As you can see, Fred is a gorgeous 4 y/o boy weighing in at 57 lbs.  He's had 2 owners
in his short life and not a very good beginning.  His first owners neglected him and kept
him outside.  When his breeder found out, she took him back and adopted him out
again.  By that time he was 1 y/o.  He had developed separation anxiety and followed
his humans everywhere in the house and wasn't fully house trained.  Naturally they felt
sorry for him and gave him privileges like sitting on the sofa, etc.  They also felt Fred
needed a companion to help with his anxiety, so they adopted a female basset.  Fred
wasn't interested in her attention and would get jealous.  He got territorial while sitting
next to his owner on the sofa when the small granddaughter reached for him, he
snapped at her, and it was time for him to go again.

When you first meet Fred, he is a little hesitant, but it doesn't take him long to want to
sit in your lap and own you.  We feel it would be best to adopt him out as an only dog
to an owner who has the time and experience to help Fred with his trust and anxiety
issues.  Outside of the home, Fred seems to be fine with other dogs...just not in the

Once he is in the right home, he will be a wonderful companion.  Fred deserves that
chance in life.