Lovie is a 4 y/o uniquely marked, beautiful basset.  She was a breeder dog who had a job to do
and never really knew what it was like to have a loving home.  But after being in her foster home
the past few weeks, she is truly a sweetheart and just wants to be loved.

She is 90% potty trained but will have an accident if you don’t watch her closely and take her out
soon after drinking. She is good on a leash and while not trained to formally “heel” she does not
pull. Lovie is good with the foster bassets, cat and her cousin dogs, an 80-pound husky and a 15-
pound dachshund. She doesn’t bark unless the other dogs do and then she is happy to join in
even if she doesn’t know what she’s barking about.

She is very shy at first with humans but warms up to dogs quickly.  Loud noises and quick
movements still frighten her and for this reason she should never be outside without a leash
attached to a human.   If not, she would bolt and since she is so timid you’d have a hard time
finding/catching her.

Lovie occasionally checks out what is on the counter but has not yet stolen food. She will sit for a
treat and is gentle when she takes it. She is on a regular schedule, eats at 5am and 5pm, and
goes out to potty as soon as she is finished. She does eat in her kennel and goes in her kennel
during the day when nobody is home. She doesn’t have accidents in her kennel. She sleeps on a
bed in the bedroom at night.

Given Lovie's past, applicants should not expect perfection.  She was truly rescued and deserves
time, understanding and love.