Roscoe is an 8 y/o classic basset.  He makes friends with everyone he meets, young and old, two
legged or four legged.  He especially likes other bassets.

Roscoe has interesting talents if you don’t crate him while left alone.  It seems he can knock down a
baby gate and tip over large metal garbage can to see what’s inside.  He can even lift the lid on the
toilet!  It appears he doesn’t like to be left or have restrictions.  He is a big time beggar and can
counter surf....not unusual for a basset!  He has started to understand he has to sit before he gets
his food, treats or get his leash on.  Another talent...he catches treats pretty well too!

Roscoe is house trained and lets you know when he has to go outside.  He is energetic and enjoys
his walks a lot.  He tried to get in bed with his foster mom the first couple of nights, but got down
when told “no”. He slept in his bed, but he prefers the couch.

If you would like to find out more about Roscoe’s many talents, just fill out an application!