We think Elmer is 8-10 y/o.  The reason we don‘t know, is because he was found sleeping on a
broken concrete pad rolled up in a ball.  He was obviously neglected, very thin, not neutered and
full of fleas and ticks.  After his exam, we found a puncture wound on the right side of his face,
heavy flea dirt, thin hair coat with a yeast odor and Heartworm positive.

Elmer’s system has to be built up a little before he has surgery this month.  A few weeks after his
neuter he will be treated for Heartworm which could take up to 4 months.  Because of his long
recovery, Elmer won’t be available to adopt for quite a while.  But in the meantime this sweet boy
is eating well and there’s already improvement in his skin and coat.

We will send updates on his progress!  Please send him your prayers.

Update: 9/12/20

Elmer has had his first Heartworm treatment and is doing very well. Now he has to stay
quiet for 30 days before his next treatment.  On our visit with Elmer, he LOVED the
attention he was getting and cuddled right up to us.  In fact when we stopped petting
him he would start barking.  He’s very cooperative, very social and very cute.  His
wounds and eyes have healed well and his coat is looking so much better.

Amazing what love and care will do!

Amazing what love and care will do!

---First arrived at GABR

                                and look at him NOW !!