Melody is a sweet little girl of about 9 years who came to us about a month ago, and she has
been staying with one of our foster families.  Melody’s owner had taken another job and could
no longer provide the love and attention she desperately needs.  After having a non-
cancerous growth removed from her leg, she was spayed and treated for a bladder infection.

Melody loves her crate, rumples her blanket, and makes herself comfy in there when she’s
not running the basset trails in the backyard with her foster brother.  For her age, Melody is
amazingly quick, limber, and agile, and can keep pace with a Golden Retriever. She had a
“melodious” voice, for sure, and perhaps where she got her name.

Melody warms up to a larger dog after they work out their pecking order, but will try to horde
all the attention.  We haven’t any cats or children, so can't say how she will do around them.  
That said, she has never shown aggression toward her humans or strangers, choosing
caution instead.  She will protect her food from another dog, but I can reach into her bowl
while she is eating without her reacting at all.

Melody is a very “soft” dog, very hand-shy, and does not respond to harsh words or loud
voices -- they make her coil-up in fear.  But she is never too tired, hungry, or otherwise busy
to stop for tummy-rubs.  If you’ve rubbed her tummy once, all you need is to just stop and
look at her and she will immediately roll-over in anticipation.

Melody will do best in a home where she can lots of love & attention.  Although we do all we
can to keep her off the furniture, she will climb up onto furniture if left on her own. She loves
crawling up onto your lap and making herself available to all the love you will have to share
with her.