Sheba is a sweet 10 yo girl who came to GABR almost 1 year ago.  She was given up
because her family moved and she was tied outside to a doghouse, she was not allowed in
the house.  She was so afraid and confused, not knowing what was happening to her.  
And, add to all of this, Sheba is deaf, has Cushings disease and has a little arthritis.

Sheba has blossomed since joining her foster home.  At first, she was too scared to go
outside, probably worried she would not be allowed back inside, but all that has changed.  
She is in and out all the time and enjoys the smells of the yard.

Sheba loves to eat, sleep, go for walks and admire herself in the mirror.  Her deafness is
not a problem; she understands hand signals and knows the household routine, and on
the positive side, she is not afraid of thunder, fireworks or the vacuum cleaner.  

Although Sheba lives with 3 foster siblings, it took her quite a while to adjust to them.  She
would be happiest as an only dog, but it's not a must.

Sheba is house trained, crate trained, does not get on the furniture, counter-surf or beg at
the table.

If you are looking for a wonderful companion and a loving shadow, Sheba is the right girl
for you