It's all about the dogs
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
Serving Illinois, Indiana and the St. Louis, Mo. area
It's all about the dogs
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization
Honor your Bassets memory with a memorial brick!
Those of you who have attended the waddle have seen our memorial garden.  
Beautifully engraved bricks with the names of beloved Bassets and friends who have crossed over the          
rainbow bridge are placed in this garden. It is our dream to have a sidewalk from the memorial garden
to the building and eventually the entire length of the park paved with the memorial bricks.

Those memorial bricks are available for your purchase now.  This is one of the best ways for you to remember
your pets, family members who are basset lovers, friends who are basset lovers, etc.

Thank you so much for considering this manner of memorializing your best friends.  My wife and I have done
so and I encourage you to do the same.

Larry Little, President
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue
Memorial brick example
Memorial brick example
The Waddle Weekend, September 20 & 21, 2014 at the GABR Park in
Dwight, IL is another opportunity to help your rescue organization by
asking friends and family to sponsor your basset(s) while walking the 10
block parade. GABR is the first entry in the Dwight Harvest Day parade
where thousands of people line the streets!  If you've never seen it or
participated, it's the most unique experience you'll ever have. You can
"waddle" with pride in knowing that you and your basset(s) are paying it
forward and helping those bassets yet to be rescued.
It's A Wonderful Life Rescuing
a GABR Basset !
All of you have had a part in rescuing a basset
whether it's through adopting, fostering, transporting
and donating.  You've all saved a basset from neglect, sickness and, in
some cases, abuse. But like George Bailey in the movie, "It's A
Wonderful Life", what if GABR had never been born?  Thanks to all of
you who have contributed so much, we don't have to think about that.  
We don't have to think about what would have happened to the nearly
4000 bassets who have been saved and rehomed if GABR wasn't here
and in your lives.
When you register for the Waddle on-line, you will be given the option to design your own website
with your picture and personal message to email to the many people who have asked you
topurchase tickets or items from their kids.  It's so easy to use and so effective....you'll be
The Waddle pages will give you all the "How to's" for the weekend.
How to....    Get there... Order t-shirts now.... Honor your basset ...Sign up for the Great    
American Basset Hound Race....Donate a Raffle item...    Volunteer........

Plus schedules for both days (as soon as established), hotel information, RV parking, food and
other vendor information.

Thank you in advance for registering for the 2014 Bash/Waddle and starting your First Giving
page!  We can't continue to help these wonderful Bassets without your help.  YOU make it
possible!  We look forward to seeing old friends and make new ones too!

413 W. Waupansie St.
Dwight, Il. 60420
Drawing to be held
at GABR Park after
the Waddle
Waddle Weekend in Dwight, Illinois  
September 20 & 21, 2014
New Arrival
$$$$$ GABR 50-50 Drawing ~ Win a minimum of $1000 $$$$$ ~
New Arrival