Ellie Mae
Miss Ellie Mae is a 5 y/o absolute sweetheart who loves toys, chewing on on nyla bones, soft beds
to sleep on and tummy rubs! She gets along extremely well with the three bassets in her foster
home. We do not know how she is around cats or children. She is completely house trained, and
learned to use the doggie door within an hour of arriving at her foster home. She will enter a
crate, but is not happy to be in it. There has been no need to crate her as she does not get into

Ellie wants attention all the time, and follows her foster people everywhere. She is most definitely
a people dog. She will bark if she thinks she wasn't given enough pets. She is very gentle when
she takes a treat from your hand. Ellie Mae is looking for a forever home with people who will love
on her and treat her like the princess that she is!