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Guardian Angel Basset Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization serving Illinois, Indiana and the St. Louis, Mo. area
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Ellie Mae
Adoption Pending
Tickets ordered before March 21 are $75
Regular price is $85
                A SPONSOR OF OUR 18th ANNUAL GABR AUCTION ON APRIL 21st, 2018

GABR is holding our 18th annual Auction on Saturday, April 21st at Jennifer’s Garden in Morris, Illinois.  For
those of you that have attended before, you know what a great evening this is.  As our main fund raising
event, it is a very important evening for the Rescue –
and we know you’d like to help!

First, your attendance at the auction is extremely important.
 The last few years have been very busy
for GABR – you know where there is a Basset in need, we are there.  Our vet bills are routinely in excess of
$12,500 per month.  Now with an emphasis on the Senior dogs, those bills will continue to rise.  Your
participation at this event helps us to continue that commitment.

We made the decision years ago to have our Auction in the nicest, most convenient place possible – Jennifer’s
Garden in Morris, Illinois has been the perfect venue.  GABR believes that you, as a donor and supporter,
want our events to be very professional.  With that approach comes a higher level of costs.

Most events like our auction are currently pricing their tickets at prices ranging up to $125 per ticket.  GABR’s
intention is to continue to make the event affordable.  However, that is becoming more and more difficult.  
Because of that, we are starting a
SPONSORSHIP program for our major events, starting with the 2018

Our goal is to generate additional income for our event with a goal this year of $15,000 in
sponsorships.  We cannot reach this goal unless we have the support of our local community.  That
is why we are contacting you to become a GABR Auction Sponsor, either as an individual or for
your business.   Your business will be placed in front of our attendees – and our attendees love all
of their pets!  We believe that your business will benefit from the exposure you’ll receive at the
GABR Auction.

Sponsorship levels will start at $100. Each sponsor, depending upon the sponsorship level, will receive
recognition at the event and on the GABR website, along with other benefits.
Adopted !
Jack and Lisa Behnke