Hello!  My name is Clyde.  I’ve been with my other owners since I was 6 months old and now I’m
10! They are older now too and and got really sick and needed to find another home for me.  
That was really hard at first, but now I’m here with my 2 foster brothers and foster mom.  My
foster mom says she can’t believe my age and neither could the vet!  She said I’m healthy and
still get around great.  I’m a fit 45 lbs.  I like lounging around here and I try to play with the
others, but they are really lazy...maybe they’re too old! LOL!

I’d love a home where someone is there all day because that’s what I’m used to and also
because I can only go about 4 hours tops without an accident.  I bark when I’m happy, especially
when my foster mom comes home.  She says I’ve got a bark like a foghorn...whatever that is!  I
was used to being walked every day because we didn’t have a fenced yard and if I saw a rabbit
or squirrel, I would pull pretty hard.  So I would really love a fenced yard.

I get along with all humans, dogs, have no fears, not shy, no possessiveness....I’m darn near
perfect and humble too!  Just call!
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue