Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
Hello Everybody - Clyde here again!

In case you haven't heard about me, I am 10 years young and healthy as a horse (the vet said so !).  I love
laying in the back yard when the sun is out, which hasn’t been a lot lately! I like talking to my Foster Mom when
she comes home from her work, and I do not quarrel with my 2 brothers over anything at all while she’s gone.

I have been with my Foster Mom close to 6 months now. I came from a home where I had lived my whole life -
since I was 6 months old - but my Mommy and Daddy both got really sick and couldn't care for me anymore so
I came here. I like it here with my 2 foster brothers, but I would really love a home where the Hoo-mans are
home with me most of the day and night. You see, I need to go out pretty often and sometimes have an
accident if it's been too long. I don't potty in my kennel but like my Foster Mom says "You can't stay in there all
the time!"

I really like just laying around but I have loads of energy and like to play too. My brothers are younger than me
but they’re not interested in playing. Since I get very anxious in the car, we have not ventured to the dog park
yet, but we have been working on very short trips to try and help relieve my stress.  I do get along with all kinds
of Hoo-mans and dogs, but I am not sure about this funny creature that lives downstairs and meows. My
Foster Mom wont let me go down all those stairs so I'm not sure what really lives there.

Any-hoo, if you'd like a loyal companion who loves to be with you and has impeccable manners (if I do say so
myself - no counter surfacing or garbage picking) talk to Guardian Angel about meeting me! Toodles!