Hey everyone! Stop looking for the perfect basset right now because you just found her!  My name is Holly
and I'm 8 years old. I'm house trained and crate trained but my foster mom usually doesn't put me in a
crate. I listen well with no bad habits but she's worried her dog might teach me some bad habits, but I know
better. I can't get a new forever home if I turn into a stinker so I'm going to be good.

I had a few bladder stones removed and I'm on a special food along with Cranmates to make sure I don't
get those things again. I'm healing up just fine and my foster mom loves me.  I don't like loud noises like
thunder or screaming on TV.  I'm fine with other dogs and I like kids but they need to be older and gentle.

I'm here to tell ya, you just found the perfect girl!