Tex II
Tex II is one of the breeder release dogs who needs a special home.  He just turned 1 y/o and he's
afraid of loud noises and new situations.  When he was first at his foster home, he wouldn't go
outside at all.  He has improved in that respect.  He goes outside with his foster siblings to do his
duties, but is not giving a signal yet as to when he has to go.  He definitely will need a secure
fenced yard because if he is "spooked" he will try to get away and if there's a weakness in the
fence or latch, he'll be gone!  Tex II will need to be supervised while outside, even with other dogs.  
We suspect he's only been around other bassets.

Tex II gets along fine with other dogs and has been following the lead of an older female in his
foster home.  He eats in his crate so that he gets all of his food.  He is very submissive when it
comes to food, toys or treats.  Tex II is not used to being walked on leash.  At first it would be wise
to walk him INSIDE in the fenced yard to get him used to it.  He will bond with his human companion
and loves to cuddle.

Tex II may always be hesitant to new surroundings and new people because of his beginnings, but
he can improve with patience, time and a lot of love.