Suggested Items

Dog/Basset Items:

-Treat Jars
-Treat collections
-Unique items

Other Items:

-Sports-related goods
-Household items
-Outdoor items
-Seasonal items
-Yard art
-Children's toys
-Gift Cards
-Theme Gift Baskets
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
$1 Waddle Raffle
and Silent Item
Wish List
This year the $1 Raffle is on Saturday and the Silent Auction is on Sunday instead of both on both days.  The difference in the two is how they work!  

During the $1 Raffle, you buy as many tickets as you want to stuff in the can for the item you want to win.  Then you hope your ticket is drawn!
For the Silent Auction, we use bid sheets. You put your name on the amount you’re willing to pay for the item.  It can come down to the last minute before closing as to
who wins!

We are still accepting donations for both days.  Please fill out the form and we’ll make arrangements to get them to Dwight in time for the Waddle Weekend.  

Our cut-off date is September 14th.  

Anything that comes in after that date will be used for next year or the Auction in April.

Thank you so much for your help in making this a successful fundraiser.

It’s all about the dogs!!