My name is Margo. I am a short, petite, but long 7 year old basset girl weighing in at 40 lbs.  In
my previous life I was a breeder dog and I can't even remember how many litters I had. Two
years ago I was sold and don't know how, but I ended up as a stray and was taken to a shelter.  
I waited and waited, but for some reason nobody ever came to get me, I was so sad.  GABR was
called and they came and rescued me.

When I first meet new people, I am a little shy, but I warm up very quickly, in a matter of
minutes.  I don't mind going into my crate when my foster mom leaves for a little while, as long
as she throws a treat in first.  At night I don't sleep in my crate because I stay near my foster
mom and I never bother anything in the house, I just sleep.

Since my foster mom is home most of the time, she takes me outside on leash about every 4
hours and I don't pull her around at all.  When I am in a fenced yard, I do look around trying to
find a way to escape, so I would need someone to be out there with me at all times.
I don't have any food, toy or treat aggression toward my foster mom and she can even clean my
ears without me objecting.  When meeting other dogs, I have never shown any aggressive
behavior towards them.  I just sniff and check them out.  I'm not a barker, not even when
someone rings the doorbell or knocks on the door.  I mainly bark or howl in my sleep when I am
having a bad dream.  It’s fun to ride in a car and I even went through a scary drive-through car
wash, but I was brave.

Just a few things you may want to know about me physically.  I have a swayed back and from
having all those puppies, my stomach is stretched out so that it hangs lower than it should.  My
two front feet turn outward, but it doesn't keep me from running real fast through the house or
running up and down steps.

So, if you’re looking to adopt a sweet and loving Basset, I am your girl.  Just ask my foster mom,
she fell in love with me the very first day and so will you.