Buck & Bear
We want to wish you a Very Merry Christmas, but we'd rather do it in person.  We may have
a few issues, but nothing you can't handle.  Our foster parents are very good to us, but we
really want our own home!

Buck is only 4 y/o and I'm (Bear) just 6 y/o.  We're best buddies and we can give you twice
the love and cuddles.  So Buck has to be crated when you leave and I have to eat in my
crate...no big deal.  We would love to have you home all the time with us, but we understand
you have to leave some time to buy our dog food.  We're really not in to cats, but we won't
hurt them, just bark at the them.  We'd love to play with older kids and toss the tennis ball
and chew toys.

Just a note to all applicants....we're all surprised that Buck and Bear haven't been adopted
yet!  They're good boys and respond well to positive attention and praise.  They love to go
outside and go for walks.  We'd love to find a home for them for Christmas!