Little Lila is a sweet and friendly 10 year old.  The past few years have been pretty hard on
her.  Her family moved and left her behind.  She lived under their porch for 2 years.   The
neighbors fed her but neglected to get her vet care.  

Lila was rescued by GABR in January 2018.  She was heart worm positive and diagnosed with
Cushings Disease.  She’s finished the heart worm treatment and is now ready for her forever
home.  She’s very friendly and outgoing.   She enjoys walks and does not pull on leash.  She is
playful and gets along with the other dogs in her foster home.  She loves to chase squirrels.

Lila will enter a crate  for a cookie.   She’s doing very well with house training as well.  Lila has
a bit of separation anxiety when her foster mom leaves.  So a perfect home for her would be
someone who is retired or home a lot.   Because of the Cushings, she has to potty  more than
usual and will be on meds for the rest of her life.  She feels good and is enjoying life now that
she has a soft bed at night and regular meals.  She would love to be someone’s snuggle