of a crate. Mabel loves to play fetch and
once in a while she'll let Buford get the ball.

They were treated very well in their former home but because of divorce, having
to work and care for an 18 m/o daughter, the pair was spending too much time in
a crate.  Mabel is smaller and weighed 31 lbs. when she came in.  Buford weighed
55 lbs.  They'll make you laugh at their antics and melt your heart with their love.