Spot is an excellent 12 y/o companion.  He was an outside dog and his owners were
moving so they gave him to a MO no-kill shelter.  He had spent a lot of time there when
we heard about him.  No one was interested in a 12 y/o.  But we couldn't pass up this
beautiful lemon and white boy who's beautiful on the inside too!

Spot is entirely house
trained and loves his crate.  He really doesn't need it, but will go in
when his Foster Mom goes to work and at bedtime.  He gets along very well with his foster
siblings and likes to follow his human around the house.  He's not food aggressive at all
and can beg for treats with the best of them...especially if it smells like peanut butter!

Spot has no problems riding in the car and in fact loves it as long as he gets a little
boost.  His health is good and to help keep it that way, he would appreciate a home with
as few steps as possible.

We hope you see the beauty in Spot like we did.  He'll give you many laughs and
unconditional love.