Hi All, my name is Sassy, and like Bea, I'm also one of the Fab Five from Indiana. My foster
mom calls me Sassy cause all I did when I was having my ears cleaned, and my first bath
was yelp like I was being hurt.  But she said I really did well for my first ear cleaning/bath/nail
clip ever.  

I'm 3 years old, and weigh in at a petite 43lbs. (I've put on a couple of pounds since I got
here, and now get regular feedings that I don't have to share.) I'm totally crate trained, no
accidents in the house when I'm taken out routinely, and love to cuddle on the sofa.   But I
also like to steal my foster mom's chair if she leaves the room.  I'm also a no cat kinda girl.

I'm looking forward to finding my first ever family of my very own.  I need someone willing to
work with me on house manners, but my foster mom says I work hard for treats.