Buck & Bear
Bear at 6 y/o and Buck at 4 y/o are not related, but are bonded as though they were
brothers, plus they look out for each other.  So we felt it was best to keep them

They're very sweet and affectionate boys.  They love to cuddle and both think they
are lap dogs!  Because they forget how big they are, older children would be ideal.  
Neither one likes to be "home alone".  Bear does not like or need a crate, but Buck will
have to be crated (will go in for a treat) because he's been known to have accidents if
you're not home to let him out.  Both boys are fed in their crates and sleep in their
human's bedroom on doggy beds.

Buck, at 47 pounds, is a lovely red and white, and Bear, at 87 pounds, is strikingly
beautiful with his black and white, with lots of black ticking. Their foster home is
working on their counter surfing and Bear's extra drinking out of the toilet.  Put all lids

Bear does startle-snap if suddenly awakened and needs to be muzzled at vets, or
groomers due to past trauma. Neither one likes cats, so a cat-free home is a must.  
Buck and Bear love to play outside and go for walks.  They are good boys and
respond well to positive attention and praise.

Get double the love and have double the fun with Buck and Bear!