Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
19th Annual Basset Ball
Platinum  ($2500)

    Larry & Emmy Little
Gold ($1000)

    John & Dale Roberts
    Bill Rodosky
            William Rodosky Accounting
Silver ($500)

 Don Hunt
Sapphire ($250)

John McCall
   Fred & Jeanne Lewin
Helping Paws   ($100)

 David & Jeri McKerlie
   Robert Cohen
   Peggy Fagen
   Eric Pinto
   John & Carolyn Wright
How can we summarize what GABR means to us ?

The keyword is LOVE.
Love for the amazing bassets.
Love for the compassion GABR embodies.
Love for the realization that animals are worthy co-inhabitants of our planet
Love for the respect accorded to our long-eared family members.                  
Love for the camaraderie achieved by meeting and knowing so many other Basset         .  
lovers dedicated to their well-being         
- Our lives have been enriched through our involvement with this wonderful organization.
  John & Dale Roberts
Our sponsorship of Sunday's GABR Breakfast is dedicated to Rudy & Wanda, two of
the finest Bassets we've ever been around.  They came into our lives just a few months
apart and left us just a few months apart.  They have been missed every day.          
 Larry & Emmy Little
Wanda           Rudy